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Look I’m a kid who grew up in the 90’s and Matilda is one of my favorite movies of all time I remember I used to watch it constantly on VHS back when I was a kid.

So it’s really heartbreaking to see Mara Wilson of all people say shit like this on Twitter.

I’m not trying to advocate censorship or anything like that but who the hell are you to tell people what avatars they can and can’t have? If people wanna use that bootleg Calvin pic of him pissing on whatever then fine so be it, it’s not like having a cartoon character for an avatar is hurting anyone in the long run and it’s not like Bill Watterson is still drawing the strips.

Hell I had an argument with someone on Twitter who had a Godzilla avatar and I didn’t go up to him and say “Stop using a Godzilla avatar because it hurts my feelings dude!’” because his avatar wasn’t what was pissing me off.

Also I’m using a Babba Looey avatar right now and nobody has ever come up to me and said “Stop using that avatar! It hurts my feelings MAAAAAN!” because a person’s avatar does not matter! It’s what the person is saying that is important.

This is why I hate Twitter because it makes me lose respect for people that I once admired and Mara Wilson is someone who I honestly have a lot of respect for because I have listened to interviews with her and she did seem like a very nice person but then I see shit like this and I’m like really? 

TL DR: Twitter makes me lose respect for people I admire.

  • Daniel Kading ‏@Daniel_Kading: So. Next game? I'm thinking horsecart racer, iOS exclusive.
  • Mike Laidlaw ‏@Mike_Laidlaw: Are the heads big? Big head racing: so hot right now.
  • sebastianhanlon ‏@hanlsp: What if it also had horse breeding, with the Tinder UI?
  • Mike Laidlaw ‏@Mike_Laidlaw: Favorite mount from DAI, GO!
  • sebastianhanlon ‏@hanlsp: Cullen.
  • Mike Laidlaw ‏@Mike_Laidlaw: HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAA.

Ugh…..I seriously need a fucking drink because Brianna’s shit is really staring to make my head hurt.

Brianna 8chan is not a hate site, nor was the website formed for the sole purpose of hating on you. It’s a random image board nothing less nothing more, the people who run 8chan aren’t James Bond style super villains sitting on top of a tall tower stroking their pet cats planning your downfall they’re just normal people who just wanna have fun posting random shit online.

Also you have no proof that the person who threatened you was from 8chan so stop trying to pretend that they are. And another thing law enforcement isn’t gonna shut down an entire site just because someone threatened you on the internet. 

Yeah anyone still think that the Anti GamerGate people don’t wanna censor everyone who speaks up against them?

Shouldn’t you be working with police to I dunno LOOK for the person that threatened you Brianna? Oh wait no that makes too much sense just keep on living in your hugbox and blaming 8chan and GamerGate for all your problems I’m sure that will solve everything.

TL DR: Brianna Wu hates 8chan and GamerGate and is pro censorship.

Dob do me and the rest of the internet a favor and fuck right off.

Seriously you ever think that maybe just MAYBE people don’t like you because you’re a massive cunt who doesn’t listen to any form of criticism be it negative or otherwise? 

No of course not you don’t fucking think you just wanna point fingers and blame everyone else for your shortcomings as an artist because nothing is ever really your fault is it Dob?

If my conversation with you on Twitter has taught me anything it’s that I shouldn’t be a lazy piece of shit who blames everyone else for their own faults as an artist. Because that’s pretty much all you do these days, you cry on Twitter and DA about how “Everyone hates me and I can’t work on any new art!” instead of actually working on a comic or story.

Like I’ve said time and again the reason you haven’t improved as an artist is simple, you’re lazy! You seem to have this idea that if you sit on your ass and do nothing to improve on your craft then you’ll magically be good at your profession and that’s not how life works.

You also seem to have this delusional thought that everyone else who’s made in the business only got there because of luck but that is a load of horseshit because I grantee you most of those successful comic book artists didn’t have everything given to them on a silver platter from day one, like I said before Skottie Young started out as a cover artist working at Marvel in 2000 before he started to work as a comic artist and writer for Rocket Raccoon. Hell even Jim Lee had to take art classes back in 1986 before he broke onto the scene in the 90’s with his run on X-Men.

But you on the other hand have stayed the same for like what 30 years now? Your art hasn’t improved, your writing is still godawful and you still blame everyone else for your own shortcomings as an artist when it’s nobody’s fault but yours!

Here’s an idea Dob instead of bitching about gaming and GamerGate on Twitter why don’t you I dunno IMPROVE ON YOUR ARTWORK! Seriously you waste so much time on Twitter that it’s no wonder you can’t get any work done. And once again I’d like to remind everyone that Dob has been to art school so it’s not like he had to learn all this shit from scratch, he’s had years worth of experience but he never put any of it in use when he left school. 

See Dob you can point fingers all you want it doesn’t change the fact that your faults as an artist are yours and yours alone. Your laziness is why you haven’t improved as an artist and writer, not to mention your massive ego gets in the way of any form of improvement because you flat out refuse to listen to anyone’s criticism. And let’s not forget your superiority complex in which you see everyone else as beneath you and constantly talk down to people who have different world views.

But keep on blaming others for your own faults Dob because it’s always funny seeing a talentless piece of shit like yourself act all high and mighty on Twitter.

TL DR: Andrew Dobson is a fucking talentless bald headed twat.       


Oh boy where do I even start with this? Okay so Kate says that she doesn’t wanna say anything about GamerGate because she doesn’t want her life ruined by drama fair enough after all there’s a lot of bullshit online that I tend to stay out of as well but then she immediately gives her stance on GamerGate in the very next tweet! So much for “I don’t wanna say anything about it because I don’t want people to ruin my life” huh Kate?

Seriously where you drunk when you wrote this? Oh wait this is Kate Tiedrich we’re talking about here of course she was probably drunk when she wrote this, also just because you don’t talk about a certain topic doesn’t mean that you support it for example just because I don’t talk about My Little Pony on my Twitter and Tumblr doesn’t mean I’m a brony who enjoys the show it just means that I’m someone who doesn’t give two fucks about the show and it’s fandom.

You just pulled the fastest 180 ever with these two Tweets Kate, “I don’t wanna talk about GamerGate” “JK GamerGate is dumb and bad lol!” just wow……seriously how the fuck did you make it into the comics industry? Scratch that how where even able to get hired by an actual company? Because I’ve seen your Twitter feed Kate and it is something else, I mean when you’re not making shitty jokes your crying about how there is a lack of woman in media like all your other SJW friends and I wouldn’t be surprised if you blocked the people who disagreed with you as well but that’s not here nor there right now. My point is you can’t say that you’re not gonna talk about a certain topic and then immediately talk about said topic five seconds later because that’s just going full retard and as we all know you should never go full retard.

TL DR: Kate Tiedrich went full retard over GamerGate.


  • @MMoulson: Looks like the Gremlin turn out was a success for @grabs40...his shirt must be like looking in a mirror for him
  • @Grabs40: you wanna start that again?...I don't wanna see you crying again in the locker room I won't say anything..#mr.sensitive26