twitter flirtation

anonymous asked:

How would you approach someone you like? I'm so bad at approaching people because I am so awkward and fear or rejection.

So, my approach to men I like really depends. It’s extremely flattering to be approached by someone, and be asked out. This rarely happens out of the blue. I like to become friends. Bond over some mutual connections.

Recently, I’ve been doing this weird text/instagram/twitter flirtation. Because sometimes, it’s easier to take a breath and be casual and intriguing… and honestly I can’t remember the last time I really liked a guy in my town. 

If I In my head, when I spend time with a guy I like, all I can think about is his mouth, and how interesting he is. I think about what dinner I can make him. I think about what sort of stuff we can do on a date I plan. I think about his hands. I think about if he can get grimy, you know climb through barns to search out antiques. Can he tear out cabinets, plumbing and paint pipes, then later meet my mom and dad for dinner. 

I think about if I can be goofy with him. How kind he is, how he’s upfront. I think about if he can be silly with me, ya know, Luke & Lorelai banter with underlying sexual tension.

I don’t know. Dating is… it’s so odd. Because I feel like I want to play this game of give and take, and we both know the rules, and how to break them. But most times, it’s like I’m playing Gin Rummy and he’s playing Go Fish.

Anyway, yes I’d approach a guy I liked. I’d buy him a beer, cocktail, if we’re in a bar. I’d brush my hand across his arm, lightly, ask him about his life, job, life. Make direct eye contact. And most importantly, I’m reading him. If he’s not interested, it’s usually easy to tell, and I walk away. I chalk it up to experience. Rejection is life. Awkwardness leads to great stories. Fear fuels courage. I “leave it on the field”.

Go out there and live life.