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Twitter is my favourite social media platform because :

✧ It is not photo orientated.
I am not bombarded with selfies.

✧ Posts cannot be edited.
It is real.
 It is raw.

✧ Posts are capped at 140 characters.
Keeping them short and sweet.

✧ All my followers are strangers.
Thus, I feel safer sharing the depths.

It is the only platform I share processes I am progressing through in present time… Mixed in with old epiphanies.

Are any of you on Twitter?


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name: Robert Edwin House
age: verse dependent, but 200+
your favorite picture of your muse’s fc: 


what would be their twitter name? what sorts of tweets would they tweet?
his name, and he’d retweet from big news firms like the Economist, Foreign Affairs, and comment with his opinion on each article. ( really… really boring twitter )

what’s their favourite genre of movies? of music?
House has a penchant for the arts, and enjoys classics such as Citizen Kane, Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining, and The Godfather. Movies like Once Upon a Time in the West hold a special place in his heart as well for groundbreaking cinematography and heartbreaking soundtrack.
House enjoys a variety of music as long as it is not too distracting. Anything on the New Vegas radio he finds highly enjoyable, and also listens Jazz and neo-classical compositions.

what’s on their top queue on Netflix?
Documentaries, non-fiction such as The Unknown Known. Political thrillers like House of Cards will be found in there as well, alongside all his favorite classic movies.

what’s their favourite scent? do they smell like that?
Expensive, designer colognes, and fresh desert air. House overuses expensive cologne but has traces of his workshop on him as well ( dust, metal ).

apple or android?
his own operating system, so likely Android?

favourite season? least favourite season?
Nevada has few seasons, but he finds summer to be unbearably hot. Winter is special, and if House finds the time to travel he admires snowy landscapes.

are they a bottom or top or versatile?
Jane and Marilyn are more there for the company…

describe their morning routine. Do they wake up early or sleep in? do they press the snooze button a bunch of times or do they immediately get up?
House sleeps little, sleeps in even less. His morning routine is extensive, perhaps a bit superfluous, but it is one of the rare times of day he has to himself, and he admittedly drags it out some. Even if the tasks are as meaningless and routine as showering or planning out his day, its his time.

if they were to be compared to a canon character, who would that be?
Howard Stark, Andrew Ryan… :^))

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I'm not sure if you give a shit about this, but not only did lottie reply to a tweet from that shady-looking oli Twitter, she also favourited 3 of his tweets in a row. So...I guess it might be real? Good to know, and somehow not surprising that oli has the tweeting habits of a troll account.

It’s not real, there’s a chance Lottie thinks it’s real–but it’s not.

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A-Z for letters asks. I want to know all of these hehehe~

Waaaooowww u want to know everything, eh? ;p

A. Why my last relationship ended.
- too negative 4 me lol didn’t really “love” the guy

B. Favourite band.
- atm I think Coldplay

C. Who I like and why I like them.
- don’t have anyone in mind lol but lowkey still like the guy I went to high school with

D. Hardest thing I’ve ever been through.
- Grade 12 second semester. Like, so close to giving up but instead did the bare minimum lol

E. My best friend.
I have a few best friends. They’re really great. Lan, Hil, Kerst, Brent #Squad & internet #Squad from Twitter lol

F. My favourite movie.
- Spirited Away

G. Sexual orientation.
- Straight

H. Do I smoke/drink?
- not about that

I. Have any tattoos or piercings?
- Thinking about getting a sleeve on my left arm lol

J. What I want to be when I get older.
- a decent artist lolol

K. Relationship with my parents.
- me & my mom are really close, no words can explain how much I appreciate & love her. I haven’t seen my dad in years so indifferent towards him

L. One of my insecurities.
- my side profile lol

M. Virgin or not?
- yes 
N. Favourite place to shop at?
- Wal-Mart

O. My eye colour.
- black

P. Why I hate school.
- That I’m usually the loner lol

Q. Relationship status as of right now.
- single & ready to stay single, probably ;))

R. Favourite song at the moment.
- Frank Ocean “Skyline To”

S. A random fact about myself.
- I bought makeup for the first time yesterday

T. Age I get mistaken for.
- 20-23 years old

U. Where I want to be right now.
- in my bed

V. Last time I cried.
- Watching Mockingjay Part 2 I think

W. Concerts I’ve been to.
- none :(

X. What would you do if (…)?
- what is this question

Y. Do you want to go to college.
- I’m already in college lmao

Z. How are you?
-pretty dece tho my leg is kind sore from sitting on a stool

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nickname: jazz, jazzy
star sign: virgo
height: 160cm (5′1)
time right now: 1:05pm
last thing I googled: “twitter”
favourite music artists: the 1975 and owl city
song stuck in your head: in your eyes by peter gabriel
last movie watched: the godfather
last tv show watched: tawog
what are you wearing right now: black leggings and a long sleeved white shirt
when did you create your blog: april 2015
what kind of stuff do you post: fandom things/writing stuff/recipes/music sometimes
do you have any other blogs: yeup - writing blog, mordeson blog, 2 in the am pm blog, aesthetic blog and a vent blog
do you get asks regularly: mmmm nah
why did you choose your url: cause i like lapis from su
hogwarts house: hufflepuff
pokemon team: none
favourite colour: blue
average hours of sleep: 6-8
lucky numbers: don’t have any
favourite character(s): future mordecai and sarah williams
how many blankets do you sleep with: 1
dream job: none
following: 811 blogs 

i tag: @bensonphonia, @apocalypticinsomnia@officialchoochoo, @skeez-queen13 and @burritodetodo

Tag Game

Tag Game Rules: answer 11 questions, ask 11 new questions, tag 11 people

I was tagged by @grungered​ :)

My Answers

1. If you had to choose just one song to hear for the rest of your life, what would you choose? A Certain Romance, Arctic Monkeys

2. Pop or Rock? ROCK🤘🏽

3. Who makes you happier? My best friend

4. What’s your pet peeve? Bad grammar

5. If you had to choose a store to be locked in all night which would you choose? IKEA

6. Favourite movie? Forrest Gump

7. Would you prefer go into a party with your friends in the night or stay at home with netflix and pizza? Netflix and pizza hands down

8. Whats your favourite social media? Twitter

9. Favourite singer/band? Arctic Monkeys

10. Sing or dance? I am useless at both but sing I guess 😂

11. Would you rather be the tallest person in the world or the shortest person in the world? Tallest

My Questions for y’all to answer

1. If you could sleep with a famous person who would it be?

2. Favourite current/recent TV show

3. Ride a bike or ride a dick?

4. Favourite album ever

5. What’s your perfect evening?

6. What’s your favourite time of year?

7. Out of anything in the world, what genuinely makes you happy?

8. Your 3 most recent search engine entries

9. What’s your favourite meal?

10. Tea or coffee?

11. If you murder anyone in the world, who?

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anonymous asked:

I know the list that anon is talking about and a a majority of the couples on that list are tinhatted or fictional couples that are shipped. I don't see the bragging point in this, because most of the couples are not together because they only exist in a fandoms mind, not reality.

that is so funny…it struck me odd that the anon really found it to be a worthwhile point. as if being at the top of some random ass poll of online ships somehow negates freddie’s existence or louelle’s realness. i am constantly wondering how we deal with people who place more importance over these meaningless polls and twitter favourites vs. words straight from the boys’ mouths and literal offspring. WOW.

lucienist  asked:

(Random selection) 5,24,56,2,78

5.       If you were drunk would the person you like take care of you?
I think so. As best as one drunk person could take care of another because you wouldn’t let me drink alone😂

24.   What part of your body are you most uncomfortable with?
Ummm my stomach and my pinkie toes. And I don’t like people touching my chin so that too??

56.   Twitter or Tumblr?
Tumblr; I don’t have Twitter.

62.   Favourite ice cream flavour?
Depends on my mood, but my top 3 are:
1) mint chocolate chip
2) butter pecan
3) strawberry
…and cotton candy is okay🙈

78.   Ever broken someone’s heart?
Not that I’m aware of.

Thanks a million, Lu! ✨

When you are full on stalking someone's Twitter and you accidentally favourite a tweet from 3 months ago 😁🔫.

time to deactivate my Twitter and hide at home for the next three years…

I was tagged by: @danzeta <3

What language, besides your native language, would you like to learn/be fluent in?

Japanese, maybe Chinese.

How many pairs of shoes do you have? 

Generally more than ten, I guess…

What’s the last compliment you got?

I don’t remember.

What does your name mean?

I don’t know. Just Charles.

Music taste?

Rock in general. But I like all kinds of music.

Do you have any other SM (social media) sites?


What is your favourite food?



Not too old. ;P


13th October

Favourite drink?


How many siblings do you have?

I have Raven <3

Current drama?

Always Erik.

If you were a pokemon, what would you be called and what would you look like?

I would be called Cutie and looks sexy as hell. ;P

Cats or dogs?

Rather cats.

Do you have freckles?

Maybe a little.

Who is your style crush?


Favourite candle scent or scent in general?

Candle scent? Um, vanilla… Scent in general… Forest, roses after rain, wood, old books, abandoned house.

Do you have any weird obsessions?

I don’t think so. What do you think?

Do you still watch cartoons?


Do you like wearing slippers?


Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving?

Shark diving. If you know what I mean… ;>

What are your favourite clothing stores?

I don’t have any.

What is your favourite ice cream flavor?

Chocolate, but I prefer sorbets.

Do you have any phobias?

Fear of rejection.

What is your wardrobe colour scheme?

Subdued colors.

Favourite clothing item?


What would your dream bedroom look like?

Like it looks now.

What were your best childhood TV shows?

I don’t remember.

What do you always have on you?


What is the current temperature outside right now?

69 F

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