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Ross Butler as your boyfriend

-Ross playing the piano

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-always asking him to play for you

-wether it be the guitar or piano

-loving how musical he is

-On your anniversary he surprises you by singing to you

- Ross learning your favorite song for that occasion

 - Crying because of how much thought he put into the surprise

 -Ross kissing you to stop you from crying hysterically

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 -You finally calming down and smiling wide

-When you’re at home you both eat cookie dough ice cream and cuddle on the couch.

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- Ross singing to you

-You falling asleep in his arms because of his soothing voice

-Ross carrying you to bed because he doesn’t want to wake you from your sleep

-Having to stand on our tiptoes to kiss him since he is 6 foot 3

-While he watches you struggle he starts to chuckle

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-You wearing his clothes even though their way too big for you

-Cause you love the way they smell and feel

-Ross not saying anything cause he thinks his clothes look better on you

-You blushing and trying to go change

-Ross whining, ”No don’t changeeeeee you look so cute”

-Ross always getting his way because he’s too cute for his own good

-Being on his Instagram livestream on his birthday

 -Helping him with his ice cream adventure

 -Him hugging you when he finally finds his ice cream

 -Going home and stealing his ice cream

 -Running around the house with his ice cream in hand

 -When he finally catches you he tickles you until you hand the ice cream over

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-You begging for mercy


 -When he feels you have had enough he stops and just admires you

 -On date night he takes you to a restaurant

 -Ross being in awe of your beauty

 -When at the restaurant you both enjoy dinner

 -When you leave the paparazzi start to annoy you outside

 -Ross defending you from all the paparazzi’s questions

Authors Note: I might possibly make a part two, but I don’t know for sure.