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Reita: it’s hot today but it seems it’s gonna be cold tomorrow. take good care of yourselves, don’t get sick ✋🏻
Kai: we’re at the studio now…
rehearsing for the Halloween LIVE🎃
since it’s a 2 day concept we’re doing quite a number of songs.
these are gonna be good shows ♫

oh and, everyone who’s coming to LUCY, you better build up some strength and get in shape.

#thegazette #helloween #studio #ItsNotLikeWeReSlackingOff #peace


Tarjei Bø, The Sweetest Guy™, congratulates Simon Schempp on winning gold in Men’s Mass start

  • neil: no pls dont put me on tv pls anything but this
neil, looking riko in the eye on live tv: hi yes riko, me, neil josten #10 i live at fox tower and i go running every morning before classes here is my schedule for the semester anywya,s suc k my nuts u worthlses piec e of shit thank
someone like you // blue
adele & troye sivan feat. alex hope
someone like you // blue

i hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited, but without you i am colourblind.