Are you ready to Twitterbomb about #boycottautismspeaks?

Text reads :Join Boycott Autism Speaks Tomorrow Thursday July 9,2015 As We TwitterBomb About All The Reasons Autism Speaks Sponsors Should #boycottautismspeaks the back ground is a marbled blue with the outline of a white cartoon bird in the middle
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Listen to what Autistic people and others are saying about the Google and Autism Speaks alliance! Make sure to click “all” for time-relevant updates.

(sitting in a room at ACI 2014 twitterbombing with friends, yay!)

Join us on Twitter next Tuesday 10/8 to show support for @matthew_ashford with a Twitterbomb. Let TPTB know how much #JackDeveraux is missed. #makesomenoise

Use hashtags #Days #TeamJack #JackDeveraux 

Tweet @nbcdays @SteveKentSony @SonyPictures @DaysofourLIves

Remember to mention both Matt (@matthew_ashford) and Jack (#JackDeveraux) in your tweets. This is not a specific campaign but it is to let TPTB know we are still out here and we do stil want Jack to return.

Hope to see you all there.