161113 BTS official’s Tweet

[#오늘의방탄] 어제 오늘 함께 해주신 아미 여러분들이 행복한 시간이 되었길 바랍니다! 함께 하지 못한 아미들은 꼭꼭 다음에 만나요💕 #BTS3rdMUSTER success!

[#Today'sBangtan] To all the ARMYs who were with us yesterday and today, we hope you had a great time! To ARMYs who could not be with us, let’s definitely meet next time💕 #BTS3rdMUSTER success!

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[ENG] 161113 Woozi’s Twitter Update

[17’S 우지] 보컬팀 보스와 귀여운 멍뭉이가 만나니 심쿵하네 #흰둥이와흰둥이 #캐럿들_잘자요

[17′s Woozi] Since the vocal team’s boss and doggy are meeting, it makes our heart race #whiteyandwhitey #CARATs_SleepWell

(T/N: Whitey is a character in Crayon Shin-chan portraying a white dog)

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