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Anonymous asked:

My story is planned to be for everyone (maybe young adult), but it still has dark and dramatic moments (a la Steven Universe and Harry Potter). My question is what are some G-rated alternatives to phrases like “You/That bastard”, “Son of a…”, etc. that convey the heavy meaning but don’t sound ‘stupid’ for lack of a better (other than “monster”)?

Alternatives to bastard:

- jerk
- idiot
- jerkwad
- moron
- piece of crap
- fool
- blockhead
- dolt
- dunce
- imbecile
- twit
- scumbag
- scoundrel
- beast
- degenerate
- louse
- dirtball
- dirtbag
- sleaze
- sleazeball
- slimebag
- slimeball

Or, depending on the situation: 

- fraud 
- cheat 
- imposter
- huckster
- scam artist
- thief
- crook

There are also some less obscene exclamations scattered throughout my exclamations list.

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I was listening to this and imagined an AU where Gon and Killua partner up to solve a difficult case. The only thing, though, is that while Gon is more motivated and driven, Killua’s cheekier and rowdier like what the song describes. 

“I’m a twit, degenerate young rebel and I’m proud of it… I’m a nerd, I chew gum and smoke in your face, I’m absurd…”

And Gon wonders how they’re gonna do this together, sigh.