You go through meme’s “[meem]’s” faster than I have intercourse. I’m just gonna do some name drops here and thank the universe for being a shit hole! :)

So hi fuckers!
Tumblr Crushes:

I want to get a special whisper to twitdeedum because he was my ADHD-whisperer for the day! Thanks man! 
Oh and Leesa, send me some love please! :)

 twitdeedum replied to your post: Truthful Tuesday

Totally normal. Not CAAARRRAAZZEEEEE at all. :P

I’m not in denial about this being batshit crazy. I know it’s crazy. That doesn’t mean you can read my paper. Especially not a newspaper. My OCD levels concerning newspapers rate off the fucking charts. If you mess with the order I may cry.

Crazy people lash out and kill, you know. DON’T TOUCH THE NEWSPAPER!!!

 twitdeedum replied to your post:  twitdeedum replied to your post: Truthful…

I don’t believe in print. Anything I read or write is completely electronic. Smarten the fuck up Pax, you got a world full of trees to save! :P

Pffffffft. Now you REALLY can’t touch my print media. And you can say you don’t want to all you like, five year old. 

On the plus side, opposites attract so you should love me despite my archaic reading matter.