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White Roses Chapter One: Iced Cinnamon Mocha

Chapter Summary: On the six month anniversary of being left at the altar, you have some flashbacks. One of the regulars at your job asks you out on a date.

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! This is my first ever Jared series and I’m super excited! Flashbacks are in italics.

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Warnings: language, suggested smut (both in flashbacks)

Word Count: 2.8k


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This was finally it. The moment you’d been waiting for, for years. The moment you’d dreamt of since you were a little girl. The moment you’d planned for, for over six months. Your wedding. You couldn’t have been more excited. You were getting ready to marry the man of your dreams.

Your dress was fluffed, your flower girl had been sent down the aisle – sprinkling handfuls of rose petals as she walked ahead; and as you stepped forward and everyone rose to their feet, you noticed the look of worry on everyone’s faces.

Chris wasn’t there at the end of the aisle waiting for you. Your heart sank down to your stomach as you looked around for him, as you looked behind you, as you looked at his family’s faces, as you looked at your family’s faces.

Here Comes The Bride played on as planned and you continued walking forward, eyes glued to the floor, and your hands fidgeting with your bouquet of white roses.

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You need to stop crying because if you start crying then I’m gonna start crying, and you’re gonna start crying even harder!
—  Jared Kleinman to Evan Hansen, in the D.C. production of Dear Evan Hansen, during “Sincerely, Me”
Kinda Deh spoilers

I’d like to talk about the fact that even though you can’t really tell in the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack, in the play Jared is usually ignored or inturpted when he is talking to someone other than Evan. (Because you know Evan would never interrupt someone) And then in the second act Jared is talking to Evan saying he’s kinda busy but he might be able to do emails (or something like that) and Evan says that’s fine he doesn’t need any more emails. AND JARED IMMEDIATELY IS LIKE “OH WELL YA KNOW I WONT BE THAT BUSY. IM SURE I CAN HELP.” Only to be shot down again. And he just seems really sad. Like someone finally needed him and he was shot down. Who knows maybe that’s why Jared likes Evan so much. Maybe it’s because with Evan he feels needed.

headcanon #4
  • evan has to do all of their grocery shopping, because if jared does it, he'll come home with 7 bags of funyuns, 3 popsicles, 1 can of soup, and the top five strangest items he could find.