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Joke / C.H.


“Y/N!” Calum yelled, causing you to scrunch your eyebrows. “Can you come here for a sec?” You immediately put down the dishes you were putting into the dishwasher and follow his voice to the downstairs computer room.

You leaned against the door frame, arms across your chest. “Yeah, babe.” Calum was hunched over his desktop reading Twitter mentions and looking a indirects. You ordered him to stop doing this days ago, because they way you saw the corners of his lip turn slightly downward made you feel sad too. You hated seeing Calum sad.

“Cal, I told you to stop with that.” You told him, disappointment etched into your voice. Calum turned to you with a confused, yet slightly sad look on his face. He used his hand to motion you over to the screen, placing his hands on your waist and pulling you into his lap.

“Y/N, what does that mean?” He pointed to a typed phrase, from a
fan account dedicated to him, which said: ‘7/10 would bang’. You let out an involuntary giggle, clamping your hand over your mouth as it came out.

Calum became even more confused, he didn’t know what it meant. Obviously he thought it was some hotness scale he scored low on, which was <i>half </i> true, but he didn’t really get that it was just a big joke.

“Am I really a seven? That’s it?” Calum said in a small voice, lifting you off of his lap and back onto your two feet. Calum stuck out his bottom lip slightly, and you watched him scroll through the thousands of mentions, indirects, and messages that he got every second.

“Calum, stop doing that.” You placed your hand over the mouse and placed your free hand on his cheek, forcing him to look at you. His eyes were surprisingly glossy, which made your stomach drop. You and Calum had been dating for a while, but he hasn’t cried around you yet, he hadn’t dared to.

“Aw, baby, don’t cry.” You let out a small chuckle, taking both of his hands and leading him out of the room and into the hallway.

“Am I really that unattractive compared to the guys? Because Michael was an-” his voice cracked, and that’s when you pulled him into a hug. It was a pretty weird thing to get upset over, but you understood completely. Calum and you bonded over the fact that you were both insecure with your bodies, but you both loved each other the same.

“Calum, my sweet darling,” you began, cupping his squishy face in your hands. “It’s just a joke, alright? It’s nothing to get upset over, I promise. I love you just the same and it shouldn’t matter what others think of you, okay?” You giggle, wiping the tear that had accidentally fell from his eye. Calum smiled sweetly, placing his hands on your waist.

“Well, I obviously trust you, because if the guys saw me like this they would flip shit and laugh in my face.” Calum smiled for the first time in a few minutes, reminding you of the smile that drew you in the first time you saw him.

“You’re such a dork.” You laughed, placing a quick kiss on his lips before turning back to do the dishes.

“Hey Y/N?” Calum said quickly before you had a chance to walk down the stairs.

“Yeah?” You replied, turning back to see a newfound smirk on his face.

“10 out of 10 would bang.”

an: 1) this sucks and is v cliche
I promise I’ll have a master list soon it’s just lol lazy!! (request in my ask if you like)
  • Reblogging this is accepting the challenges sent below. When you see somebody reblog, send them AT LEAST two challenges but try not to spam. The idea is that your character’s probably tipsy whilst doing these, but they don’t have to be. If you receive the same one twice, ignore one or do it twice if you want to.
  • ♥ - Tag the person of senders choice in a starter and either kiss OR slap them without warning. (If you’re the sender, you don’t pick your own character.)
  • ☺ - Create an indirect tweet using song lyrics to describe how you feel about the fourth person on your "FOLLOWING" list.
  • ♪ - Stand outside the room of somebody you'd like to know better and serenade them by tagging them in a starter.
  • ♦ - Toss the clothes of the eight person in your twitter mentions into the pool (you can self para or just make it clear that it's happened)
  • ♣ - DRUNKEN TRUTH CARD:send your truthful feelings about somebody on anon to the gossip blog.
  • ♠ - Send a (drunken) and unintentionally suggestive text to someone considered 'a random contact' to your character.
  • • - Embrace somebody of the senders choice in a (drunken) hug. (If you’re the sender, you don’t pick your own character.)
  • ◘ - DRUNKEN TWITTER WAR:start an argument with somebody on twitter that you'll probably regret when you're sober.
  • ○ - Send a fake one night stand rumor about two people of your choice to the gossip blog, make it convincing.
  • ♂ - Tag a GUY of the senders choice in a starter asking him for condoms.
  • ♀ - Tag a GIRL of the senders choice in a starter asking her for a pregnancy test.
  • ☼ - Answer this ask by rating every single character out of 10 for attractiveness and likability - no explanations.
  • ► - SELF PARA:your character drunk or tipsy on arrival night, it can be as funny, random, deep or as sad as you like.
  • ▬ - Answer this ask by publishing your characters inner-thoughts right now (nobody can mention/has access to these in the roleplay)
  • → - Tag a character you want to know something about in a starter (plot related or random - NOT bio related) and point blank as what it is you want to know. This is the only time they HAVE to tell you.
  • ▼ - Dish out twitter awards/superlatives for people (i.e. BEST ASS - @username). The funnier they are the better & may just land you an important role in the next event.

Adventures in internetting…

  • I was happy to see that the latest seeker of unclothed croissant landed on the infamous American Psycho photo. Hopefully they were sated by three inches of pale Skinner thighs – or at the very least were sufficiently distracted by Matt’s glorious abs.
  • In searching twitter for W1A mentions, I came across a minister who was watching Les Mis and trying to figure out if that was really Will the Intern in a background shot. Tis true, reverend: your eyes are not deceiving you.
  • Reading a bunch of tags from LM peeps on a reblog of something of mine is inspiring me to do a tiny bit of passive aggressive picsetting: that it will also allow me to ramble on about one of my favorite topics is a lovely bonus.

Bare was a truly amazing film. Not At all formulaic, Dianna and Paz both were great, but Dianna quite literally blew everyone away. This is a role beyond what she’s ever played and she nailed every scene, every emotion. I feel like I watched something very special. If this isn’t a career milestone and stepping stone for Dianna, I will be shocked. It definitely breaks her out of the teen/cheerleader box. 

Yes, Dianna is topless and does a fairly explicit lesbian sex scene while so. As I’ve said, she looks beyond beautiful and perfect. But more importantly it was one intense scene among several where she absolutely killed it.

 - fan review of Bare (via @MikeOwnby)

Suho - 150417 Mnet M! Countdown twitter update: “#엠카운트다운 420회 영광의 1위는 #엑소 입니다 2주 연속 1위 축하드립니다! #callmebaby 앙코르 함께들어요! 다음주부터! 엠카는 다시 목요일로~매주 목요일 6시에 출첵!”

Translation: “#M! Countdown episode 420; the honorary 1st place goes to #EXO Congratulations on their consecutive wins for two straight weeks! Let’s listen to their encore for #callmebaby together! Starting next week, M! Countdown returns to its usual Thursday timeslot~ Every Thursday at 6!”

Credit: Mnet.