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1. Open the app and choose “EDIT”
2. Go to your gallery and select the pic you wanna use
3. Crop it (1:1)
4. Click on “Add photo” and select the hearts/birds you wanna use.
5. If they’re not png images, change the option next to the opacity from “Normal” to “Screen” to make them transparent
6. Edit as you want and then just save it.
And voilà! it’s super easy! hope this helps!
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BTS Ships as Sub-groups
  • Namjin: slow raps with soft vocals, release selcas everyday, Jin always sharing texts of Joonie being a dork, Joonie always sharing what he's working on and sleeping pics of Jin.
  • Yoonseok: the ultimate rapping duo, like popcorn, sometimes salty, sometimes sweet, light up the stage and constantly hype each other up, Yoongi never posts anything but J-Hope does more than enough for both.
  • Jikook: everybody is in love with them together even more than each of them separately, their songs are beautiful and heartbreaking and only ever post couple selcas.
  • Vhope: every other track is some kind of cypher and every other track is a conversation of the two of them being adorable idiots. Constantly uploading short clips of them doing literally anything.
  • Yoonmin: in case anyone ever doubt the legitimacy of these two, all is confirmed - Yoongi and Jimin will constantly exceed expectations, wreck everyone, and also be sweethearts at the same time, confusing everyone.
  • Vkook: they don't produce music so much as memes, start their own fashion line, are constantly rapping in bad English and posting videos of it, their music is soft and sweet, except when they try and be badass and it's kinda cute.
  • Minjoon: Namjoon raps and Jimin dances and whenever the other is doing their thing, the other is always watching and videoing them, super cheerleaders, nobody remembers that Namjoon is only a year older than Jimin.
  • 2Seok: they were supposed to release an album years ago, but so far have only managed to amass thousands of twitter followers for their tutorials on dance, cooking, exercise and how to be fabulous.

So, I just updated my phone and I noticed that there are little changes but the steps are exactly the same! I’m gonna post the new screenshots + the hearts/birds bc a lot of ppl want them.
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Hi everyone! 

First of all, I just wanted to thank y'all for all the love on the last tutorial I posted -I’m glad people found it worthy of sharing and reading. I wanted to make this one more in-depth. I don’t think I would call this a “tutorial” to achieve something specific, but a look into the thought process that goes on regarding environments, storytelling and execution. Hopefully you can relate it to your own thought processes you currently have.

Have a good one, guys! If you got questions, do ask ‘em. :)

(Also. I know I’ve been quiet in posting new art lately. A lot of the art I can’t show yet but there is cool stuff on the way.) 

{  Finished piece -original post: Bright Autumn  }


수면제 (lullaby)(sleeping pill) streaming guide! 

seeing as the release of “수면제 (lullaby)”  is right around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of tutorials!  if you have any questions feel free to send an ask/message; you can also check out support shinee on tumblr/twitter for more tutorials and if you have questions!  “수면제 (lullaby)” (sleeping pill) will be released both on youtube and through digital sites on thursday, may 4th at 6pm kst! 

→ melon 

↳ how to make a melon account (pc)

↳ downloading on melon 

↳ streaming on melon

→ genie 

how to create a genie account stream and download digitally

→ youtube

↳  how to stream the music video

→ soribada

how to stream and download 


Hola chic@s, escribo esto para explicarles cómo poner los corazones en las fotos, así no tendrán que pagar por alguna aplicación :) Alguna gente no quiere decir cómo lo hacen pero yo comparto con ustedes. La app es PicsArt. De nada.

Para agradecerme o preguntarme, darme créditos y esas cosas mi twitter es @zouischeeky


Hey guys, I write this to explain how to put hearts on pics (icons of twitter) and not have to pay for any app. I share with you ;). The app is PicsArt. Your welcome xx

For any question or something like that my twitter is @zouischeeky

Tutorial: Como fazer/montar packs

Esse é um tutorial que eu sinceramente tava com muita vontade de fazer, mas só hoje me deu coragem, mas espero que gostem, de verdade, porque apesar de parecer simples é um esforço meu para tentar ensinar à vocês algumas dicas e truques.

Já vou dizendo que eu pesquisei por tutoriais parecidos no tumblr e na internet em geral, e não achei NADA, então não foi inspirado ou copiado de ninguém, o tutorial é de minha autoria e eu espero que não venha ninguém plagiar, porque se o fizer eu irei denunciar e divulgar. 

Clique em read more/continuar lendo para acompanhar o tutorial. 

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anonymous asked:

What software do you use to remove the background of an image? like say for instance you're making an icon and you want the figure on a solid blue background instead of the actual one, how would you do that?

I use gimp, which is the free software I use to edit all of my graphics. Here’s a short tutorial on how to do that particular technique: 

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Layout Tutorial


1. Open Photoshop and create a new file (Ctrl + N). Width and height should be 240 pixels and the background should be transparent then click on OK.

2. Open a new file (Ctrl + O) and choose a picture for your icon.


3. Drag the picture to the base (?) and adjust the photo by using the move tool (v) and/or the transformation tool (Ctrl + T) while pressing the Shift key.

4. Go to Filter then Topaz Clean (it’s a photoshop plug-in). Then adjust the edges to the following: Accent; 1, Radius; 1.71, Sharpness; 0.10 then click on OK.

5. Open a new file and choose a PSD (i got this psd from tumblr) then drag the folder to the icon.

6. Right click on any layer then click on ‘Flatten Image’. Save your image (Ctrl + S) as PNG.

The same for the header. Only the header size is either width; 500, height; 167 or width; 600, height; 200, or 1500 x 500

New Header Tutorial :)

Okay today I am going to teach you how to make a header something like this :

or this 

I will try to show you to my best abilities to teach you how to make this, I got bored so I wanted to do this  but anyways the first thing you do is 

1. Open up PhotoShop it doesn’t matter which version but in my case I am using (CS5) 

2. Press Ctrl +N = New imagine. and make the size 500x167 like so 

3. Then you go to your PNG’s or Tumblr PNG’s what ever floats your boat but if you don’t have any I am going to put where I got my pngs from here  x 

I am going to use Bart cause he is one of favorites.

Okay so once you open up your png you change your header background color to any color you desire but I prefer the gray look that you see in the picture I first posted above.

I put the color number inside of the pic.. but anyways once you add your color to you header, add your png to you header and position it the way you want it. 

This is how mine came out and I didn’t even add a psd yet. I love it like that but we are not done yet.

Make sure you sharpen it, and add Topaz to this to make it look more neat.

Then add Topaz ( Note: Of you don’t have topaz labs then just look around tumblr “Topaz tutorial” )

Once you add your topaz just add your water mark and you are all good to go. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I’m sorry if I was rambling on but I like to talk a lot. If you have any questions just @ me on twitter @/Journalsjiley or message me on here

Oh and if you want add a psd but I am not, cause I think it looks nice like this. 

Send me messages for other tutorials you would like me to do