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Do you know if there was an interview where Tom said he was reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari? I feel like it happened but can't find it!! Thanks x

Yes there was!! It was on a Twitter QA for KSI here you go sweet anon! (It’s also a very good book but I, a natural historian, am biased so)

Ask Ryan Murphy About The Box Scene, Klaine, & Brittana

Ryan Murphy is hosting a Twitter Q&A tomorrow morning, Tuesday, July 31 at 9AM PST/ 12PM EST 

Let’s seize this opportunity to not only ask about The Box Scene, but also Klaine & Brittana and what we’ll see from them in Season 4.

Please be polite, positive, and persistent.

Even if he (or the assistant probably answering these) doesn’t respond, he will be aware of fandom thoughts and wants.

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I'm gonna say that after her bad injury Felicity's father forbids her to step foot from the house. Oliver can't see the person he has claimed in life and death- possessive beast indeed and it's got a smidge of feelings I'd say there under the surface. Oliver then has to do another climb the wall to her bedroom stunt and que a interesting scene where maybe even Oliver checks Felicity's injury to see for himself how bad/what was done to her. Correct? Just do a Oliver gif.