161204 Suga’s Tweet

바나나진이진 #진생일ㅊㅋ #슈가에요 #분명12시에올렸는데왜안올라갔지 #늦었다 #생일츄카츄카 #바나나진이진 #꺄르륵 https://t.co/sEiyHxmkTK

It is Banana Jin #HappyBdayJin #It’sSuga #ISwearIUploadedThisAt12WhyDidn’tItGoUp #It’sLate #HappyHappyBday #ItIsBananaJin #Giggles

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161203 Taehyung’s Tweet

이세상 가장소중한사람 아미야 늘곁에있어줘서 정말고맙고 항상 많은응원과 사랑으로 우리들을 지켜주고 보라색으로 꽉차게 만들어주어서 정말고맙고 이런 큰상받게해줘서 고맙고 받고도 우리 진심으로 축하해줘서고맙고 방탄사랑해 라는말도 너무고맙고 사랑합니다!!💜💜💜

To the most precious people in this world, ARMYs. Thank you for always being by our side and for always protecting us with your many cheers and love and thank you for making (us) full of purple. Thank you for allowing us to receive this kind of big award. Even though (ARMYs) received this (award) as well, thank you for sincerely congratulating us and thank you so much for saying “I love Bangtan.” I love you!!💜💜💜
[T/N: During the second day of Muster, Taehyung said in his ending ment (after seeing the purple ARMY bomb ocean project) that purple means to trust and love each other for a long time. He made that meaning up himself ^^]

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161204 Jungkook’s Tweet

내일 진 형이 더 멋져 보이라구
이 사진을 여러분 께 바칩니다.
#노츄컴뜨루아개춰뽈링마크루아컴뜨루아컴뜨루 pic.twitter.com/5hLjRrlJMk

In order for Jin-hyung to look cooler tomorrow, 
I present this photo to everyone.

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These are all the best reactions to that eerily Twin-Peaks-esque photo of Mitt Romney dining with Donald Trump on Tuesday

One potential snag? The pair has some ugly history. A photo snapped by press covering the encounter appeared to make that painfully obvious. But hey, these two are trying! (Sort of?) The New York Times even called it an “awkward courtship," which is sort of putting it mildly.



Props to Trevor Noah though for putting up with a mountain of cognitive dissonance. 

“[Blaming both sides] is a remarkable phenomenon in which the victim and his tormentor become transfixed on the same scale of moral culpability. Through this process, the former becomes stigmatized; the latter absolved. […] Throughout history, [blaming both sides] has long served oppressors and their defenders as politically correct pretense to deflect responsibility and blame. For far too many others, it is simply a convenient crutch to cop out of confrontation and remain apathetic. On the choice between supporting the oppressed or excusing and enabling their oppressors, I choose the former.”

–  Atif Choudhury | The ‘Blame Both Sides’ Syndrome and Other Hard Truths of the Palestinian Tragedy