Ahh! If you recall, the proceeds earned from Ladies of Lit went directly to classroom literacy projects via I just got a bunch of letters from first and second grade students and wanted to share them with all of you. You guys made this happen! Thanks for supporting this project and for supporting childhood literacy!
Everybody Needs A Change | Chapter 2

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Well look at that.

ENAC 2 is up.

Thank you so much for Kelly for giving me feedback.

Thank you Stacy for beta reading it so quickly.

I’m still not totally happy with it, but eh. Such is life.

Kelly and I are already working on Chapter 3 so it should not be such a long wait.


Enjoy SSV family!


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[#Wonho] This is the legendary picture that we use as background let me share it with you Monbebe ㅋㅋ #White Sugar #Wonho_Emotional

translated by: rushingxheroes ; take out with full credits.

oh dear oh my, Ruby and Gravekeeper have terminated their relationship!

it was a mutual desision of me and the mod of GK, the only reason I am going to give you guys is bad timeshedules on both sides!
it’s really nothing personal but in the end we decided it would be best this way.

Ruby is a single lady again! I am sure she will get back into the spirit of things soon…

(ps: please dont send GK hate, this is a mod thing and it was a mutual decision)

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