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I noticed on twitter you were talking about instagram comments and there's a feature to disable the comments (as well as one to blacklist certain words in comments if you want)

ohh gosh that’d be handy ;o; although I do get rude comments sometimes the main problem is from peoples accounts and DMs but it’s alright ;u; thanks for telling me!

So if anons want to come over and complain about the fact that they don’t think people are racist or whatever, could you not? Like, I’m white and the fact that I read a lot about racism and follow people on twitter who talk at length about racism in sports will never change that. I really shouldn’t be talking about things I only have a superficial understanding of. Also, look up what microaggressions are and why they are damaging. Educate yourselves, listen to pocs when they talk about racism and then go talk to someone who wants to discuss this and is a poc and actually knows what they are taking about. I’m only going to repeat my previous arguments. 

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So Ruby tweeted #TeamIanandTrevor? Was it just the hashtag or did it say anything else?

Not sure. She wised up and deleted the tweet, I was told. I find it a little strange that she thought it was smart to post something like that in the first place. She has a twitter and talks to fans. It takes 5 seconds of looking at Shameless fan tweets to see that we are SINGULARLY focused on Mickey/Gallavich here. Were not a complicated group, just obnoxiously obsessed with one character. She HAS to know that. Idk what she was thinking with that tweet. 


well, I,

I will forever want justice for every female character who was demonized by fandom because their canon ties to a male character was deemed a threat to a popular slash pairing.