I’m glad we’re not getting a Season 2 this year

I’ve seen people disappointed about the movie, and wanting a Season 2 in October.

My perspective is… This is the BEST NEWS THAT I HAVE HEARD in this fandom, hallelujah.

The biggest enemy that Yuri on Ice has always had is its own success. When your show is basically printing money in DVD and merchandise sales, you can bet that the higher ups are breathing down your neck. Do more. Do it now. Do it faster. If you find a goose that lays golden eggs, by all means, make that thing lay as fast as it freaking can, and while you’re at it, can you make those eggs any bigger?

I have seen success absoutely ruin amazing shows/series/book series/etc. Over and over and over again.

This is particularly true when the show/series/book series has a strong romantic subplot, as Yuri on Ice does. That’s because often, in order to keep people who are invested in the romance invested, shows tend to do one of two things: 1. Keep people from getting together long after any reasonable person could imagine that they’d be apart, or 2. Add ridiculous drama to keep splitting them apart and then getting them back together.

I trust Kubo and Yamamoto. I don’t for one second trust bean counters. And I absolutely do NOT want to see someone splitting up Yuri and Victor in nonorganic ways just to keep some unnaturally stupid tension. Yuri on Ice was magical because it was made with love–every aspect of it–and every time the show surprised us, it was with how much more love was in the show than we’d ever imagined. But it is hard to manage that fine line between enough internal tension to move the story forward and that love that makes Yuri on Ice utterly magical.

When I heard details about the production, I could sense that love. They traveled to every venue, constructed the story around what was actually possible. The spirit of everywhere they went to pervades each scene. You can line up shots of where they were with anime scenes. The way they constructed characters, their skates, the music for their skates, how it all fits together to tell an overarching story about love in all its forms, something that is utterly compelling and yet lacks villains. Even details like putting the wedding rings on the right hand. This is storytelling at its very damned best, at every level, and I’m on my knees to it.

And you want them to do what they did in years for season 1 in a matter of months? It’s not possible. Not with the site visits. Not with needing to construct characters with respect and love. Not with commissioning music. Kubo was talking on Twitter today about visiting Mexico, and the idea of her taking Leo’s heritage as a Mexican American so seriously, and with such respect, in a time when Mexican-Americans are being absolutely vilified in this country, makes me almost weepy. That is what I want–that love, that respect for what they do.

The very, very worst thing that could happen to Yuri on Ice is for the second season to be made with money in mind rather than love. I would rather have no second season than to see someone push this show to become more “mainstream” (read: toning down the queerness, fuck that), or for them to not have the time to develop a story line that continues season 1 with the mastery and the love that made it so special.

The fact that they’re taking their time is the best thing I could have heard. We can get it fast or we can get it good. There’s plenty of media out there that comes out fast. There’s a reason this one was special. Everyone who wants something fast, well, there’s plenty of crap out there–feel free to be a fan of it.

Have a little patience, and trust the people who brought you this piece of genius, who have every financial incentive to take as much money as possible. If they say you’re not getting a season 2 this year, you better believe that it’s because they can’t do it well.

Two years may sound like an eternity, but a crappy season is the thing that actually lasts forever.


Everyone’s congratulating PBG for his upset outburst towards Jontron, but nobody’s congratulating him for apologizing for it after and showing political disagreements shouldn’t be what destroys friendships.
I have a lot more respect for him because of this and he deserves more credit for it imo.


Students fight back after school issues 21-page promo dress code

  • At Boylan Catholic High School in Illinois, students were presented with a 21-slide presentation that outlined what was and wasn’t acceptable for boys and girls to wear at prom.
  • To compare, 15 slides of this 21-slide presentation are focused on what the young women can and cannot wear.
  • Two slides are dedicated to the young men, who are offered just one sentence and four pictures to show what would be appropriate.
  • The school is being accused of body shaming with this line: "Some girls may wear the same dress, but due to body types, one dress may be acceptable while the other is not.“
  • There is already talk on Twitter of having a prom outside of Boylan this year. Read more (3/9/17 12:00 PM)

the star wars fandom doesn’t deserve finn. out of all the new star wars characters, finn gets the most hate, not just on tumblr, but on various other websites like reddit, youtube, and facebook. Even the official Star Wars facebook/twitter pages can’t even talk about Finn without some idiot saying “TRAITOR” in response to posts about Finn.

Finn, who’s the male lead of the sequel trilogy, GETS NO RESPECT FROM THE FANDOM. He’s constantly demonized for his actions, or he’s infantalized and treated like he’s a child with no experience in ANYTHING, and every couple of weeks there are speculations/thinkpieces from movie journalists that Finn will die (and some Star Wars fans would be very happy if Finn were to die).

Why is this hell fandom so racist?! I’ve been in Star Wars fandom for over a decade, but the ugly comments and hatred that I’ve seen aimed at Finn every single day FOR OVER A YEAR are just truly disgusting and I’m so sick and tired of constantly reading such ugly things about Finn.


i was talking on twitter about artists who dont usually wear masks wearing masks for no reason as a part of their art and then i remembered this incredibly iconic instance of death grips making and wearing masks of their own faces

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Hi Ethan! I noticed on twitter earlier you were talking about sad songs, I hope everything's okay!

I’m all good, don’t worry :)
Just been in a lil bit of a rut recently. Yesterday was a shorty day, but I got through it! Thank you guys for always being here for me :)

demonstrate value- The Pilot creating the show with Rob developing characters into people we actually want to watch etc 

engage physically- talking on twitter astral projecting into our souls from 10 to 10:30 every wednesday selling cocaine behind a lush at 11:30 at night 

nurture dependence- being a writer actor director meme etc julliard glenn howerton BEST screaming compilation generally being on the show 

neglect emotionally- putting mac back in the closet all those times where dennis was like i’m Lying don’t actually have feelings every single psychopath theory ever 

inspire hope- gay mac dennis having Big feelings macdennis pretending to be in a relationship 

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