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i went to a workshop once and got some advice i’d like to share with myself again 

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chin up!! there’s no such thing as failure, only learning experiences! 

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i mean i was twelve when my parents sent me to that workshop but still! good advice is timeless? haha

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anonymous asked:

heyy are there like... other people who ship magvi and more fan art/fiction you could recommend, cause like bi magnus is life, and i wanna see my boys happy?

Ayo! Fanart wise I don’t think I’ve seen any? Or at least, there isn’t any in the tag (but if anyone sees any…. tag me).

I have two fanfictions that are my favourites, although in both of them they don’t get together, they’re both really sweet (also I’m working on a couple right now, one inspired by these two posts and the other is more of a character exploration/slow burn dealio).

Great by @droosy // brentraptor on twitter (like seriously my favourite artist right now, and a really visually wonderful fic)

Sparring Match which is just…. it’s good y’all

But yeah Magvi isn’t really a thing yet? For a lot of understandable reasons, like Magnus’ backstory and the lack of deeper interaction between them, etcetera, but I’d love to see it pick up more steam! I also really wanna see my boys happy, together or otherwise

BTS as my shitty tweets
  • Jin: "its going to take a week for my noodles to come and i dont think i can last that long"
  • Suga: "*disappointed French horn*"
  • J-Hope: "@swedeb might me my newest favourite twitter."
  • Rap Monster: "Why."
  • Jimin: "some things are a gift from the universe: dogs, cold pillows, love, and of course, me."
  • V: "my dad just called me by my 50 year old uncle's name"
  • Jungkook: "why do homework when you can eat a bagel?"

anonymous asked:

Favourite mutuals on Tumblr and favourites on Twitter?

I literally have no idea who my twitter mutuals are, I’m not gonna lie. 

As for tumblr: 

  1. @@redstringbanshee 
  2. @itsalwayslydia
  3. @stilesbanshee
  4. @blackjacktheboss
  5. @stiles-lydia
  6. @ananbeth
  7. @wellsjahasghost
  8. @lydia-martins
  9. @lydias-stiles 
  10. @hollandroden
  11. @rememberiloveyou
  12. @diva-gonzo
  13. @fuckyeahstilesandlydia
  14. @fuckyeahstydia
  15. @brella
  16. @youaretoosmart
  17. @madgrad2011
  18. @haleyjscott
  19. @gustingrantt
  20. @brittaperry
  21. @percyyoulittleshit
  22. @reyskywalkerrsolo
  23. @the5thyearfreshman
  24. @scorpiusmilfoy (lol I came up with that URL)
  25. @lydiastilinski
  26. @herhmione (total queen) 
  27. @halfagony-halfhope (I have no idea why she follows me but I’m thrilled, I’m stanning, I’m fangirling.) 
  28. @ronaldswheezy
  29. @otterandterrier
  30. @flyingcrowbar
  31. @spooky-son-of-rome (Dan change your URL back) 

I know I have more but these are thirty people lol and I love all of them so there ya go, hope you enjoy! 

anonymous asked:

Dally how about Twitter? I wanna hear your 4am zombie thoughts

@ally_sheehan don’t even get me started on the inconsistency in my usernames I hate myself for it 😩 Twitter has been my favourite platform recently by far