twit cam

Luke- You are introduced in a Twit Cam

request- Can you write an imagine where Luke is introducing y/n on a twitcam and she’s his girlfriend? :) and they kiss eatch other once or twice?

word count- 800+


“babe…we are going to do a twit cam…want to join?” your boyfriend Luke asked you as he walked up to you while you were in the kitchen making some toast. the boys had decided to do one of their morning twit cams meaning that they had to start only 10 minuets after waking up.

“i just woke up..and i don’t want to start drama” you told him. the fans had seen some pictures of you and Luke together but he hadn't confirmed your relationship yet. 

“whats the password Luke!” you heard Calum yell from the other room 

“ask Ashton” Luke yelled back. you laughed at their interaction as you also heard Michael groan and walk past you two into the living room. his eyes were still closed and you knew he wanted to still be asleep. 

“are you sure..i want to show you to the world” he said frowning at you and walking towards you as he wrapped his arms around you. 

“fine…but you have to come watch” he told you as he took your hand and walked you into the living room where the other 3 boys were sitting next to each other on the couch with a laptop in front of them. 

“look who decided to join us" Ashton said as Luke tried to make space on the couch that was too small for them all to fit. apparently the boys had already started the twit cam a few minuets before. 

you sat on the other side of the room playing around on your phone and listening to the guys talk. you had a hard time keeping quiet. every time you laughed you made sure to stay as quiet as possible until something happened and you couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh along with the boys. 

you didn’t think anything of it for a few minuets till Ashton started pointing to the incoming comments so the other guys could see them…apparently some people noticed the sound of a laugh that didn’t belong to a young man.  

"everyone is telling us we have a girl in here" Ashton said as he looked around the room pretending to search for a girl.  

"you guys its just us” Michael said as the other boys laughed 

“you sit on a throne of lies" Calum whispered to Michael but the other boys heard and started laughing. 

"i don’t have a problem being honest…so I’m just going to say it” Luke says looking past the lap top and at your face. all the boys turned to look at Luke surprised by what he was about to say

“my girlfriend is in this room right now” Luke admits followed by calum declaring its him and cuddling into Luke’s side. 

after a few minuets of the guys answering questions and reading comments Luke read one about how he should put you on camera. you shook your head telling him no but he stood up and walked over to you grabbing your hand and pulling you over to the couch. by now Michael and Ashton were sitting on the ground in front of the couch so there was more room. 

Luke pulled you on to the couch. you were resisting but since he was stronger you found yourself suddenly on top of him. you were slightly on his lap but you quickly moved your body so that you were sitting next to him facing away from the screen. 

“that’s cheating" Ashton said as Luke put his hand on your shoulder and leaned his head back and to the side so he could give you a quick kiss and try to convince you to show yourself. 

"come on y/n” the guys said and soon you turned yourself. you were happy the camera quality wasn’t that good since it was morning and you were just wearing one of Luke’s shirts and some pajama shorts.

“so you guys…this is my girlfriend..and i like her a lot” Luke said looking at you while he talked 

“everyone wants you to kiss" 

"make the fans happy Luke”

Luke leaned in and kissed your lips quickly before pulling away. 

“they say they want a real kiss…act like you like her" 

with that Luke turned towards you and placed both his hands on the sides of your face before leaning in and kissing you. this kiss was different then the other one for sure. the way his lips moved against yours made you move your hands into his hair. you felt his tongue touch your lips asking for entrance and right as you granted him it you noticed ashton had stood up and blocked you both from the view of the camera. 

"okay..i think that’s how this one should end" calum told everyone

"stop sucking face” Michael told you both and your kiss stopped.

“is it safe for me to sit back down" Ashton joked as he sat down

you waved and ran off while the guys started saying their goodbyes. you were laying on Luke’s bed when he came in. 

"i told you i didn’t want to be in the twit cam” you told him as he laid down next to you he rolled his eyes at your comment as leaned down to continue the kiss.