twitchy squirrel

Matching author names with Tumblr names

I like to rec fics. I do. I read tons and tons of Glee fanfiction (mostly Klaine), and I can’t help but gush over them, because as a fandom, we are SO spoiled. Glee fanfic writers are so talented, and we’re blessed to have them share their stories with us.

But often, I have trouble tagging an author on Tumblr because their Tumblr name differs from their author name on AO3 or Lifejournal or or Scarves & Coffee.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as smushing the name together (Twitchy Squirrel = @twitchysquirrel) or adding a number (Flowerfan = @flowerfan2).

In some cases, though, the names aren’t a bit alike, so you just have to KNOW.

That’s why I’ve compiled the following list of author names and corresponding Tumblr handles. Use it as a reference when reccing a fic, and PLEASE help me out and add to the list if you know of others. Thanks very much in advance!

aeria = @doonarose

ASuperGleek = @thecrissettes

AzzleDazzle = @azraeldoesnotdispute

Babyboomboom0029 = @allyouneedisloveandcrisscolfer

blackrose1002 = @dont-stop-believin-in-klaine

blowthecandlesout = @andercas

BunniesAndBooks = @lillemlan

ca_te = @bluecloudsupabove

chrisanddarrenstuff = @belleofthesouth

cinnamont = @cinnamon-t

CoffeeAddict80 = @caramelcoffeeaddict

elfinder = @klaineitupanotch

Ellienerd14 = @bazwillendinflames

fhartz91 = @lady-divine-writes

fyrmaiden = @vampireisabitstrong

glassparade = @glitterdammerung

gleeeeeful = @gleeeeeful-blog

GSJwrites = @girliesportsjunkie

iknowitainteasy = @heartwolf

KillerQueen80 = @black-john-lennon

klaineaddict = @iconicklaine

KlaineHugs = @officialklainehugs

knightlycat = @unchainmylove

LaniLaniDuck = @it-avi

LauGS = @heartsmadeofbooks

lavender_love00 = @gingerandfair

lostinfictionalworlds = @fictionallylost

luckie_dee = @luckiedee

makeitmine = @andersonwalsh

morethanwords = @somethingfishyfan

nightbirdrises = @princehummel

notarelationship (justpracticing) = @slayediest

Phantom of a Rose = @chatterboxrose

VoyageAsia/VoyageHK/HKVoyage = @hkvoyage