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Tidak buka fb? Uninstall ig? Ga install path? Tidak main tumblr? Ga pernah login twitter lagi? Hidupmu akan baik-baik saja.

Ga shalat? Tidak mendoa-bantu saudara? Lupa tilawah? Ga birrul walidain? Tidak sempat nengok saudara yang sakit? Tidak belajar? Baru hidupmu tidak sedang baik-baik saja.

Jangan lupa hidup di dunia, berbekalah untuk akhirat! Main-main sebentar ke dunia maya jika akan memperberat timbangan amalmu kelak.

500,000 Twitter Followers!

To celebrate the official Twitter account reaching 500,000 followers, another login campaign has begun! Starting today, log in every day until Oct. 10 to receive 250 star jewels and a special item each time! Each day has a different item

  1. Cute Tiara
  2. Cool Tiara
  3. Passion Tiara
  4. Master Trainer Ticket
  5. MAX Stamina Drink

Open the game to start claiming your gifts!

Social Media TGC headcanons

Pierre Bezukhov:
-spends all of his time on Facebook fighting about politics
-has a Twitter but forgot the login
-has the Snapchat app but doesn’t actually use it, he just has it so no one will steal his phone and make him get one

Natasha Rostova:
-Twitter famous after a tweet of hers went viral
-has a semi-popular Instagram

Sonya Rostova:
-aesthetic tumblr
-has an Instagram, mostly uses it for group chats

Anatole Kuragin:
-Snapchat. He loves the filters. 
-Also Instagram, though maily so he could repost anything Helene posted and so she could tag him
-Has a tumblr on which he’s mutuals with Sonya but enither of them realize it

Fedya Dolokhov:
-ran a pretty popular vine account that mainly consisted of the stupid things Helene, Anatole, and Pierre (and sometimes Balaga) would do

Helene Kuragina:
-Also a Facebook because sometimes it is fun to chime in on politics
-Also has a tumblr, but she rarely uses it

-Vlogs on YouTube and has a Twitter that Dolokhov runs

Marya Dmitrievna:
-Facebook wine aunt who posts pictures of cats and nothing else

[JP] Version 2.1.0

Three new features have been added! (I could easily just type up a few sentences, but I like the images they give us. And I’m a sucker for visual guides)

Twitter Share (INT’s Facebook share)

You can login to Twitter on the Home screen.

When KHUx and Twitter are linked, your mutual followers that are also linked will be shown.

Post your draw results and avatars (??? will have to check that in-game) to Twitter!

(Oh wow! A 4* Sora!!1!)

Raid Boss “Auto” Function

Use your medal abilities with a push of a button! (Full details are not yet known.)

Union Cross: Party Members Only

Tired of partnering with players that deal 1 damage per hit? Look no further than the lock function! Maybe you can fight alone?!

sorry not sorry

The 1st Election for Bandori will begin 6/12 @ 13:00PM JST! The theme is the band that you would want to see at your school festival!

For the band that wins, a special illustration and song will be made for them.

There will also be a Twitter Campaign and Login Campaign to accompany the election!

The election will end 6/19 @ 12:59PM JST. The midway report will be 6/16, and the results announced 6/23.

In order to vote, you vote on the special site that will be released on 6/12 and must link your Twitter account. You can vote once per day.

Twitter Campaign

  • If you tweet from the Twitter posting screen that shows up after voting, you’ll be entered in to win a giveaway.
  • The prizes are a special illustration set (shikishi) signed by the cast members of the band who wins the election, for three winners!

Login Campaign

  • During the period, 50 stars will be given out!
  • Login 7 days for a max of 350 stars!
  • Date: 6/12 @ 4:00 AM JST to 6/19 @ 3:59 AM JST.

anonymous asked:

I just downloaded v live app and I want to login through twitter but it says that it'll access my account and post for my account and update my account. Like I'm confused. Does it really do that?

it’s for when you want to share the vlive video on your twt i think

I had insomnia so I login into twitter and I found some funny tweets so... here we go

i dont even know

i thought they were joking…

Nice try, guys.

Brouis shippers aren’t that good with photoshop, Here we have a few examples…

The last one is pure art… 10/10

And then there’s this one… if you didn’t know that’s a photo of Harry and Taylor kissing in new years eve. Even though I’m not a Haylor shipper (and i am glad it’s over) I had to put it in here. so…nop they’re not briana and Louis.

And now from the Donald trump bullshit we pass to the Hitler bullshit.

btw I’m democratic :) and i’m also a larrie so SHAME ON YOU, BITCH!

I am pretty sure Hitler was THAT bad… but in the other hand… Larries rule the world! :)

Leaving the hate comments aside, then the ‘Harry stalks Louis’ tweets apear.

And then the “Harry ships Brouis” tweets

And finally the tweets that make you… i don’t really know

It would ruin little mix :(

I cant even… BROURRIED?! really? (Is it just me or brourried sounds like BURRIED? coincidence? I don’t think so…)

And when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

Seoul Music Awards: How to vote for BTS

Hello everyone! This will be a quick guide on how to vote for BTS using the IOS App, a similar guide for Android users can be found here.

The voting period takes place between November 25th 2016 through January 17th 2017, and you can vote up to ten times per day. Please remember to vote every day and help BTS win another daesang!

Installation links: IOS / Andriod

Keep reading

You Don't Know What You Got Until It's Gone! -Calum

Life was going great until my best friend Calum got a girlfriend. She gets so jealous when we would have our movie night every Friday. Honestly I don’t understand why she gets so jealous when she has him Monday through Thursday,  plus Saturday and Sunday and I only get him fucking Friday with the guys. Luckily today is Friday and it is almost time for him and the guys to come over. The weird thing is usually Cal sends out a group text to see what movie to bring and who is bringing what but now that I think of it I haven’t talked to Cal all week. I shake it off and sit crossed legged on the couch in my ninja turtle onesie watching a re-run of supernatural. It was the episode where Dean and Sam tried to get a hold of Castiel but he wouldn’t reply because he was with Crowley. There was a knock at the door, I got up quick smiling opening up the door “For a minute th-” I see Michael, Luke and Ashton standing the same onesie as mine with pizza, movies and a crap load of snacks. Ashton scratches the back if his head “Uhh Calum couldn’t make it cause he is with you know who”

 I knew exactly who and rolled my eyes putting on a fake smile “You know what who cares, who needs Calum when I have you three to keep my company and I you. Plus he is the one missing out” Ashton laughs “Damn right!” Luke shuffles close to Michael “Can we come in, we are freezing our butts out here” I laughed at Luke “Yes come on in” Luke and Ashton ran to the couch fighting over who gets to sit where. Michael walks in last and closes the door. He drapes one of his arms over my shoulder and kisses my cheek whispering “Don’t worry y/n he will realize what he is missing out. Right now that whore has him wrapped around her finger” I sighed looking up “I know but remember we made a promise/pact that when we ever get in a relationship we would never let whoever we are with mess up our friendship” Michael sighs “I know but-” “No Michael! I have been friends with Calum and you way before you guys got in the band and we made this promise and you know that Calum has never stood us up like this!” I walked away from him to the living room where Ashton and Luke were setting up the movies and snacks.

~20mintues Later~

During the movie I couldn’t concentrate, my mind was somewhere else. I still can’t believe that Calum went to Italy without telling me. Cal and I tell each other everything.. Well not everything.. I mean the only thing he doesn’t know is that I love him more than a friend. I mean I don’t care that he went to Italy, well I am trying not to care. I look at the movie and see the scene where a girl is with her guy bestfriend riding the front bars of the bike. That scene gives me a flashback.


“Cal!! Stop it!” I say giggling. I am sitting on the front bars of his bike and he keeps braking his bike making my legs fling up. “Oh come on y/n” he says laughing “it’s not like I’m going to-” *Beep Beep Beep* Calum looses control of the bike causing us crash into a parking meter. I landed on my knees and hands, while Calum landed on his side with the bike on top of him. I crawl to him sitting on my butt and start laughing so hard that tears start falling from my eyes. Calum joins in flipping off the car that caused him to crash. My hands and knees were bleeding but I didn’t care I helped Calum get up and we walked to Michael’s house. Michael made fun of us because we had blood over our ripped clothes and looked like a hot mess.


I laugh quietly to myself touching my knees over my onesie where the scars are at. I felt someone looking it was Michael, he looked at me smirking shaking his head mouthing “hot mess girl” The movie ended and Ashton and Luke were sleeping holding onto each other. I smiled and covered them with a blanket while Michael put the snacks away in the kitchen. I turned off the tv and walked into kitchen watching Michael talk to himself while he puts the snacks away. Once he is done he notices me “So I am guessing I am going to sleep on the couch” I shrugged my shoulders “I mean if you can’t handle hot mess self” Michael laughs “Of course I can” We walk into my room and I get my laptop to login into twitter. I login to see my whole twitter feed is of Calum and his girlfriend not in Italy but in Paris, France. My blood starts to boil. That fucking bastard promised me that I would be the first and only girl to take to Paris, France. “I FUCKING HATE YOU CALUM HOOD!! AND NEVER WANT TO SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN!!!” I feel tears in my eyes and Michael runs and takes the laptop out of my hands to see all the pictures of them with fans in France. Michael grabs his phone and starts texting Calum.


You are such a fucking idiot you know that!! You stood me and the guys up which I don’t give a shit about but you stood up Y/N!!! Why in the fucking hell would you take Claire to Paris, France where I damn well know you always wanted to take Y/N!!! Honestly Cal it’s like I don’t even know you anymore! That bitch has you by the balls! Right now y/n is crying and she keeps saying how much she hates you and never wants to speak to you again! Honestly mate, you don’t know what you got until it’s gone.. AND  SHE DOESN’T WANT YOU IN HER LIFE ANYMORE… Shit I don’t even wanna see you, but there is the band, so the only reason why I talk to you is because of the band.. Meaning we are not friends anymore.

A/n: Whew!!! That was intense! Haha anywho I am not sure if I should make a second one or not.. Just message me if you want a second one.