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Every single influence Twitter has had on politics is bad. I’m not saying this in an “oh kids with their smartphones are ruining culture” way, all the other social media sites like Reddit and Tumblr and Facebook are okay, but Twitter in specific is fucking evil, possibly because of its tiny nuance-destroying character limit.

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i’m not sure if i’m back from hiatus or not? but if i am, this is part of a series called {Needs More}. the point being that it’s just a bunch of stuff i think fics need more of.

this needs more is nsfw so it will be under the cut :)

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What no one seems to talk about is how all these Youtubes and “social media influencers” harm followers. They want sympathy explaining that “they had to cover (this) up for their followers” but WHY?! Their platforms are supposed to be about honest portrayal of life. Creating COMPLETELY curated and filtered lives online and gaining fame off of your ability to do so is WRONG AND HARMFUL to followers who are now growing up comparing themselves to these fake lives?


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anonymous asked:

Do you think that outside of the social media aspects, that Gotham queerbaits? I guess what I'm asking is, 10 years from now, when someone watches Gotham, and doesn't have the Gotham twitter active and posting and never experienced it at the time it was happening, isn't involved in a community that exists like it does now, do you think that they'll see the show as queerbating? Is the show standalone a case of queerbaiting or is it influenced by the social media actions going on in this regard?

Um, both? 

Like, yeah tbh A LOT of what made Gotham as extreme as what it was was the twitter influence. I mean it was June/July 2016 when they started retweeting tons of fluffy Nygmobblepot art and around the same time when they started answering fans questions, when they announced that Nygmobblepot was their ‘favourite ship’ and when they joked they had to delete the “gay scenes” in season 2 between Ed and Os.

 BUT ALSO… I mean looking back this was very taunting. It was clear they were making fun of shippers/lgbt fans from the start. Prior to that they answered questions about Ed’s apartment only having one bed, suggesting that him and Os were sleeping together. 

After they pretty much made the whole twitter a Nygmobblepot shine and people started asking if they were going to canonise the ship because why not, everyone loves / supports it, representation, and they had said themselves it was “their favourite.”

 They retweeted one piece of art in particular that was Ed and Os kissing and the fans started asking if they were going to be canon in season 3 and if they would have a kiss scene

This evolved into ppl asking how much money they would have to pay the Gotham Writers to make Nygmobblepot canon / have them kiss for real. People seriously brought up the idea of making a kick starter for the writers and asking how much they would need, while the writers fucked with them back and forth and then eventually they got to a point where they answered someones tweet that was basically saying that they would pay the writers their house, their first born and their soul or something impossible along those lines for canon Nygmobblepot and the writers responded with something like “This is more like it.” 

I made a post about this when it happened because I thought it was really disgusting and super cruel / unprofessional to fuck with gay fans like this and I thought it was very queer baity and malicious. Certain fangirls of course attacked my post though because how dare I. 

So like, this was a massive part of the hysteria that got fans pumped and fooled us into believe it was really gonna become canon. As I said though I wasn’t fooled, I was very displeased and I spoke out about it at the time. 

However. the first 7 episodes of the show itself was more of a potent queer bait then the writers being bastards over twitter & FB ever could be. It was put to us as something entirely REAL within the show, not just tweets on twitter. Anything For You really made me believe, despite everything, that they were actually going to do it and I was overjoyed. You cant really watch the first 7 eps and not think that Ed and Os are in love and Anything For You isn’t the start of their relationship as boyfriends. You gotta be real stubborn and homophobic to get through it and not think it was something romantic and even then, episode 7 opens with Oswald confirming this, that hes in love with Ed and all the tender and romantic vibes were real. 

The writers literally were fully aware of this and of what they were doing. Like? Can you imagine going to these lengths to make fun of shippers and LGBT fans? Its really terrible. 

So yeah, I can say even without the twitter & the FB stuff Nygmobblepot is the most god tier queer bait there ever has been and probably ever will be and more so it was pure evil & a true testament to how much media hates gay men and how flippantly they treat our relationships, which also simultaneously emphasised that babitha existed entirely for the male gaze and Id actually feel fucking terrible for any gay fan watching Gotham closed off from all the controversy because they get to experience the real bait in its full intentional glory without any of the precursors of the twitter & FB that suggested that they writers are assholes and were fucking with us the whole time. 

Cos how do you watch that and understand it? A gay relationship is actually forming for real and then its just crushed completely in favour of a hetero one that comes out of no where with almost no explanation and the gay characters is trampled on pretty much non stop from that point. Bad feels all over & you either feel hurt and betrayed or more dangerously for all lgbt youth & other more impressionable fans, you internalise that and accidentally take on heterosexist / homophobic feelings about yourself and your own relationships. ( or if youre not lgbt, gay relationships in general )   Its very sad. 

I mean I’m still hoping the season will wrap up with an explanation for isabella AT THE VERY LEAST but I really dont think so. :/ 

While it is mostly Tumblr that generates this language, let’s remember that there are only virtual borders on the Internet. Users of one social media platform are likely to be users of several and they take the language with them across Internet borders. So language generated on Tumblr is is now becoming Facebook and Twitter language and influencing language everywhere from Buzzfeed to Autostraddle.

Your Ability to Can Even: A Defense of Internet Linguistics | The Toast

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