Love this.  She was the only girl competing, and the only person working by herself.  She also wrote the damn code the night before, and she won!  Also, that’s a great product!  Like greasemonkey but for twitter. 


“Teen girl blocks Twitter plot spoilers to win hackathon”

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Since winning, Jennie Lamere has become a poster-girl for female coders.

For people watching on-demand content, negotiating social media before they have watched their favourite show can be fraught.

It inspired American teenager Jennie Lamere to create software designed to stop people finding out the plot lines of TV shows and movies on Twitter.

The 17-year-old’s code blocks tweets mentioning pre-set keywords.

Ms Lamere recently won “best in show” at a hackathon in Boston for her design.

She beat professional developers at the TVnext Hack event and now plans to develop her plug-in Twivo commercially.

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