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2 different times, same 3 people involved, same 2 people interacting normally, same person reacting, same tongue thing while looking at the action that could’ve triggered the phenomenon. 😄😄😄

For the first one, my eyes could be playing tricks on me, but it just looks like it to me (with the bit of movement of JK’s eyelid?) that JK really did look at the JM’s and TH’s hand holding while doing the tongue thing.

As for the 2nd one, I think it speaks for itself.

These are just 2 of the moments kookmin9795 (K-shipper on twitter) compiled in a thread. ^^,

11/08/07-08 Mino Twitter Compilation

[MINO] Get better fast

[MINO] Aigoo, why would I give birth to a baby (TN: Mino made a typo and misspelled ‘get better’ as 'give birth’)

[JAEHYO to MINO] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋㄱㄱ

[MINO] Met friends that I couldn’t even see in school at the hair salon ㅋㅋㅋ cool

[MINO] Pyo Ji isn’t my only friend ㅋㅋㅋ I’m not bragging but the friend I saw was a model! ㅋㅋㅋ A female model ㅋㅋㅋ


(Park Kyung, Park Jibin, and FT Island Minhwan and Seunghyun tweet translation)

[FT ISLAND MINHWAN to PARK JIBIN] ㅋㅋㅋCome come hurry I’m feeling so empty to death

[JIBIN to MINHWAN] ㅋㅋReally+_+? Me? Like that? ㅋㅋㅋ

[MINHWAN to JIBIN] No don’t come ㅋㅋ

[KYUNG to MINHWAN and JIBIN] Hey are you two dating!!

[MINHWAN to KYUNG] Why, are you jealous? ㅎㅎ You come to the dorm too

[KYUNG to MINHWAN] I can’t go to the dorm yet… it’s embarrassing><

[MINHWAN to KYUNG] What ㅋㅋ Come play if you’re bored, you’re welcome anytimeㅎㅎ

[FT ISLAND SEUNGHYUN to KYUNG] Kyung, my bed has two pillows.. Just saying^^

[KYUNG to SEUNGHYUN] Say your address^^

[SEUNGHYUN to KYUNG] It’s located at around 295725.3453! Come and give me a call

[KYUNG to SEUNGHYUN] Ang, what was your caller ring again, was it A Friend’s Confession??

[MINHWAN to KYUNG and SEUNGHYUN] Hey we lost a friendㅋㅋ

[SEUNGHYUN to KYUNG] Did our Zico say that he’s going to write songs then went off to play somewhere?

[KYUNG to SEUNGHYUN] Why is he your Zico? He’s my Zico

[SEUNGHYUN to KYUNG] You’re mine so what does that matter, let’s stop meeting

[KYUNG to SEUNGHYUN] We were meeting? I think you’ve misunderstood on your own^^

[MINHWAN to KYUNG and SEUNGHYUN] Stop it you two, you’re all mine don’t mess around

[SEUNGHYUN to KYUNG] Here, look at this video, after you were in a car accident 2 years ago, every day when you wake up from sleeping, you forget what happened after that. Even after watching this video, can you still not believe it, our love… hu hu ugh

[JIBIN to KYUNG] Hyung, Seunghyun hyung isn’t too good nowadays… please understand, hyung ! ^_^

Brigitte on Twitter

Compilation of all her answers about CS, Emma and Killian

@InkTankGirl what do you enjoy most about working with @jenmorrisonlive ?#BellLetsTalk

@jenmorrisonlive She has an extremely authentic way of saying lines. Always feels real. #bellletstalk (x)

@InkTankGirl What’s your favorite #EmmaSwan quote? #BellLetsTalk

Can’t find the quote right now, but the punch back line. Do you remember that one? #bellletstalk (x)

@InkTankGirl I’m going to choose to see the best in the EPs and writers– CS happiness will come. Have to have hope, right? 

Snow White would agree. #bellletstalk (x)

How excited are you for #Oncers to see 6b? #BellLetsTalk

Super! We’ve worked so hard and no one’s seen any of it! #bellletstalk (x)

What do you think is that characterise Emma Swan as a person? What personal characteristic? #BellLetsTalk

Strength. Integrity. A willingness to fight even when she doesn’t think she’ll win. #bellletstalk (x)

favorite captain swan moment? It might be from the ones we already know or from the upcoming ones.. #BellLetsTalk

Everything in “Broken Heart”. Love that episode. #bellletstalk (x)

Birth was great, too. I think of those two episodes as a pair. #bellletstalk (x)

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a compilation of twitter [link!!] doodles that i just now remembered to post lmao

fun fact: i did the traditional doodles at my office during my free time,,,,

[3 of my co-workers now have Yuri!!! on Ice to their to-watch list, except for one, who is already close to finishing the entire series ha hahaha,,,]

nsfw shit under the cut!!!!!!!11 [I TRIED,,,,,,,,,, pls have mercy]

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11/08/14-15 Jaehyo abuse Twitter Compilation

[JAEHYO] I asked Park Kyung what kind of pizza he wanted and he said any kind so I said I’d be bringing home potato. He said back, “Besides potato.” So I told him to choose what he wanted to eat and suggested Supreme, and he said, “Besides that.” I’m heading home right now to rip his mouth open…

[JAEHYO] But Park Kyung does have that nickname ‘Strong Park Kyung’ so I’m bringing home bacon cheese topping just in case. I’m worried that it’ll turn into a corn pizza because I get knocked out by Park Kyung. (TN: There’s a running joke amongst kfans that Park Kyung is stronger than he looks because of his pre-debut lyrics. In Korea, the phrase, “Get the living day lights knocked out of you”, is usually expressed as, “Losing all of your corn kernels.”)

[HANHAE to JAEHYO] You son of a, you never call me lately. Go die, die, die, die, die.!/bontheblock