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I Can’t Believe You People

no one would be hating on apple tree yard if they’d got their ship. it would be getting normal viewership if it wasn’t for sherlock. now the creators of aty are getting harrassed and insulted on twitter, they didn’t ask for this. shame on you tumblr. you are all spoilt children. leave aty the fuck alone and grow up. it may be shit, but you are all ridiculous. i’m ashamed of this fandom. completely unrealistic.

a few cross questions for yall

yo pals, since i randomly ask cross questions on Twitter, i thought i’d throw a few that i’ve asked here incase anyone wants them :)

note: none of them are connected so there’s no theme to them, oops lol

  • Do you consider your cross to be “Cross” in the story ingame, or do you consider them to be a completely separate character? (Or perhaps partial?)
  • Does your cross collect and/or trade Wildlife cards? (The in-game trading card game)
  • What does your cross carry around NLA with them while they’re not on duty?
  • Has your cross enabled hair and/or nail growth for their mimeosome?
Theory - Joe Sugg/Maynard Brothers Imagine

A/N- I’m so so glad your requests are open again, I looove your writing! just wondering if you could write an imagine where you’re jack and conor’s sister, and you’re in a secret relationship with joe. they don’t suspect anything until one day the fans create their own theory about you and joe being in a relationship, and jack and conor see it when it’s trending on twitter and ask you about it

“Jack?” Conor called out from the front room causing him to emerge.


“Come here” He groaned as he was in the middle of something but didn’t complain as he took a seat next to his brother. 

“I’ve been scrolling on twitter, i’ve been having a read and came across this” Conor turned the laptop for Jack to look and confusion filled his face.

“What’s this?” He questioned still confused with what Conor was trying to show. 

“The fans have come up with this theory about Y/N and Joe” 

“Our Y/N?” 

“Yes our little sister, they believe the two of them are in a relationship” 

“Don’t be stupid, they aren’t. This is just made up shit” 

“Bro watch this” Conor put on a video which was an edit of Joe and Y/N moments together. There were moments where it showed they were only friends but watching it more closely, you could see the chemistry. 

“How can the fans notice it but we can’t?” Jack questioned. It’s true because they all spend so much time together the chemistry between their sister and best friend isn’t as noticeable. As the fans see it from a different view hence why there are so many edits and videos with the same theory. “Surely she would have told us?” 

“I doubt it, I mean Joe’s one of our best friends. They probably think we’d be mad”

“I’m more mad at the fact they wouldn’t tell us. Instead we find out by fan theory” 

“Jack you have to remember it’s not confirmed yet, we could be looking way into this. If anything we need to witness this for ourselves” 

“Well Joe’s invited us all round Friday night im sure Y/N’s going so we can obverse then” 

Friday night soon rolled around and the Maynard brothers were on the look out. Every one was around Caspar, Mikey, Josh, Oli and Y/N. We were having a night in with food, drinks and films. We were all in the front room spaced out and it didn’t go a miss Y/N cuddled up to Joe’s side with his arm around her. 

Throughout the film Joe would glance down to look at Y/N and she would look back with a smile. At times Joe started to play with her hair twirling it around his finger or he started to run his finger(s) up and down her arm. When Y/N would get up and get a drink or go to the bathroom, Joe’s eyes would follow her with a faint smile appearing on his lips. Jack and Conor could finally see what the fans were seeing. Everyone knew that Joe and Y/N were the closest out of everyone but no one knew a relationship sprung out of it. 

The time clocked on to 2 in the morning and the boys were getting ready to go. Jack and Conor held back until everyone was gone. 

“Can we talk to you two?” Conor asked glancing around to double check everyone had left. 

“Erm sure?” Joe confusingly replied. Y/N was about to put her coat on before stopping half way and making her way to the sofa with her brothers taking a seat opposite the apparent couple. 

“Are you two a thing?” Jack asked wanting to get the conversation out the way. 

“What you mean a thing?” Y/N questioned back. 

“We never noticed anything before we looked into what the fans saw-”

“What are you on about?” Y/N continued to question. 

“They have this theory that you two are dating” Jack came out straight to the point. “We never noticed the chemistry until we watched this video online and we looked out for it tonight and pretty much saw what they saw” 

Joe and Y/N remained quiet knowing they had been caught. But on the inside they knew it was a relief not having to hide the relationship anymore. 

“So we’ll ask again… are you two dating?” Conor repeated. 

Joe sighed which caused Y/N to look at him. “Yes we are” 

“How long?”

“About 5 months” 

“Why didn’t you tell us?” 

“Because you would start becoming the over-protective brothers you are plus Joe’s one of your best mates” 

“Thats one of the reasons why you should of told us, we don’t care that your dating, well we do, but if you both like each other then there’s nothing we can do” 

“You guys can relax now” Conor chuckled after seeing them stiffen up after they found out they had been caught out. 

“Thank god, i thought i was going to be killed or something” Joe dry laughed placing his hand over his chest. 

“We will if you hurt Y/N” Jack threatened with a slight smirk. 

Joe turned to face his girlfriend kissing her temple. “I dont plan on it” Causing her to look down and blush as this was the first interaction being seen by her brothers. 

“Great now we need to get used to this soppy shit”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw you talking about it on your blog but is it confirmed we will get a character creation demo-sort-of-thing for Andromeda? And on which platforms? Cause I don't know if I should get even more excited! :) I've been already thinking about names for my Ryder (even made a list!) and it would be absolutely amazing to see how our characters could possibly look like in the game :)

It was talked about on Twitter, I asked @knight-enchanter about it, but idk if it’s confirmed. Hopefully we’ll know more soon! 

It really would be amazing, I hope the customization is as good as they said it would be, with more options than in DAI :)