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SKIN WALKER IVAN who turned into a bear long ago when humanity proved to just hurt him over and over again. So he abandons human society to live life as a bear deep, deep in the woods where humanity and their petty strife could never hurt him again

AHHHHHHHHHSHAKAKJSJDJW YES!! I’m always a sucker for those AU’s. Especially where Gil would be a hunter or something but is unable to shoot Ivan (in bear form) despite knowing the dangers of letting him live. But come on just loOK AT THOSE /EYES/. HES MORE LIKE A BIG LOST PUPPY THAN A BEAR.


160722 vogueme’s Weibo updates with G-Dragon

Note: G-Dragon and Bella Hadid are photographed on the main cover. Balenciaga’s artistic director created GD’s look here. The solo cover is only available online. The photographer, Mario Testino, said that he “wanted to make him look like a conqueror.”

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Vromance talk about senior group MAMAMOO

Upcoming vocal group Vromance talked about their agency seniors, MAMAMOO during an interview with OSEN on June 28!

They said, “More than advice, they give a lot of encouragement.  They practiced with us before their debut, and it’s really nice that MAMAMOO debuted first and succeeded.  In particular, Hwasa took the initiative to tell us that she wanted to make a cameo in our MV, so we were grateful.”

Also, member Chandong talked about being the male lead in MAMAMOO’s “You’re the Best” MV, stating, “At first, I was dazed when I got the offer, but I was also very grateful. In everyday life, we are on comfortable terms, but it was different when I saw them for work.  I saw MAMAMOO enjoy themselves while working and thought, ‘I wish we’d be like that, too.’”

source: allkpop


kpop group romeo talks about minho

“his body proportions and handsomeness, i couldn’t even speak about it.”
“seeing him in real life..i am already so thankful he appeared in our music video.”
“he personally came when we were filming the music video and cheered for us & did monitoring as well.”
“we filmed for 1h and half to 2 hours with minho sunbaenim.”
“he also gave us a lot of advice”
“before minho subaenim came the director gave us a lot of feedback such as do this do that. but when minho sunbaenim came everyone just admired it, the members and staff.”
“there’s just so much to learn from him. we would like to thank him again.”

translation credit: @omggminho

Hello fam! It’s time for another ff considering I got inspired by Kira’s Spring to Summer bias list. So here’s a quick one for the people I’ve spoken with thus far and have enjoyed writing with!

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