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i feel like pete wentz is probably one of those famous ppl where sometimes he just gets bored and decides to stalk a random fan’s twitter account, but not favourite anything or reply to anything, so they’ll never actually know that he knows they exist & that he stalked them for like an hour and a half

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RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Long distance relationship with a great gal who won’t get tumblr :T (@VehementKoala on twitter)
FAVOURITE COLOUR(S): PURPLE, i also love light blues and reds :3
LIP STICK OR LIP BALM: is this a question where i have to choose– grape flavoured lip balm 👌
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. FUN FACT, sime of it was filmed really close to where i live :0 they were having auditions, but only for women with big boobs =A= (i mean sure but-)
TOP 3 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: in no particular order FRANCE (Francis Bonnefoy) from Hetalia, Karkat Vantas from Homestuck, Peridot from Steven Universe (haha i was acting as her today, good fun)
TOP 3 SHIPS: FRUK- hmmmm everything else is a blur.. Ruby&Sapphire and probs Erisol *nod nod*
Books I’m currently reading: uhhhhhh, does killing stalking count? (I read basically nothing.)

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A-Z tag

I was tagged by @call-me-lightning thanks bro!
Here we go!

Age: 15

Biggest fear: I can’t answer this  🤔

Current time: 2 AM

Drink you last had: water

Every day starts with: checking tumblr, twitter, instagram, etc

Favourite genre: Music - Pop, pop-rock, country-pop, folk, soft rock, teen pop💕

Movies- romance, comedy, detective

Ghosts, are they real: Yes Harry and Taylor are real  👻

Home country: Armenia

In love with: Taylor Swift  :)

Jealous of: too many people

Killed someone: Nah 

Last time you cried: Few hours ago

Middle name: I dont have

Number of siblings: 0

One wish: Turn back the time to the good old days  👀

Person you last called/texted: @call-me-lightning

Questions you’re always asked: “WHY ARE YOU SO OBSESSED WITH TAY AND 1D?” 

Reasons to smile: My friends and my favourite artists

Song last listened to: “Fool For You” by Zayn

Time you woke up: I didn’t sleep

Vacation destination: Idk

Worst habit: I am very sensitive

X-rays: 2 

Your favourite food: Pizza, potato, fried chicken, cheese, banana, cookies, cinnamon rolls, coke/juice

Zodiac sign: pisces