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Alternative Message Post-Thessia

Subject: Offer Of Aid
Source: Salarian Union

Oh. You were hoping for good news, weren’t you? My apologies.

I retrieved something of yours during our fight on Thessia, Shepard. Don’t worry. I made certain it ended up where it was most useful.


Message Attachment: Extranet News Feed Link

“…C-Sec officials are investigating the apparent suicide of asari commando Aeian T'Goni, a patient at Huerta Memorial Hospital. T'Goni was receiving treatment in Huerta’s Psychotherapy ward, and was subject to standard restrictions as per safety regulations, including restrictions on possessing firearms. It is currently unknown at this time how T'Goni acquired the M-77 Paladin that she utilized to tragically end her own life.”

Citadel Defense Force - WAR ASSET UPDATED - Doctors at Huerta Memorial were discouraged by their failure to prevent the suicide of an asari commando in their care.