Ravi (@AceRavi):

벌써 4시네요.. 다들 굿나잇⭐️

It’s already 4 o'clock.. Goodnight everyone⭐

안자는 별빛 채팅하자⭐️

Starlights who aren’t sleeping, let’s chat⭐

이렇게 많이 안자고 있을줄이야ㅠ
모두와 이야기 못해서 미안해요
대신에 좀 더 자주 채팅할게요
그러다보면 언젠가 모두와 채팅한게 되지않을까..? 밤늦게 다들 고생많구 화이팅하고 건강챙겨요⭐️

I didn’t know this many of you weren’t sleepingㅠ
I’m sorry I couldn’t chat with everyone
Instead, I’ll chat more often
If I do that, eventually I’ll chat with everyone, right..? You all worked hard late at night, so good luck and take care of your health⭐️

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

So much shit I wanna re-watch for gif purposes…but if I do that, then I’ll never get to the shit I haven’t watched.

Either way. I’m re-watching Ao no Exorcist to refresh my memory and be ready for season 2. I need to re-read the manga too. I dropped it and idk where I left it. 

Need to re-watch Shingeki no Kyojin too and be ready for S2 as well.

Plus…I’m too busy with real life, Pokemon and Final Fantasy XV to even watch anything.