Hey lovely followers

If you don’t know, I’ll be off to America tomorrow!!

I should have a queue set up for like maybe two or three days worth, but after that it’s gonna be a bit sketchy on how much I’ll be posting/how much I can answer. If I have wifi I’ll get on though!

But I’ll probably make some personal posts on here, so if you do not want to see them, blacklist the tag ‘alex’s america trip’ 

If you do want to see them/want other quicker ways of contacting me, here are some things you can add me on:

twitter: @alexmack23
instagram: alexmack32 (it’s only locked to keep real life people out, i’ll accept anyone on here)
snapchat: alexmack32

And if we’re mutuals on here, or twitter, or even if we’re not (cause I can’t follow everyone I want to) but we’ve talked and I know who you are, feel free to ask for my imessage or whatsapp, or facebook too :)

Ok that’s it guys, hope you have a lovely week!!! <3