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i would die for your twitters jason, tell me more about him

i would also die for jason, hes so good 

okay this is a high school au so lemme give you a quick rundown of jason’s story

jason was adopted by bruce and everything, and during jay’s freshman year of high school some dumbass we’ll call the Joker who couldnt fucking stand bruce’s guts decided to do something awful. 

so jay threw a party on the last day of school, drank a lil too much and joker and his crew crashed it, when jason tried to throw them out they dragged him out to some abandoned shack and beat jay so fucking bad. before they left joker lit up a few fireworks and jay wasnt able to crawl all the way out in time so it was just Bad

Bruce was the one who found him and thought he was dead for a hot second, jason spent like half a year in a the hospital, and still has brain damage from it. by the time he got back to the Manor, bruce adopted Tim who was staying in Jay’s old room. long story short, jason broke tim’s nose bc he was pissed and had no clue who this kid in his room was and though Bruce replaced him

but now he’s a senior (he should be done with high school but hes a year behind bc hospital) and although he’s still chock full of Emotional Issues, he’s the jason we know and love. He’s an asshole who always love reminding people of that one time he died (and he did bc his heart stopped for a few secs and he was legally pronounced dead) 

also he sells weed but keep that on the down low alright