Hi everyone! We’ve finally received some copies of the zine, but there are minor issues that need to be fixed regarding prints before shipping these out. We’d both like to thank everyone for your incredible patience and support. 

We’ll begin shipping out all the zines immediately after the final and corrected batch have arrived. Anyways, please accept this preview for now!

-VFZ Mods

A Life Update

1. Still getting divorced. Still totally fine and friendly with Ava’s dad. He came to visit last weekend and we had a great time. Ava adores him. He’s an amazing father. He is still the best choice I could have made in regards to who to have a family with. We are not romantically suited to one another and that sucks. But we’re friends. And like all friends we don’t always agree and sometimes we get annoyed with how the other one is handling something. But we’re still Team CorVarez for life. 

2. Still hella single. Still feeling gross and lonely and like I’ll never connect with someone on a romantic level in a meaningful and sustainable way long term. Still sort of reeling from the feelings of rejection and like I’m just not good enough for anyone. Feeling like being 35, divorced, single mom and anxious/traumatized has made me an Untouchable. It sucks. 

3. Making friends in Ohio is getting easier. Going out to be social is still difficult because babysitters are hard to come by and expensive. Trying to build a network of other moms to trade nights out with. (You watch mine, I’ll watch yours sort of thing.) It’s hard. I don’t like a lot of other moms. Different wavelengths. 

4. Staying busy helps with everything. I’m working full time, I’m working part time at my second gig. I’m volunteering with my friends craft bazaar organization. I’m constantly offering PR/marketing support and advice to my women owned biz friends. I’ve been reading a lot. I’ve starting knitting more regularly again. 

5. Job is still going well but is getting stressful. Internal conflicts with strong personalities that work adjacent but lateral to me. Struggling to find footing in the marketplace. It’s rewarding and difficult and frustrating. 

6. Ava is doing amazing. She has completely caught up verbally. She’s saying whole sentences now. “I want a hug.” “Can I have XX” “This is a shoe.” Her favorite is still “no” and “Not nice” though. She’s very bossy. I love it. She’s a ham for the camera. She’s super smart and loves to climb and dance and show you things in nature and smell/lick flowers. She’s SUPER into bubbles and her Monster stuffed animal. She’s sleeping better and growing like a weed and has these long beautiful legs and has started posing for pictures. She has a lot of favorites: The Pout Pout Fish is her favorite book, cheese is her favorite snack. She can ask for both by name and knows where they are in the house/fridge. She can drink out of a regular cup now and use regular utensils. She’ll eat anything as long as you put a blob of ketchup next to it. This includes vegetables. I’ve tested the theory. She’s amazing and I am in awe of her blossoming personality every day. My FAVORITE thing though is when she says thank you. “Dank doo.” And she’ll keep saying it louder and louder until you say “You’re welcome.” Manners are a big deal. She says “bless you” too. 

Life is weird and good overall. 

1000 Follower Lingerie!Tony Fic/Update

I’m feeling better, so posting part one of my lingerie!tony fic today! It got s little out of control, I honestly don’t know how long it’s going to be because I’m having the most fun writing it???

Also, will have chapter Three of Storms up closer to tonight. Trying to edit this fic pretty heavily since it deals with things that are triggers for a lot of people.

Should be posting a new video if I get the time, talking about the “right time to come out” because with it being Pride Month, I’ve received a lot of asks about that sort of thing!

Anyway, excited to post things for you today! Love all my readers/followers!!!!

To all our followers and people who visits our page:

Due the recent news, HSN will NOT be posting fan pictures and candids (if there’s any) of Harry and his family.

We also would like to ask you to please STOP spreading/sharing the leaked pictures of Anne. Even if your intentions are good, that’s not right because the were shared without her and Harry’s permission.

Please give the family PRIVACY and please respect them in the same way you’d like to be respected.
Remember that they’re humans too!

Have a nice day. Thank you.

Gus update 💜

We visited Gus today after his biopsy yesterday and had him out for proper cuddles which was so nice. He’s still on meds and an IV but seems a lot more like himself. 3 veterinary nurses have said he’s the cutest cat they’ve had in there and how lovely he is which makes me really happy and proud of him 😊

They’re doing bloods again tomorrow and he’ll definitely be in over the weekend but hopefully the biopsy results next week will show them what’s happening so they can best help him.

We all miss him a lot but know he’s in the best place right now. His brother, Waldo, seems very unsettled today so we’re trying to make a big fuss of him (and Autumn). The boys have never been separated in their life so it must be strange for them..

Small Updates!

Hello friends! I hope you’re doing well! Just a couple of quick things:

For those who haven’t seen, we have a new PO Box! The mailing address is:

PO Box 683

1400 N Kraemer Blvd

Placentia CA 92871 (Please note this is not our actual address!)

Also, we are having another meet-up at Anime Expo this year! This is the info:

When: Day 3 @ 3:30 PM

Where: Concourse Hall (if this changes we’ll post another update!)

We’ll be wearing a brand new Naruto cosplay so we hope to see some of you there again! Thank you so much for your support, after Anime Expo we have a lot of Naruto shoots planned with new characters and will be more active here!