let’s consider the potential AUs for the upcoming rinharu mook

1. Splash Free! Desert AU - aka haruka’s a traveler who’s in need of water and meets his old friend rin the king who’s hoarding water, waiting for him to acquiesce to whatever crazy request he has (probably wants him to rule the kingdom with him, that’s not gay at all haha)

2. Splash Free! Celebrity AU - aka harurin are top idols who are also rivals and then meet in a nightclub to have a frickin dance-off because they’re also NERDS. 

3. Canon spinoff Celebrity AU - which is actually not even an AU because they’re just going to go on and become famous anyway and it turns out haruka’s dreaming about it because he’s never really dreamt of the future being so bright before.

4. Dark Hero Iwatobi-chan AU - haruka is an (artificial?) alien who is changed for the better by all of his friends, aka continuation of that incredible drama CD track where they nearly try to do stuff to makoto before sousuke and rin save the day.

5. Future Fish AU - which is a continuation of the earlier mook, except haruka makes up with the police officer who wanted to…ahem, eat him. with cake. who knows.

and if nothing else works,

splash free merharu celeb AU

— Free!: The Mookening (@ruffbun)

July 13, 2015

here we go again

In this reality, #hajime is called Mega Mindy.

In this reality, GundamTanaka is called Jason Bourne.

In this reality, #naegi is called Wonder Woman.

In this reality, #nanami is called Lady Stoneheart.

In this reality, #kirigiri is called Orange-Butt.

In this reality, #yoloswag is called Scott Tenorman.

In this reality, #komaeda is called Lois Lane.