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I really like these.

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Jimin wrote in fancafe saying he felt awkward because getting the award feels surreal. It's obvious he was nervous about the whole situation and that's why he looked so tense during the show. this explains why Yoongi wanted to be next to him all the time even when they were leaving you can see how he wants to walk next to jimin twitter(.)com/mochimin/status/866501240812732416

this video saved my life?? and i saw what he wrote 💔 it was clearly not an easy time for him and the fact that yoongi didn’t leave his side the entire night is rly telling of how important they are to each other,,, i know we know this already but its always so nice to see,, i hope they’re celebrating they deserve it

A (sorta) scene from Ignorance is Bliss
which everybody should totally read

this is a daily reminder cassian did not shoot galen because 

he looked at galen erso through his scope and saw his daughter’s eyes. 

young forever.

For those who don’t know me, I died several times over yesterday thanks to @danielhowell replying to me! My nerd brain gave me chance to relate to dan and I actually cried and needed to hug my dog 👌🏻 fun times

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