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[TRANS][TWITTER] 150130~150201 Jinyoung shared an adorable group selca&sent support to Baro

“Kang sechan! Reveal your secret! Today is the day when sechan’s secret will be revealed. Please watch presevence goo haera at 11.20 pm !! …(boys, i am sorry kk)”

“Baro-ya~~good luck (fighting) on futsal today don’t get hurt~~ hyung-ie will eat your share of the meat deliciously for you. But this is really delicious ….hahaha”

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[TRANS][TWITTER] 150105 b1a4_BANAJP’s update from B1A4’s recent activities in Japan

1st pic: Happy New Year! How did everyone spend their New Years? The B1A4 members spent their New Years at Hokkaido—-! ‘White Miracle’ PV shooting, finished!!

2nd pic: At the same time as PV filming finished, in order to film for the Korean drama 'Perseverance, Goo Hara’, he quickly returned to Korean before the other members! Leader, you’ve really worked hard

3rd pic: As jinyoung returned to korea, there’s a new 'unit’?! it’s rumored to be 'snow board boys’ meanwhile shinwoo..

4th pic: Can’t get out……. (t/n: of the spa/jacuzzi, hahaha^^)

CNU, who was not used to the snowboard boys, could not get out of the breathtaking view of the jacuzzi. Note, it was also like this when they were off filming(^^). There was a jacuzzi in each room and that doesn’t mean we secretly filmed CNU’s bathing scene so please don’t misunderstand us in that aspect…m(_ _)m

Is it called flying or what was it called… I made a mistake with an order to put up information and therefore clumsily opened the curtains to 2015(T_T) This is BANA JAPAN but please look after us for this year as well m(_ _)m Please look forward to 'White Miracle’ PV, okay (^-^)/

5th pic: I’m sorry for the rumble/confusion when the year just started, and in return serious selfie Baro!

trans cr: ellen&marchy @ AVIATEB1A4

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