Since we’re almost at season 2 of shingeki no kyojin I’d like to congratulate all the people who actually managed to wait instead of just reading the Manga. You can now count yourself to the most patient people on this planet.

[About Eren and Levi] Don’t worry your ship is all fine and dandy. But I feel like you’re twisting some things here in order to legitimate your ship and your own morals. Because Eren is not an adult. He is 15 up so far and that just is no adult. I understand you might be refering to a sense of adulthood in the snk universe, but we apply our contemporary set of morals to the whole thing and that makes Eren a child (I know he’s a teenager, but as an actual adult I can tell you it’s not that much of a difference for an adult), as does it make Levi abusive towards Eren in multiple instances. That sounds like I’m hating on the ship now, which I’m really not doing, because heck, ship whatever you like, but please acknowledge the problematics your ship has, because otherwise you might end up replicating them into the real world and that’s what people judge others for when they ship problematic ships. Like, it’s a fact that the age gap between Eren and Levi would be unhealthy, no matter which world, but as it’s fiction we can write Eren more experienced as he actually is and give it an atmosphere it could never have in real life. Again: ships are great, do what you like, but be careful how you treat it’s problematic aspects. I don’t think people are ever bad for shipping something. But they can still behave inadequate about it.


Here are some detail photos of those stickers I bought of @brontide-art’s art if anybody else is interested in buying their stickers! This is a set in large :0