Wow, we have all heard the old idiom “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” before, but imagine my surprise when I saw this alert in my email this afternoon.

I don’t think the people behind the Grumpy Cat twitter account knew what they were doing when they favorited my tweet.  See my tumblr account is directly connected to my twitter account and yesterday I had  reblogged a picture from the Grumpy Cat blog that was yet again hawking the DvD version of their horrible Christmas special.  I found the constant over promotion of that stinkfest so annoying I commented on it.

As I described the movie:

“Special thanks go out to Grumpy Cat for making the Star Wars Holiday Special look like a cinematic masterpiece. And to think CBS only preempted Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk, to air that one.”

Sometimes bad publicity is indeed just bad publicity. Even Mr. Underfoot saw the email and questioned what these twitiots were thinking, which is saying something considering he fell asleep in my lap halfway through the Grumpy Cat Christmas special.  I love Grumpy Cat, but someone needs to do a Babe style intervention for her  handlers.

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