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anonymous asked:

Why is Mads in Iceland?

 There are a few theories…

1. Black Mirror. Was filming for the weekend around Reykjavik from Friday the 24th Feb when Mads was there the first time. Filming took a break, Mads went back to Denmark. Black Mirror is now filming again at lakes around Reykjanes 10th + 16th-18th. Mads is back again. No actors or plot have have been announced as of yet. There are reports of an upcoming episode titled “Crocodile,” a crime thriller, but that could be for a different episode.

2. Some kind of short movie involving De Laurentiis Co. Martha De Laurentiis has been teasing a secret movie/”reunion” on her Twitter. Joe Penna (youtube musician and director) appears to be directing it and is in Iceland scouting and filming it for 10 weeks. He joked on his instagram that it’s “Hannibal on Ice” but the message he replied to about it is gone so idk what the question was. He recently followed the DDLC crew/Mads on Twitter.

3. Both? Maybe Mads was already signed on to Black Mirror and agreed to be involved with DDLC project because he happened to be in Iceland at the time.

4. Neither, something else.

5. Some have suggested American Gods but I don’t think so, nothing to suggest it.

6. Game of Thrones was filming there, but too early to line up. Rule that out too.

 I had gone off the idea of Black Mirror when I found out about the DDLC thing… but the timing of visits and filming is bringing me back around to the idea. Tiny coincidence towards BM is Kojima also binge watched it late last year, which could mean Mads told him he was gonna be in it next.