• Aoi:I’m restless...
  • I’m restless...
  • this restless feeling has got me feeling so restless that I’m gonna turn into Kaiji*.
  • good morning 🌞
  • Reita:we are always kinda Halloween but we’ll be waiting for you guys in costumes and makeup specially selected for that day!
  • *Kaiji is a manga character. I think, Aoi’s referring to him constantly saying "zawa zawa" which is hinting at an uneasy athmosphere. Aoi wrote "sowa sowa" instead but I think, he means the restlessness is giving him an uneasy feeling as well.

Trump supporters have been tweeting that we should repeal the 19th Amendment that gives women the right to vote

After seeing a credible electoral map that shows Donald Trump massively losing among women, Trump supporters have been arguing that the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote should be taken away. The really scary part? A bunch of those anti-women tweeters are women.



joining a twitter conversation you weren’t originally a part of