NYCCLive Shadowhunters Cast Interview for Twitch

this is my personal video i was in the front row off to the right. please pardon the light pole that was in the way of my recording. fun fact you’ll hear my lukemaryse shipping self scream about maryse at around 11:24 and 11:28. full warning my brooklyn voice is loud


So I know there is a lot of confusion on how this all works. So I have created an abridged version of the Lacelot Ts4 Trilogy

Dreams of Willow Creek

My first attempt at bringing berry Lace and Lo into the Sims 4 universe. As you can see we didn’t get very far before the split.  Surname: Chiffon

Founders: Merlot ♥ Chantilly Lace

Gen 2. Theme - Floral : Hydrangea ♥ Hibiscus 

Split Reality

This is the family I post most regularly. Surname: Chiffon

Founders: Merlot ♥ Chantilly Lace

Gen. 2 Theme - Floral: Hydrangea ♥ Hibiscus ♥ Iris ♥ Poppies Bloom ♥ Galaxy ♥ Lilac Love ♥ Tiger ♥ Azalea Blossom

Gen. 3 Theme - Oceanic: Andrew (Spouse) ♥ Ocean ♥ Mist ♥ Serene Waters ♥ Sea Spritz ♥ Azalea Blossom (Heiress)

Gen. 4 Theme - Cartoons: Finn ♥ Lou (Spouse) ♥ Mist (Heir) ♥ Wirt ♥ Bee Velvet ♥ Mabel Marmalade

Gen. 5 Theme - ??: Wirt (Heir) ♥ Honey Wisteria (Spouse)


This is my stream only version of the family. Surname: Pinot Noir

Founders: Merlot ♥ Chantilly Lace

Gen. 2 Theme - Music festivals: Wanderlust Pixie ♥ Lilth Fair ♥ Electric Daisy ♥ Latitude ♥ Ministry

Gen. 3 Theme - Gemstones:  Moonstone Melody, Mocha Cherry (Spouse) Lilth Fair (Heiress)

Hope this helps a little :D ♥