twitter is better than facebook


I’m really proud of how this turn out to be ^^ the first picture are for facebook and twitter banner, much better than old one. Same goes for youtube banner on bottom. Also there is reason why there’s so much gap in second picture is because you need to make this size so it will fit into youtube banner as it was already fitted nicely ^w^ SO HAPPY! it’s about time I needed to put new banner for facebook/youtube/twitter, haha!

anonymous asked:

YOU ANSWERED!! I feel like since I can reach you on here better than Instagram/Twitter/Facebook you need to call Miley. Go through your manager! And have lunch like you did in April of 2009. Have a lunch date reunion. You can make it through this. BEFORE THE STORM but what about AFTER THE STORM! It's stopped raining in California and she wants to LOOK YOU IN THE EYES. Niley will always live on!!

I can’t tell if you’re joking but can you please stop sending these messages I’m not the Jonas brothers and these are just awkward