twitter limits

For as shitty as tumblr is, I haven’t found any website that works better for uploading my art

twitter’s character limit is a tad annoying and 4 photos limit with no way to customize the way they are displayed like frustrates me to no end because I frequently make more than 4 images in a sequence, facebook is were my family lives and doesn’t allow me the anonymity I prefer, instagram is a piece of shit that won’t let me upload online so its pretty much worthless to me, Deviant art will steal your shit and only allows you to upload 1 image at a time, pixiv is very okay i guess though the tag limit ins’t that great and the fact its mostly in Japanese is a little bit of a problem, and idfk what pinterest is supposed to be but it looks a lot like plagiarism website to me

and the sharing and tagging system seems better too? I mean its sometimes it get funky and dysfunctional here, but the tags being separated from the post with no limit on tags make it look more aesthetic than the gross clutter that can be instagram, twitter, and pinterest, not to mention the unique option to use those tags to write commentary. I also find it easier to find content though the tags than a lot of other websites

so something I saw on twitter yesterday really bugged me. there’s people saying that the Power Rangers movie is getting way more credit than is due because of the way they handle Trini’s sexuality

ok LISTEN. It was never going to be the case of Trini yelling, “IM A LESBIAN!” or “IM BISEXUAL!” there’s no way they’d be so upfront about it. I thought the scene where she came out was nice, subtle, emotional, and I thought it was in-character how she’s still sarcastic at such a time. After all Trini is what, 15/16/17 in the movie? She’s discovering herself and doesn’t have to be 100% sure. there’s time for that

cuz get this. it’s the first movie. they’ve said there’s going to be 5-7 of them? People are acting like this is the end and we’ll never see her come to terms with this and that she’ll never label herself (though sticking to no labels is fine too of course)

The Power Rangers movie DOES deserve a round of applause for including an LGBT character, just because they didn’t go about it as directly as you would’ve liked doesn’t make it any less amazing. This is a small stepping stone you guys we’re going to see her character grow more confident throughout the franchise and it’s going to be beautiful


a new post this time since not everyone has seen the reblogged additions on the last one and i cannot resist sharing these hellacious memes


Reita: Let’s Radigaze!!
Aoi: it’s so quiet.
a sunny day like this makes me wanna do a recording, even if it’s just the radio. ☕️
Ruki: done with the RAJIGAZE recording
Ruki: whenever I listen to Tomorrow never dies after a long time, around that part when the solo ends and you get closer to the chorus, it suddenly gets really intense.
Ruki: I want people, who don’t really know our recent songs, to get this ‘sudden-burst-into-tears’ kinda feeling, too.

Aoi (added as a comment on his own post): my first repost and I screwed it up. I’m gonna ask everyone tomorrow….

voltron crew and twitter
  • Shiro: Rarely tweets. If ever he does, he keeps it really short. Always greets his friends on their birthdays. Always ends tweets with "- Shiro" Once tweeted about stupid politics, but quickly deleted it.
  • Keith: Rarely tweets but ALWAYS replies to mentions. Bitches about Twitter character limits. Posts doodles of space and stars, tagged Shiro in it once and beamed when he got a like and a retweet. He posted more after that.
  • Lance: Twitter Famous. Very noisy and likes to chat way too much. Gets into twitter wars and LOVES it. He mentions Hunk way too much, causing Hunk to use twitter more. Uses way too many hearts and kisses. Retweets a lot.
  • Hunk: Only ever replies to Lance tbh. Posts a lot of what he cooks and bakes. Gives baking advices to people who ask and is always happy to give away his secret recipe. Once had to teach someone maths over tweets.
  • Pidge: Emoji master. People hardly get what she's trying to say, except Keith. Keith always knows, even if they're just a series of emojis. Accidentally posted codes she was supposed to use for hacking. Got reprimanded by Shiro.

Kai: sold out, thank you!

Reita: thank you so much ! ! I also reeeaally look forward to it.
Reita: and fortunately we also decided on some additional shows. The Dainippon Itan Geishas* in your town…
Kai: as a token of our gratitude! 
Ruki: New pics. 

#thegazette #15thanniversary #0310 #dainipponitangeisha #reborn #redefinition

#thegazette #15thanniversary #heresy #dainipponitangeisha 

*Heresy geishas/performers of the Empire of Japan