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Dan just liked a gif of him and Phil that wasn't tagged- proof that he is the biggest Phan boy? Also, if you look at his likes on Twitter they are all literally either himself or Dan and Phil. (And in answering replies to his tweet today he replied to a question about Phil- he didn't have to but he is selling the "we" branding better than anyone. Sorry about all that- just wanted to fangirl a little

dan lurks all the time and it makes me uncomfortable. i need a timesheet of where and when he is lurking. is he only lurking on twitter? on tumblr ever? on facebook? on pinterest? we will never know and im always on edge

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How do we know CS is the biggest draw, though? I know that's easy for us to say since we ship them, but is it actually something we can quantify? The official accounts haven't exactly been promoting CS as much as normal this season.

How do we know? It’s really not that hard to see the writing on the wall. When entertainment journalists write about the show they use a promo pic of CS more often than not. the most liked pictures on the official accounts all have CS (or Jen or Colin) on them. There is CS merchandise out there. The OUAT official conventions are selling better for the Saturday panels than the Sunday panels. A&E have referred to it as a fan favorite. Canadagraphs has said that the traffic to his website is way higher when he posts CS news vs. any other character or pairing. The ship is in the Top 20 most reblogged ships on Tumblr.

As for the official accounts … I assume you mean the OUAT twitter and facebook accounts? Their promotion has been pretty on par with every other season. Last year one of our shipmates did a social media post comparison and the official accounts have always distributed their posts pretty evenly.

Can it be quantified? I’m sure the network has some data that shows some fancy numbers that we will never see. But I think you would have to be blind to ignore that CS is the biggest draw.

But you would also have to be blind to ignore that Regina is also a fan favorite. I admit that as a standalone character she is more popular than Emma (which is fine, not everyone can have great taste like me LOL) but because Hook is also insanely popular that makes Emma’s romance with him top the charts.

People who hate CS have tried to come up with all sorts of nonsense conspiracy theories to prove that the love for this ship is somehow being faked but their “data” was debunked with a simple click.

When I say that CS is the biggest draw it’a not me trying to brag about my OTP, it’s just me commenting on the writing that is clearly on the wall. Can the show go on without them? They could certainly try but I think they would see very quickly what the ratings impact would be in that scenario.

i finally found out what these fucking compressed abomination memes are called

alright you guys know those horrible filtered jpeg memes that are obnoxiously bright and grainy as shit til the point where it’s barely legible

you know what i mean shit like this:

today i finally found out what they are called. i had no clue what to even describe them as other than compressed and filtered but holy shit

the specific name for these are deep fried memes

i literally cannot think of a better way to describe them. theyre so fucking saturated and compressed they like like they’ve been are literally cripsy and fried. there are even the ones that look like they’re scraped off from the bottom of a fryer and are charred.

now that i know the name of these i want to know if theres anywhere i can find active sites that post fresh deep fried memes daily (like twitter, reddit, tumblr, facebook pages). please if you know of anywhere i can find more of this shit tell me

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Just wondering, why is it on the recent chapters/pages on the bscb website, it only shows three comments and the older chapters/pages it gave you the option to read all the comments? Would you guys bring that option back?

Veronica: We used to have a full-fledged comments section in the earlier days, and only relatively recently closed it down so we could encourage people to talk about the comic on twitter, tumblr, and facebook. The new “comments section” tracks what is being said on the web, and you can see different comments if you refresh. 

We’re not bringing that option back, sorry! It was too much to monitor what was being said and we kinda felt it would be better for people to talk about the comic on different social media accounts. We would hope that could spread and get people interested in the comic, rather than fans talking about the comic in an insulated comments section directly on the site. We don’t have the time to moderate anymore as well, so this gives people freedom to talk about the comic in their own space!

Memes and How They Could Die Differently
  • But her aim is getting better!: Gravity Falls airs an episode about Stan actually having an ex. Everyone on tumblr, facebook, twitter, 4chan and reddit makes this reference. The meme burns out in a blaze of glory, everyone immediately gets sick of it and we never speak of it again.
  • Stronger Than You lyrics: Steven Universe releases a soundtrack CD. There is a bonus track with Estelle performing an all-new single. The single absorbs Stronger Than You to defeat Freeza and take over western civilization.
  • Minions: When people stop outright proclaiming that they hate minions and go back to hating other things that are cool to hate.
  • Every single song, line and clip from Frozen: Oh wow, you thought this was already dead? HAHAHAHAA YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THE SEQUEL. WINTER IS COMING.
  • Thanks, Obama: Give it a year after Obama moves out of office. We'll be blaming the next president for our problems in no time.
  • Donald Trump bashing: Losing the election in 2016 will probably keep him in check, along with the rest of us. But on the off chance that he finds a genie bottle and wins, this meme becomes immortal. It would literally become history. Your great great grandchildren will be made fun of by other countries if we vote for Trump.
  • Illuminati confirmed: Never. Our quest for the truth is endless.

So the Internet has been completely swept up by the Essena O'Neill story and her reasons for quitting social media. And although I believe she has some extremely valid points, I just wanted to say a few things. I definitely agree with Essena that people are certainly taking social media too seriously and get too wrapped up in numbers. And I’ve been there. Over all my social media platforms (that being, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr etc.,) I have a few thousand “followers,” which may not be a lot to some people, but I definitely do not know that many people in real life. And I’m not claiming to be social media famous in any way because, let’s be honest, there’s probably nobody reading this right now. But the point I’m trying to make is, having a thousand followers on Twitter hasn’t made me any happier or made my life any better than it was when I had 50 followers. With that being said, however, I love social media. And I love following thousands of people from all around the world with unique experiences and stories to share. Social media has helped me become aware of so many things that I would have otherwise been ignorant to. Social media has helped educate me on other cultures and events around the world and even things happening in my own country. So please, don’t stop posting your experiences or sharing your stories. Make the most of the resources and technology that we do have, but don’t get caught up in all of it. Don’t search for validation from random strangers on the Internet (or from anyone, for that matter). And to the people who have been able to transform a simple app that millions of people have access to into a business for themselves…congratulations! Use your platform, share your voice! But don’t lose sight of what’s important. If you’re going to post things, post them for yourself or for the memories. Don’t post them for the likes/retweets/approval of others. This is also a reminder to myself…so the next time I second guess a filter or a caption or whether or not I can post two selfies in a row, I can remember that how other people perceive this photo isn’t what’s important. The number of likes or followers aren’t important. But it’s about being creative or sharing parts of your day with your friends and family (I’m making the assumption that your followers are automatically considered friends lol). So when you’re having these unique experiences, snap a pic, edit it, change the contrast, crop it, do whatever you want. But don’t let that hinder you from enjoying the moment. Don’t let getting the “perfect” shot stop you experiencing life. So let’s learn from Essena’s story. Maybe for you, it’s right to turn your phone off for an hour or two each day. Let’s remember that the numbers on a screen do not equate to having a “perfect” life.

over the past year or so, i’ve become quieter, not talking enough about the ongoing genocide of black people in our country, partially because of assuming that friends already knew, partially because of being worried about overstepping boundaries, but whatever the cause, the effect has been that i’ve been too silent aside from simply reblogging posts on tumblr, and i’ve only started to rectify this recently.

as white people we have to do better than this. while social media is important too, it’s not enough to just reblog and retweet the posts and hashtags and documentation of deaths on tumblr or facebook or twitter and then go on with our days. we cannot allow ourselves to be lulled into silence and effective indifference. we cannot allow ourselves to be desensitized to or repress our awareness of this violence. we have to think about this. we have to talk about this. we can’t work to change it by only acknowledging it in passing and only relaying the words of black people; we need to speak up ourselves, talk to our white friends and families about this (even if they already are aware of it/acknowledge it!), call out the racism we see, and be prepared to defend black people in any way we can.

Remember this my friends

No matter hard season 7 will be to watch our two heroes being tortured, no matter how pissed off we are against the writers or AMC, no matter how emotional it will be to see our characters climb back up from hitting absolute rock bottom…

when they’ve come to terms with their past as well as their actions… when they finally accept what has happened to them, what they’ve done, and who they are…

they will find each other again, they will be healed enough to help each other get through their versions of hell. They will keep each other up and use their combined strength to become even better people than what they thought was possible…

And my peeps, when they let their feelings take hold, and they finally show each other how much the other means to them, the amount of love radiating from Caryl will be so powerful it’ll knock twitter, tumblr, facebook, reddit… the entire fucking earth, off it’s axis!!

The unconditional love that will bleed onto the camera with Norm and Mel’s amazing chemistry will be so great, we will look back on these rough times and say to ourselves: that was still a pretty shitty thing to do to our characters, but damn it’d be a lie to say that this wasn’t worth it!!

You remember that guys! When things get frustrating like this, remember that an explosion of consummated love of EPIC proportions is coming our way!!

Caryl on loves!

Welcome to the Fannibal Fan Book Project! This is a project created by fannibals, for fannibals. We hope to create an A4 booklet filled with creativity and love from the Hannibal fandom! It will include artwork, graphics, fan fiction, vines/videos, favorite episodes/favorite moments, and personal messages from the fannibals themselves!

The book is fan-made and is intended to act as the voice of the Hannibal fandom. The moderators wanted to create something memorable and unique that will convey just how talented, dedicated and creative the Fannibals are. And what better way to showcase that than an entirely fan-produced booklet detailing the show!

Easily! Just spread the word about the book on social media (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook etc.) using this post (Tumblr) or this post (Twitter). You can also submit any art, fan fiction or videos that you like using our Submissions Page. Please follow the instructions closely there.

This is our becoming, and we aren’t done yet. This book might just be what it takes to #SaveHannibal!

Please visit our FAQ page to find out more, and happy submitting. I cannot urge how important it is that you signal boost this! We have gotten many volunteers who are ready to submit to help make this book happen, but we need more. Share this with your friends and help us out. Remember, we are Nakama, and we have a story to tell that goes beyond season 3! Let’s help make it happen!

As most anyone who knows me well can attest, few characters at Marvel have been as important to me as Daredevil. Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t be here if not for ol’ Horn Head. As each day gets uscloser to the debut of his very own series on Netflix, and regardless of how intimately involved I’ve been with the project, with each trailer and marketing tease released, I’m no different than every other Marvel True Believer… April 10th can’t get here fast enough.

In fact today marks 30 Days To Marvel’s Daredevil and I thought what better way to help the time go by than to go through my old archives and post some little seen Daredevil pencil art from days gone by. So if you’re like me and your itching for April 10th to get here to see Matt Murdock kick some butt in Hell’s Kitchen, check in on my Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr accounts every day over the next 30 days for a little DD Marvel Comics love, some insights and maybe a surprise or two.

Today’s image:  Pages 8 and 9 from Daredevil #1, Vol. 2, November of 1998, Guardian Devil: Part 1, written by my beloved “Fatman” Kevin Smith. This was the first time Matt appears in costume in the series and only the second time I ever drew the character (stage fright anyone?). In this one shot I was hoping to let Marvel readers know that they were in for a fun ride and that I was going to do my best not to screw the pooch. I was also hoping to capture in one moment everything that I loved about the character from his ballet like gymnastics, to his faith, to what I think is one of the most perfect costume in comics.


I just discovered a bunch of old art in a drawer and thought I put them up for cheaps! Some of the art is super old, but the poor things need a better home than in the waste basket.


I just put up a bunch of watercolors + one Acrylic Sad Raoul into my shop. All up for cheaps! 

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To everyone who reads my poetry,

I’m writing this post to inform you all that from this point forward I will be writing under my full name Aaron John Marek instead of Doc Marek. After a lot of consideration I have decided to sort of “turn a new leaf” and retire the nickname that was given to me which I chose to use as a pen name. I feel that using my own name has a better fit with my writing than Doc does because all of my poems are tiny pieces of myself. I got the nickname “Doc” during a semester of college in Indiana and I no longer feel like it really fits with who I am now.

So what does all of this mean? Not much except for the fact that I will be changing my URL for tumblr, the URL to my website, the names for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, blah blah blah, etc. etc.

This page is still going to have all original poetry by yours truly. That’s not going to change.

Thank you for understanding.