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So here’s the deal. My sister and her husband are headed to Nairobi, Kenya for two years to do humanitarian work. As you can imagine the expenses of traveling and staying abroad are immense as well as the pressure of getting ‘back on their feet’ when they return to the states. What they are doing is a very heartfelt thing and certainly not easy; as they had to give up their careers, material possessions, and their friends and family for two years in order to help others. Emily and Christians actions have inspired to help in anyway I can; so for the next two years I will be streaming on Twitch and accepting donations where 100% of the proceeds will go towards supporting them now, and when they return. Streams will probably happen a few times a week, but hang with me as I’m a little new 😅
Here’s to Emily and Christian and their compassion.
The link to the channel can be found below. Keep an eye out for streams! The first one will start in a few minutes :)