“Seriously, if they don’t want us to ship them together, they’re doing a terrible job of showing it.

When Bree Sharp asked the world’s most important question (David Duchovny, why won’t you love me?), the answer was clearly: Because Gillian Anderson was there first.”

- by Aja Alano April 24, 2014 (Mulder and Scully are flirting on Twitter and driving ‘X-files’ fans insane)

…this made my day, nice one dude!
Twitter Plans On Making News Feeds Algorithmic
There is an uproar going on by Twitter users at the social media platform over this reported new upcoming update.

The main reason people use Twitter is because it does not use filter and brings you news as they are posted. It is generally used as a news channel which brings you every update by the people, celebrities and companies you follow. So, think about what will happen if Twitter tried to make its news feed algorithmic like Facebook and brought its users updates about people that its ‘algorithm’ decides they want to see.

Should we start planning for a midseason finale trend yet? I think as it’s our first ‘midseason milestone’ we should do a full fandom trend, not linked to any of the shipping. To show we’re united and to bring back the peace. For once, for christmas, to share the fact we love the show despite our differences.

I was thinking, something like #inaflash?
For Twitter, Fame Is The New Ad-Blocker
Being popular always has its benefits but it seems that it is true in the digital age too.

According to Re/Code, for the past few months Twitter is not showing ads to a small group of Twitter users, giving them an ad-free or nearly ad-free environment. That small group consists of the most famous or most active Twitter users. This is because Twitter wants its most influential users to stay engaged with it and not leave the network.
Twitter Plans on Tweaking With The 140 Character Limit
Is the unthinkable really about to happen?

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