Widowmaker piece from today’s stream! I tried something new with the background on this one :) Easily one of my favourite character designs from Overwatch… Trying to decide who to do next, any
suggestions? ;)

Prints available on my Etsy! ((LINK IN MY BIO!)

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Jumping on the Pokemon crossbreed bandwagon with some Uranium fakemon crossbreeds, featuring everyone’s favorite owlcat, Owten!

Pure Owten - commonly found in the wild. Pure breeds are typically shy around humans, but once caught are easy to train.

Banded Owten (Owten x Orchynx) - A rare breed that has a refined manner and is popular in contests.

Bobtail Owten (Owten x Feleng) - A domestic breed that is commonly kept as a pet. It is more sociable and good with small children. It can’t fly very well.

Night Hunter Owten (Owten x Tancoon) - This breed is particularly swift and fierce. They are more difficult to train but strong in battle.

Foxface Owten (Owten x Eevee) - Based on the environment it’s exposed to, this breed can learn many different types of attacks.

Tropical Owten (Owten x Pahar) - A very sought-after breed due to its bright colors and limited fire-type affinity. Its song is particularly beautiful.

Snowy Owten (Owten x Pufluff) - Found in the cold areas to the north, these Owtens are even more reclusive and covered in thick fluffy feathers.