twitter friendly version

Calling all Illustrators!

I haven’t changed my Twitter background since I made my Twitter account, and I think it’s time for an upgrade! 

I’m borderline obsessed with Arthurian legend, and I really love Disney’s “Sword in the Stone”. 

I’m hoping to commission an artist for an illustration of the SitS for my Twitter background, and I would love to see if there is anyone here on Tumblr that would like to take up the challenge!

I’ve had my fair share of freebies, and I love you so much for it, but I recently learned that unless we determine our own worth - others will inaccurately determine it for us (something I have since started implementing in my life) - so I am paying because I value your time, effort and talent. Please don’t make me one for free or I will feel awful. I really mean that.

Please send me a message here on Tumblr and link me to any illustrative work you’ve done before. Plain and simple: I really just want to replicate the existing artwork, and make a Twitter friendly version of the Disney Sword in the Stone universe and characters. 

Thank you so much! I’m super excited about this!