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Tarjei Bø, The Sweetest Guy™, congratulates Simon Schempp on winning gold in Men’s Mass start

  • neil: no pls dont put me on tv pls anything but this
neil, looking riko in the eye on live tv: hi yes riko, me, neil josten #10 i live at fox tower and i go running every morning before classes here is my schedule for the semester anywya,s suc k my nuts u worthlses piec e of shit thank
someone like you // blue
adele & troye sivan feat. alex hope
someone like you // blue

i hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited, but without you i am colourblind.

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not everything he does has to be a diversion, he can be both evil and stupid

the dude’s an idiot, but he and his administration are extremely good at turning his bumbling and dumbass statements into spectacles to draw attention away from the things that actually have a real impact

a typo on twitter is literally just his fat fingers bungling some autocorrect, pulling out of the fucking paris agreement is going to have enormous environmental implications and contribute to the rest of the world’s plummeting trust in the US as an ally - guess which one the media is focusing on?

his incompetence serves a purpose, by providing a big, loud veil under which the GOP can work without people calling them out

For Akira’s birthday this year Ishida wrote a poem again. It’s… about as angsty as his other ones.

The song it’s accompanying is “Movie” by österreich. Please click on the link to listen.

I shared myself
With you, that’s why
If you were to go away
I’ll hurt        like something’s been torn off in me
I’ll be bereft

Where has the time we shared go, I wonder

The dust that looks like peach fuzz
Reflecting light,
It’s slowly falling

Will it gather in a place that I don’t know, I wonder

Are you also

There, I wonder

Hairpin, hair ornament, fragrant oil,
When did I throw away
All these forgotten things?

The reason why is lost

Even if I didn’t understand what is the right thing
You, certainly, were always right

I’d always make mistakes, and let you make them, too

“I didn’t amount to anything, did I”
“I didn’t help anyone”

If you wish for me to not go anywhere

I can’t go anywhere
Because I have no legs, no head
I can’t go anywhere
I can’t go

I was trying to pop the balloons on my twitter profile and no matter how many times I tapped on it this one purple balloon wouldn’t go away…poor Shikaco XD