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But the world has changed, the future is uncertain.
And in the opinion of this humble reposter,
before things get better,
              they’re going to get a lot worse.



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soooo idk if you take criticism, but i promise this comes from a good place. i've been reading a couple of your fics recently, and the only problem i've had with them has been the excessive use of parentheses. they're supposed to be used as a way to add afterthoughts in a way that doesn't seem intrusive or out of place, but after constant use they become quite grating. please don't be offended by this, i greatly enjoy your fics! your writing is wonderful!

Hi anon!! I don’t mind criticism, and I’m definitely not offended! Thank you for saying that you enjoy my fics! ^.^

I see what you mean about the parentheses, and I get this a lot – people are often very torn on them lolololol. I write in what I call an internal monologue style, and I use the parentheses in a few different ways (I won’t bore you with all the methodology behind them haha) to emphasize points / make thoughts feel jumbled.

I’ve definitely cut back on using them since I started writing for YOI – you’ll notice there’s a lot more in all the world’s a stage than there are in if i’m never your hero, and if I were to go back and re-edit my earlier fics I’d probably take some out. However, with the amount I’m using in my writing right now, I’ll keep them because it’s sort of just?? My style??

It may seem like I randomly throw them in there but there actually is a purpose behind every pair ;p Thank you again for saying that you like my writing and i’m sorry that you think the parentheses are excessive!

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ive been learning japanese for years but i dont really know that much cause im bad at studying every day but hearing u talk about languages really made me proud of all the stuff i have learned so far

dont sweat studying, languages arent like math, cuz theyre not rly facts that you learn theyre functions that u use. like u also prolly dont study english very much but u learn new stuff all the time cuz when u see a word u dont rly know like “prejorative” or “ephemeral” u jus google it and there it is, u kno that word.

u dont ahve to worry about hittin the books, just dingle around w japanese media sometimes, like social media (japanese twitter is a …fun source lmfao) and u dont even have to google EVERYTHING u dont know cuz thats lots of googling. just read and absorb and if u see a word recurring a lot, google it, and then youll remember it always 4ever

just consume content theres so much out there. japanese letsplay channels are really cute and fun too, chase showed me this minecraft youtuber who was just bonkers fuckin げんき 

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someone said something about an alpha boy band, but imagine and omega one, too. they're like low-key rivals and are always teasing each other and all the fans ship them and have practically pulled a superwholock by becoming one big fandom. and the bands fighting/teasing each other on twitter just for fun. the alpha group would sometimes get weirdly protective/jealous when seeing the omega's talking to other alphas at awards shows... ok i need to stop.

I honestly don’t know anything about the superwholock fandom because they are just too much for me and I don’t watch supernatural or doctor who any more. 

That’s cute though the thought of them teasing at one another. That would for sure gain a bigger fanbase for both bands. Lol. I can see people shipping their favorite pairs and stuff. I can see a lot of bad that comes with it unfortunately like hate tweets and stuff like that when the band members go off and find their true mates and stuff. 

Quick evening wind-down doodle of one of my favorite youtubers, Yungtown! Love listening to his music and videos while trying to work on stuff (art or otherwise) ahaha!

A doodle from my twitter! 



I’m a 17 year old, Disney and Broadway obsessed Hard of Hearing cancer patient who has another unhealthy obsession with makeup??

Looking for new friends and possibly something more?? Open to long distance 💜

I have anxiety and sometimes I suck at responding but I’m fun sometimes.

Kik: escapeinmusicc
Insta: hey_its_kenzy
Twitter: heyitskenzy

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Who is your fav DWSAster and why

well I love Michael he’s so brilliant and kind and obviously loves his actors so much
and Miles is so funny and he’s the best bf to sandy he loves her so much it’s so wonderful
treshelle is so so kind and talented her ASL covers are incredible
Katie has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve literally ever heard and has such a lovely calm energy about her
Amelia is so fierce and has cool hair 100% of the time
Daniel Durant has such beautiful eyes and is so chill and happy and I can’t wait to see what he does next
Daniel Stewart is the biggest most adorable goofball in the world and I hope he gets to play George in Sunday in the park one day
Lauren is a beautiful sun goddess and has such a unique voice I love listening to her sing
Lexie is basically a tree nymph and her voice is so pure and sweet
Bonyelbows is so talented and honest and every interview I’ve ever seen or heard him do helped me as a performer in some way
Ali is THE queen. the talented, positive, kind queen.
Krysta is such an inspiration and is just crushing it and has been since she first stepped on a stage
Sandy is going to take the world by storm and stay as beautiful and charming and strong as ever
Sean has musical talent leaking out of his ears and his periscopes never disappoint
Alex W is legitimately kind and sweet irl, I know his Twitter presence is off-putting for some, but whenever I’ve spoken to him he’s been nothing but gracious and friendly
Kathryn’s music speaks to me in a way that music hasn’t spoken to me in a long time. She’s also always super chill and fun
Andy, like Alex W, has questionable Twitter moments sometimes, but overall is actually very sweet and a calming presence
Josh is a light in this dark dark world and his passion and smile could power a small city
Austin is legitimately one of the most talented and charismatic performers I have ever seen in my life
oh sorry, did you want me to pick one?

it’s so weird that new harry potter content is coming out??

and i don’t mean like, oh new backstory on pottermore or oh jo just decided to randomly confirm or deny a headcanon on twitter because as fun as that is sometimes it’s not as satisfying as the fact that we’re getting an actual new story like holy shit it’s been a DECADE since we followed the trio around and now there’s another new group of kids to learn about??

we’re gonna see what hogwarts is like 20 years later! we’re going to know how the wizarding world views the potters (and weasleys and grangers and longbottoms and lovegoods) as actual war heroes and post-war!! we’re going to see how the malfoys (and probs other wizards) are dealing after having to reevaluate their pureblood rhetoric!!! 

the wizarding world has changed and evolved and we’re going to learn about it and it’s so neat??!?!?!!

Sam Owes You Nothing

Oh sweet baby Jesus, the troll shippers are at it again. Look, I cannot stand Shitner, but Sam has the right to be friends with whomever he wants. He doesn’t owe you an explanation, he doesn’t owe you an apology, he doesn’t owe you a single thing because he doesn’t know you! He is not about to let a bunch of strangers dictate who he’s friends with. Turn it around, if it was you, would you let a bunch of strangers tell you who you could or couldn’t be friends with? No, you’d tell them to f**k off and stay out of your business. Sam can’t say that so instead he says nothing. Trust me, that boy would bitch you all out if he could. You have the right to be disappointed in him. You have the right to no longer be a fan of his (though who the hell are you kidding? Those who keep threatening to stop watching and supporting him never will because they ‘support’ him for their own selfish reasons, because if they left the fandom they would miss their little corner of internet fame. They love the following they have too much. It actually has nothing to do with Sam but building up their own egos) what you do NOT have the right to do is scold him for being friends with whomever he wants. Sam KNOWS the majority of fans can’t stand Shitner. He doesn’t care because he’s a grown ass man who doesn’t let a bunch of nagging ‘mother’s’ and psycho thunderous twats dictate who he can talk to. I utterly despise Shitner, but I don’t need Sam to know that, and Sam doesn’t need to know that so I’m gonna bitch about Shitner in my own corner and among my own friends. I’m not gonna tag Sam in any of it. It’s none of his business what I think, just like it’s none of my business who he’s friends with. And please shut up with the Shitner keeps abusing shippers garbage. It’s getting really old. Sam and Shitner were having a conversation on twitter that had NOTHING to do with Outlander nor shipping and it was SHIPPERS who started the garbage again telling Sam how disappointed they were that he was talking with Shitner. The f**k????? Who invited you into their conversation? Yes, twitter is public and sometimes it’s fun to join in when Sam is bantering with a costar or even with Shitner if you want but it is NOT okay to butt your stupid ass into a conversation between two adults and tell them they can’t play with each other like this is some f**king preschool sandbox. Who the hell do you think you are? You remind me of the idiot customers who keep threatening to never shop at the evil day job again because they didn’t get their way. Guess what? We don’t WANT you to come back. Threatening to leave the fandom? Put your money where your ignorant mouth is and LEAVE! Trust me, Sam will be just fine with the millions of fans that are left. F**king troll shippers! As a proud shipper, I’m disgusted by your utter stupidity.