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so me and @omgjustinoluransi were talking about the update and they said a bunch of stuff that killed me so these are the highlights of that convo 

  • the panel on the porch where bitty is trying so hard to be mad but he’s just so happy jack is there and he loves him so much that he can’t be 
  • they love each other so much 
  • he said he felt like he was back in georgia bc he was hiding (rip me) but then jack shows up at his door after driving after a long flight and running through the rain and?? that must mean so much to bitty that he did all that just to see him in person and to talk in person 
  • “we’re a team” 
  • team is everything to jack. team has always been one of the most important things to him, especially during his time at samwell?? like the smh team means so much to him and bad bob probably calls their family a team and “team” holds so much significance to him???? and now he and bitty are a team!!!!!!!! 
  • rip in pieces me  

Okay I just really need to talk about these two panels, in contrast with each other?

Because the first one is the last panel from 10.9, when Bitty is feeling the worst about the situation. When he’s saying the words that made the entire fandom basically set ourselves on fire while screaming.

The view on him is so much more tightly focused, and it feels almost tense, and it’s raining, & Señor Bunny is peeking out, because he needs that comfort, and he feels hemmed in, almost trapped, comparatively.

Now cut to the other panel, the fourth one of 10.10, right after Jack & Bitty finally yell at each other, and express the thing they were most afraid/concerned about…

When they’ve gone from being afraid & not talking, and Jack being so worried & Bitty trying to be strong… To getting it out there. Laying it on the table. 

And they still have so far to go, but they’re airing this. That’s good, because it means now they can work on what to do about it. They can move forward on it, together. As a team, the way Jack says, later in the update.

There’s a beat of silence, another. The space of a few breaths, as they both realize a few things, and they’re still both talking at once, they arent 100% there yet…

But now look at the second frame. Bitty is in the same place, the same pose, essentially, but it’s still different. You see more of the Haus, his room, there’s just a little more openness.

It just stopped raining for a moment. The sun is peeking through, but even more significant, there’s something else, too.

Bitty’s closet door is cracked open, just a little bit.

this is not a criticism (more of a confusion), but how did it take Jack until 5 a.m. to get to the haus if he drove there straight from the airport? The Providence airport is maybe an hour–at most–from where “Samwell” is located… what were you doing all that time, Jack??

Update for the Messages

I have closed my inbox and put my messages so that only people I follow can message me.

I’m going to start going through everything, and when I finish going through everything, I will reopen everything.

Thank you for understanding.

- Jaxon

Ps; for most messages, I will be keeping it short. I’ll read everything, but in order to get to everyone in a reasonable amount of time, this is how it has to be.

Hi guys! I think it’s time for an update lol so, a lot of you have been asking me lately how’s going with my new life in the UK and the answer is: great! I’ve found a Job, I have a lovely apartment with 3 of my dearest friends and I’m finally starting to feel alive again. As you have seen in the last few months my blog is a lil bit in low activity and it will probably be like this from now on. I’ll keep up with my blog and I’m still Jensen trash to the bone, I’m just taking it more easy since now I have a life to live lol

So my blog is not going to close anytime soon, don’t be worried!

Thank you everyone for the lovely messages and have a nice week 💕

× goretober 2016

So with October literally lurking right around the corner, here’s my goretober list for this year! I wanted a slightly different one from the one I used last year (even tho I basically only did 5 bc art block) so I combined several popular goretober lists from here on tumblr. I may also combine this one with inktober because I really like drawing with pen, but I’m not gonna restrict myself with that. I may, I may not, who knows.

Feel free to use this one if you’d like! I don’t mind.

  1. excessive gashes / lacerations
  2. consensual gore
  3. vore / cannibalism
  4. mask / covered eyes / covered mouth
  5. surgery / stitches
  6. undead / zombie
  7. gut spill
  8. ritualistic sacrifice
  9. monster form
  10. decay
  11. fire / explosion damage
  12. bondage
  13. nosebleed
  14. plant growth in body
  15. cyborg / mechanical
  16. emaciation
  17. gunshot
  18. asphyxiation
  19. puppet
  20. manslaughter / serial killer
  21. animal / beast parts
  22. pet play
  23. organs
  24. scarring / self harm
  25. ball-jointed doll
  26. backstabbed
  27. possession / corruption
  28. sickness
  29. distorted body / broken bone
  30. amputation
  31. you made it! combine any 2/3 of the above!