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Right so heres this week’s unpopular opinion of mine, and as always feel free to debate in the comments i love opinions (but please construct actual coherent sentences not just insults ya feel)


- okay, i can understand that the phandom loves dan and phil, we are the PHANdom after all, but im sure the boys are already aware that they are significant in our lives, so tweets like these arent really necessary. Not to mention theyre terribly unoriginal. Sure the tweet itself is authentic but the captions beneath are always so similar depending on which user is fishing for likes/ attention.

- this particular example has a tweet from 2009. 2 0 0 9. Dan was very different from then to what he is now, people grow and people change and this tweet especially doesnt seem like a very funny and ironic kind of dan tweet which we see a lot of today. In fact, this tweet doesnt seem like something you’d want to resurface and float around, not to mention past struggles are never really something you want to see anymore. Its like you’ve overcome something thats held you down only for your friends and fam to start yelling “HEY REMEMBER WHEN YOU HAD THAT PROBLEM THAT MADE YOU SO INSECURE?? EVEN THO IT HAPPENED YEARS AGO WE ARE BRINGING IT UP NOW AND REMINDING E V E R Y O N E SO WE CAN ALL FEEL SORRY FOR YOU AGAIN AND GIVE YOU UNWANTED ATTENTION ABOUT AN ISSUE YOUVE PROBABLY TRIED TO SUPRESS. ILY.”

- youre probably thinking “well, dan did post this to a public platform” which is absolutely right. But we are not in 2009, he had a much smaller fan base and social media was still a mystical new thing that was barely mainstream enough for this to get an exempt amount of attention.

- the phan’s hearts are in the right place, im not attacking users who do this, it is quite a kind thought, but bringing up troubled pasts are never something that youd want to go viral again.

Okie dokie thanks for tuning in, as my philosophy teacher always said: attack the argument, not the argue-r

It’s officially Dallon Appreciation Week!!

Hello everyone! Starting today, June 18th to June 24th, we’ll be showing the world our love and appreciation for one Dallon James Weekes!

For this @bandsandshitofmylife and us two (Hannah @dallonsmiles and me @dallnweeks) have come up with some sort of theme for each day of the week. On these days make sure to post all kinds of stuff relevant to the theme - art, music, edits, just simple text posts, photosets… Be creative!

They day’s themes are as follows:

SUNDAY: Post your favorite pictures of Dallon with his family.
MONDAY: Show your love for Dallon’s vines and his incredible snapchat posts!
TUESDAY: This day is all about The Brobecks and his solo music! (make sure to use #buyviolentthingsonitunes on twitter as well).
WEDNESDAY: Dallon’s been on twitter since 2009, retweet/quote your favorite tweets!
THURSDAY: Young Dallon Day!
FRIDAY: You know about IDKHBTFM, right? Well now you don’t anymore ;) Who are these two guys? One really looks like Dallon, doesn’t he? We have no idea what’s going on. (basically it’s “pretend you’ve never heard of idk day” but make sure to tag him in your “confused” tweets ;P ) 
SATURDAY: Dallon in every way possible! Tweet about him, his music, his work, his art, whatever you can think of! Post even more of your art, buy his music if you haven’t yet, post covers of his songs! Just appreciate Dallon <3

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #dallonappreciation on twitter (let’s get it trending!!) and to tag all your posts here with it as well! 

Let’s all show Dallon what he means to us and how much we appreciate him and his work!

anonymous asked:

where is "bye lovers" from? it's such a lovely phrase and idk i just wanna know why you use it often and where it came from 🌹

“totally not tired. guna watch a philm in bed. BYE LOVERS”

- phil lester (twitter; 2009)