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Chill songs/playlist?

Impossible-Travis Scott
Warm - Majid Jordan
Do It Well - DVSN
Losing control-Russ
NINTENDO $HAWTY - Ambré Perkins
Truth for you - Amir Obe
Ruby Red - Smino
Pyramids - Frank Ocean
Gazi - A.Chal
Drive Me Crazy - Elhae
Wus good/ Curious - PARTYNEXTDOOR
The worst-jhene aiko
Juke jam-Chance the rapper
All That - Tory Lanez
Hold Me - Janine and the mixtape
Unthinkable-Alicia Keys
Shut it Down- Drake
Get Away - The Internet
Permission - Ro James
We Could be Better - Janine and the mixtape
Wednesdy Night Interlude-Drake
Pilot Jones - Frank Ocean
Vulnerable - Tinashe
Round Whippin - A.Chal
Coming Down - The Weeknd
A place like this - Majid Jordan
Vibe - Ambré Perkins
Bad blood - NAO
Nightcrawler - Travis Scott
Get You Good- Roy woods
Just Another Interlude - Bryson Tiller
The Way - Kehlani
Fire & Desire -Drake
Don’t - Bryson Tiller
Drugs you should try it-Travis Scott
Bad Intentions- Niykee Heaton
Blue Electric Roses- Travis Garland
Say it - Tory Lanez
Diamonds Dancing- Drake & Future
Shameless - The Weeknd
One Day - Tory Lanez
1st position- Kehlani

Admin Smol

HI! i’m admin smol, one of the new admins. I’m honestly so excited to be here and I’m so excited for you guys to read our (the new admins) writing! I am a smol bean standing a little over 5″3 so please be kind to my poor thirsty soul.

I am multi biased. Tbh fucking Jungcock

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and this other bastard

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and ugh don’t get me started on this asshole

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I am a sucker for thigh riding and daddy kinks. daddy!suga makes me want to pull my hair out and any photo of taehyung or jungkook dancing makes me flustered af.

tbfh you can send me either exo or bts requests (when they’re open) because i am absolute trash for either. I cannot begin to explain my thirst for Do Kyungsoo and Park Chanyeol.

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FUCKING UNF. i want to make all my biases squirm under me as I take them into my mouth. I want them to moan my name and tell me whose I am. bcs fuck i swear I belong to each and every one of them and if they wanted they could bend me over in a fucking bus. I’m really sorry.

anyway right now I’m working on a Mr & Mrs Smith scenario for Jungkook and I’m actually really enjoying this request. c: P.S. I really like to write smut with a solid story so don’t mind my long ass posts!

but yeah ANNYEONG!

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- Admin Smol <3<3<3

[160608 BTS @ Taiwan Airport]

Chaotic situation. There were lots of people and lots of screaming (include “stop squeezing!!” but everyone was still screaming/taking pics etc)

It was hard to walk and Jin almost tripped several times. The worst thing is that Jimin actually fell and was helped up by the security guard + dragged to move (for his safety bc judging from situation he might even get stepped on) before he could even gain back his balance fml


(pic cr;)

Admin B

Hullo, I’m Admin Baby-!

And I’m here to set your loins ablaze and to make you hate Jeon Jeongguk, simply because thighs enrage me so much that I write pure, unadulterated porn about them!

Father Louis Williams Suga Adams the 3rd is my bias, but Namjoon is a close second because of my crippling Daddy kink (which will definitely reflect in my writing), but I’m pretty sure Bangtan itself is some kind of weird fetish we can’t escape from so I’m doomed for life (T_T). I have a wide variety of kinks after that, such as: spanking, BDSM, edging, rough oral sex, anal play, toys!!!, fendom, public humiliation, voyeur, and so forth! I don’t really have much chill, but Bangtan fucks my entire life so of course I don’t! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

I hope you all like my work, and I’ll do my best to transfer all of my sexual frustration into my smut so that you hate when I post (because trust me, it’ll hurt), but still click the damn thing anyways because smut af and the sin is strong with this one. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Masterlist Ver 3.0

Because I haven’t found a way to easily access my original masterlist post.


Amnesia: Memories

Ikki Angst One Shot

Ukyo Fluff

Be My Princess (All)

Butler Alberto

Simple Man

Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY

Sanada Yukimura

Broken Promise (Angst, Romance, Drama)

Chapter 1 ||  Chapter 2  ||  Chapter 3  ||  Chapter 4  ||  Chapter 5  ||  Chapter 6 (MATURE) || Chapter 7  ||  Chapter 8 (END)

Date Masamune

Madness (Angst, Romance, Drama)

Chapter 1 ||  Chapter 2


Reflections in a Time of Peace (Fluff)

Saizo || Yukimura || Kojuro || Masamune (coming soon!) || Nobunaga || Mitsuhide (coming soon!)

Welcome Home (Saeki Angst)

Part One  ||  Part Two ||  Part Three  || Part Four || Part Five ||  Part Six || Part Seven ||  Part Eight  ||  Part Nine  ||  Part Ten  || Part Eleven (END)

Saeki Fluff

Coming Soon!

Unexpected (Riku Morimachi Fluff/Angst)

Part One  ||  Part Two (coming soon!) ||  Part Three (coming soon!)

Mrraculous Zine artist announcements!

Introducing our lovely artists in the total of 32 for our charity zine to raise money to help with the wildfires causing havoc in Canada! Profits will be directly donated to the canadian Red Cross.


Applications were immensely hard to sift through and determine selected artists, and despite having to unfortunately turn down over two thirds of the applications, I am immensely grateful to everyone that applied. You have no idea how much I appreciate every single one of you that applied, followed, and reblogged! Thank you, all. <3 And a big thank you to the artists! Congratulations.

Of course, if you’re on this list, you applied or were invited (and said yes). Please check your emails, and tumblr inboxes and/or Skypes if applicable! Thank you. If you are on this list and did not receive an email, p l e a s e contact me!