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Okay. Cybersix.

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13 episodes, beautifully animated.

This dweeb is a male literature teacher by day.

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And a kickass leather clad heroine by night.

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And this hunk, Lucas, aka my future husband

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Is in love with the girl version

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And best friends with the guy version

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And leads to my favorite trope: Love triangle with two people.

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Poor Cyber-6, you didn’t ask for any of that.


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Trash Bag ♡ (Masterlist)

 KEY: 💋Smut/😊Fluff/ 😏More Smut then Fluff/😘More Fluff then Smut/🖤Dark/😭Sad&Heartbreaking/♡ Preferences 

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ღ Blogs I like

❀ Grayson Dolan❀


😊Sick Ex

💋 Lake House (PG 13)

😊 He’s Sick

😊 Mr. Mom

😊 Fanfics

😏 We Need to Talk (PG 13)

💋 We Need to Talk (PG 13) [Part 2]

😊 Age Is Just A Number

😊 Stressed Out Trip Home

😊 Prank Gone Wrong

😊 Too Busy For Me

😊 #YouGotStoodUp

😊 Creator Summit

😊 Welcome To New York

😊 The Guitar

😊 Perfect

😊 Stargazing

😏 Take It Out on Me

😊 DM Diary

😊 She Didn’t Have Time

Grayson Dating a Curvy/Thick Girl would Include

Daddy Kink with Grayson would Include

Friends with Benefits would Include

Grayson Finding Out You’re Pregnant Would Include

Teaching Grayson Spanish Would Include

Grayson Dating Someone with Dyslexia Would Include

💋 You Make Me Angry

😊 Kid In Love

😊 Piano Keys

😊 I’ve Got You

✿ Ethan Dolan✿ 


😊 Truth Detector

😊 What you Mean to Me

😊 Vacation Time

😊 Sick Day [Part 1]

😏 Sick Day (PG 13) [Part 2]

😊Now or Never

😊 Now or Never [Part 2]

😘 Now or Never [Part 3]

😊 Tuesday Selfie

😊 Galway Girl

😊 What are Friends For?

😊 My Rib

♡Your relationship with Ethan would Include

Ethan as the dad of twins

Ethan Attending your Graduation

Daddy Kink with Ethan would Include

😊 You Don’t Have To Go

😭 Aftertaste

😏 Piercing Theories [Part 1]

💋 Piercing Theories [Part 2]

💋 Come Play with me Daddy

😊 Pizza with Old Friends

♡ Love Dice with Ethan Would Include

💋 You Up?

😊 Boxing Days

❤ Blurbs❤-Little short imagines type things

😊 “You’re so small/I can’t breathe” (Ethan)

😊 “Who Gave You That Black Eye? (Ethan)

😊 Easter Bunny (Ethan)

😊 Grayson Cuddling (Grayson)

😊 “We’re not getting a dog/When’s the last time I said I love you” (Grayson)

😊 Easter Egg Hunt (Grayson)

💋 Daddy E (PG 13) (Ethan)

😊 Forehead Kisses (Grayson)

😊 He Gets In A Fight For You (Ethan)

😊 Gymnastic Injuries (Grayson)

😊 Slide Into My DM’s (Grayson)

😊 Study Break (Ethan)

😊 He’s A Tattoo Artist (Ethan)

😭 All of The Stars (Grayson)

😊 Little Things (Both)

💋 Happy Birthday (Ethan)

😊 Anxiety Attack (Grayson)

😊 21st Birthday (Grayson)

😊 Girls Day Out (Ethan)

✩ Mini Series ✩

😭 I Like You Okay?-Completed (Grayson)

Summary: Twisted love triangle with you best friend Grayson

➪ 🖤 Drug Lord E-Completed (Ethan)

Summary: Ethan is a drug lord and you’re a nobody, until you meet him. He takes you in as his and you’re trapped until your boyfriend pays his debt.

😏 Just Friends-Completed (Grayson) [Mature]  –Collab with @4odolans​–

Summary: Imagine being best friends with Ethan but hooking up with his brother Grayson. What’s worse? Keeping it from him. You’re 22 while Gray is 18. You guys randomly met while you were hanging out with Ethan and well, things happened. But neither one of you wanted to be in a relationship, so instead you guys decided to just be friends…with benefits.

Yellow and Blue’s Relationship with Pink

alright so I dig the theory that Yellow is in love with Blue and that she killed Pink in some kind of twisted love triangle battle for Blue’s heart

But consider this

In the song “Both of You”, the visuals present Greg as yellow, Pearl as blue, and Steven (aka Rose) as pink. If we look at these colours as a representation of the diamonds, we have

Blue: the one who is the most distraught over and has trouble coping with Rose/Pink’s death.

Yellow: the one who seems to have made peace with her death, but masks their pain for a greater cause (in Greg’s case: being a father to Steven, and in Yellow’s: being a leader for her subjects).

And if we take that even further, assuming their colours symbolize similar backstories, we would have

Blue: pink’s unrequited love

And yellow: pink’s actual lover

Of course, this is all just speculation. I’d love to hear your thoughts/arguments!


Supergirl Season 1 Appreciation Week ♥
Day 2: the moment you fell in love with Kara  ⇢ “Start small, get better.”

Because a real hero is someone who knows when to be humble, when to take her menthor’s advice and to ask for her friends’ help.
I also liked a lot that, despite the romantic tension between both Kara/Winn and Kara/James, the show made them team up and be loyal to each other, giving a nice SuperFriends twist to the love triangle trope.

okay so we talk about all the shadowhunters characters watching mundane movies together before, right (usually star wars or something) but look, recently i was reading a fic and there was a line that was, basically summed up: “a mundane movie?” “are there any other type?” 

what if there was tho

like downworlder movies, run by downworlders. the tragic love story of a warlock and a mundane (that magnus refuses to watch after the first time he cried a lot) or a rom-com between a werewolf and a vampire, or a really bad cheesy flick about two werewolves, or a seelie drama that’s full of dramatic plot twists and love triangles, or a vampire movie that’s just full of puns, or a really sweet chick flick where a vampire falls in love with a mundane and she ends up voluntarily becoming a vampire to be with her vampire girlfriend, or a rom-com between a warlock and a vampire who both think the other is a mundane and keep trying to hide the truth with increasingly hilarious shenanigans, or magnus’s favorite, a buddy comedy about two warlocks. shadowhunters being portrayed as everything from “basically stormtroopers” to “evil and heartless” to that that one series wherein they’re actually characters and no one admits it but they kind of love it because it’s so overdramatic, but also kind of lovable (a downworlder shouting at some shadowhunter “you’ll never be like [insert name of character], you [insert reference]!” and the shadowhunter is just like ???? because none of them have ever seen these movies before.

like just movies made by downworlders, full of downworlders and downworld things. some of them aren’t even set in the downworld, it’s just most of the cast are downworlders. like a movie set in a space station or something, and a vampire plays the lead. a werewolf plays the love interest, and it’s hilarious because they don’t get along at all on set, except that they kind of do. a seelie who plays a ridiculously handsome love interest in a movie about spies. a warlock who plays like, an x-man or something, and mundanes who might see it are like “wow cool costume/makeup” but surprise bitch, those scales are fucking real 

and like after the whole mortal war thing, there’s a series of really bad movies based on it. and like there’s actually a chick-flick based on magnus and alec, which magnus thinks is hilarious. later there’s an actually serious romance movie based on them about a warlock and a shadowhunter falling in love and magnus watches it whenever he misses alec once he’s gone oops i’m crying

and okay this is less likely because of the clave and warrior culture but shadowhunter movies. there aren’t very many of them, and most of them are terrible or meant for children or both, but they exist.

and it’s hilarious because like, half of the characters are always really bad actors with stiff expressions and shit, and the other half are super passionate and like throwing themselves into the role. as a kid, isabelle desperately wanted to star in one of these (and she probably gets to at some point).

but they range from really shitty romances, usually stemmed from arranged marriages or propaganda of some sort, to like actually funny comedies but it’s like, shadowhunter humor, dry and morbid and shit. there’s a few super racist downworlder characters that alec, izzy, and jace look back on wincing super hard because shit, yeah, now that they think about it, vlad the evil vampire and seymour blade the greedy warlock were super racist, wow. 

but what shadowhunters are really good at? war movies. movies about battles and swordfights and shit. holy fuck they’re good at that. they use real blades. sometimes, they even use actual demons. because shadowhunters are fucking badass. and they’re great at the political dramas and tangled webs of conspiracy. there’s this one spy movie that’s basically shadowhunter james bond and it’s amazing. jace and izzy had a crush on the “bond girl” equivalent, a kickass lady shadowhunter, and alec had a crush on the james bond guy, a hot shadowhunter dude who wore eyeliner. but the thing about the movie is the plot is actually really good, even though the actors really suck in places and it’s great

and like okay so now imagine all our faves having movie nights and they just

everyone’s all curled up in magnus’s living room (or they take turns in various places, and god knows what would happen if maryse found out that they’d used the institute once) and magnus has conjured up more space/extra chairs and shit. everyone’s welcome, but people outside their circle rarely come (”are you crazy??? all those shadowhunters and powerful downworlders and shit??? nah thanks”) and like

magnus and alec are cuddled ridiculously close on a loveseat, being sickeningly adorable and kissing each other’s cheek and shit. maia and simon sit on the couch together and get a little closer each time. for a while, clary and jace sit very far apart, but once they start to get their shit together they slowly gravitate closer. raphael sits next to magnus and alec so he can poke magnus and annoy him whenever he wants. ragnor sits next to raphael so he can help. catarina and dot usually sit together on some beanbags because they get along super well, and they enjoy the same kinds of movies so sometimes they gang up on the others and it’s a little terrifying. luke often sits between clary and where simon and maia are sitting, as they are the ones he’s closest to. meliorn sits on a beanbag next to izzy, who sits cross-legged on the floor with a large bowl of popcorn that several people steal from shamelessly. she lets them, and always makes extra (or rather, asks alec to, because she always burns it).

okay but there’s a big mix of shadowhunter, downworlder, and mundane movies? and like you can tell exactly which each one is just by looking at the cover

but like magnus being intrigued by the james bond shadowhunter movie, like “wow i didn’t know shadowhunters were good at spy drama. nice. wow did they really do that stunt? that’s badass”

and maia and simon like the werewolf/vampire rom-com ;) 

and clary just really loves the downworlder movies?? especially the cheesy rom-coms, because those are her favorite. especially when they has happy endings

or maybe luke is the only one of them who’s seen both shadowhunter and downworlder, so he likes watching the mundane ones more, but his favorite will always be a shadowhunter movie he watched as a kid about shadowhunters in WW1 because it was so interesting to him

or alec convincing them to watch the series with the overdramatic shadowhunters and all the downworlders are losing their minds as the shadowhunter on the screen (who is very clearly a seelie with makeup runes drawn on, and half of them are nonsense- alec points this out to magnus, and he giggles and says that’s the best part) does a completely unnecessary backflip and ends it on a cheesy line and all the shadowhunters immediately turn to jace like that’s you. 

meliorn wants to watch one of the seelie dramas because he lowkey loves them and even he can’t predict the plot twists sometimes and sometimes he’s just sort of clinging to izzy like oh my god. oh my god. isabelle. look. oh my god. i think she’s the mother. holy shit. and izzy’s like i know oh my god this is so great!!

dot wants to watch star wars, because she still has a crush on leia and also she just likes the plot. simon enthusiastically agrees. magnus agrees on the condition they watch the star trek movies at some point, too. catarina claims to have dated natalia portman for a short time. no one but simon believes her.

ragnor what do you mean he’s dead? fuck off don’t know what ur talking about wants to watch the warlock buddy movie, because he was an extra in it so you can see him the background for like three seconds at a bar, and he never stops rubbing it in magnus’s face that he was in a movie, ha, and magnus is like “i just haven’t gotten around to doing one yet!” “uh huh, sure”

at some point, they have a disney night and it’s amazing. everyone loves disney night. even though half of it is critiquing and pointing out flaws, they all have a lot of fun, and half of them are singing along the whole time. (magnus singing “under the sea” with way too much enthusiasm, maia sings “once upon a dream” beautifully and simon sings the other part, jace sings “let it go” extremely off-key, clary sings “colors of the wind”… not very well). pirates of the carribean is probably the best-received one by all of the, though, although lilo and stich might have it beat

i know this would probably never happen in canon and i’m just dreaming but i don’t even care i love this idea

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i don't even know if you take requests, or not, but I was rewatching the whole triangle fiasco and I was wondering if you could write like the conversation lucas had with Riley and Maya's moms, since it was said they knew who he chose before ski lodge. just thought it would be interesting..

For his own sanity, Lucas Friar just wants to understand why exactly the universe hates him.

Getting kicked out of school was bad, but at least he understood the reasoning behind that one. His behavior was out of line and not producing any results, so the world had to make something happen before he could learn from it. Considering everything that happened since then, he doesn’t even really have the heart in him to think of it as a bad thing. He was even starting to think maybe he should trust the universe a little bit—it cares about him. It’s going to do right by him.

Then eighth grade happened, and their trip to Texas, and everything that happened afterwards. Falling off a bull hurt, yeah, but Riley looking him in the eyes and telling him—multiple times, for the record—that they were brother and sister when he was very, very certain they were not anything like siblings injured him far, far worse. From trying to navigate mixed feelings, to balancing what he felt versus what both Riley and Maya seemingly wanted him to do which was likely to change by the day, to learning Riley did still in fact have feelings for him left way more scars on him than Tombstone.

He spent a lot of time the rest of that year searching for the lesson. The universe had thrown him around and taught him something important before, so surely there had to be a reason behind this one. He’d figure it out, solve all of the problems with his newfound perspective, and then he’d tell Riley what he’d wanted to tell her back in Texas before she kicked him in the gut and everything would work out fine.

Now, well into the middle of ninth grade, he’s given up on trying to figure it out. No, the universe just hates him and this is just another one of its sick, twisted games. Triangle Limbo, a crazy, fuddled maze of entertainment starring their favorite mortal chump, Lucas James Friar.

Considering all the joy the universe must get out of that alone, Lucas finds their latest tactic of torture simply unfair.

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This morning I was washing the dishes and started thinking about the relationships in The Song of the Lioness Quartet you know, like you do. 

And I was thinking about Alanna and Jon and how when they got together there wasn’t this who fuss about her being a girl and wanting to be a knight. The revelation of her gender changed pretty much nothing in their relationship. He respected her as a colleague and also as a lover. And, later, Alanna called of fthe relationship because the dynamic changed and she had to really figure out that even though she loved him, it wasn’t going to work. And it hurt, but it was the right decision. 

And then there’s that scene with Thayet where she cries to Alanna about how she feels so guilty about building a relationship with Jon because he’s “her man”. And Alanna comforts her and says that he’s not anymore and he never was in the way that he’s Thayet’s. She lays out how different their relationships are, but never negates the depths of love in their respective, and very different, relationships. 

I can even tell you how important this was to how i started conceive of what a healthy relationship looked like as a kid. I read these books at like 11 or 12 and it’s only now looking back how much of an impact they’ve had on me. 

In so many other stories these two women would be pitted against each other in some twisted love triangle. Instead, their respective relationships with Jon are celebrated and understood and the friendship between the two of them is just as important. And all of them are based on mutual respect and affection and loyalty.

And this is echoed through every relationship in the books. With Buri, Roul, Gary, George, Liam–all of them are based on respect of each other’s abilities and of each other as people, regardless of gender. There are so many deep platonic relationships across genders and class, as well as equally deep and healthy romantic relationships (omg can we talk about Myles and Eleni because I adore them).

And, not only were they great examples as working relationshps, but as templates for what to do when a relationship isn’t working. The breakups with Jon and Liam, and even the dissolution of the friendship with Alex, were handled with respect and an understanding of the characters as whole individuals. These weren’t healthy and they had to end, some a bit more fatally than others.

As I’m sitting here writing this, I just realized that everything I just wrote echoes so much the sentiments of the wedding ceremony I wrote for my best friends earlier this summer. Respect, affection, support. 

And I refuse to settle for anything less in any of my relationships, romantic and platonic. And that it’s okay to leavea relationship when it’s not working. Not only okay, but necessary. 

That’s just so powerful to me. And I’m so thankful that I had examples like this.

that awkward moment when you confess your love to someone, thinking that they are dead, but it turns out they are not and when you stay alone with them, they tell you that they know you killed that priest boyfriend of theirs (that never loved them as much as you did).

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Hello Jane! :D How are you? <3 I love the reblog you did on the rant, because it's exactly what I think the default of AoS is , more and more!, when twists and action lead the story it's not good. I saw they have already begun filming s5... and here I thought they would actually take those long months to work their story and their storytelling... another wishful thinkng from me ^^' Anyway, I didn't forget about you! ;) *HUGS* you very much and a lot of love too <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 (Laurent)

(In reference to this post.)

Hey, Laurent! <3

I’m doing okay, but I have really only been pretending to be around for the past few weeks because my computer is on the fritz and I’ve been having to use my tablet, which kind of feels like using a spoon to eat a hamburger. I also had a bit of a fall (actually, more of a slide that went very badly) and I’m mostly fine, but sitting down at my tablet is not so fun while I’m healing. So, I’m a little further behind on things than I would like to be, but I’m hoping things will get better soon. 

Anyway, probably more than you wanted to know.

As for season 5: I, too, had hoped that they would spend more time working on the writing, but they are also part of an industry and they probably have to shoot at a certain time so they can use the sound stages and what not. I don’t know that much about the TV industry, but I do know that it’s very complex, and there are a lot of factors we aren’t thinking about.

What I hope, though, is that they learn from the mistakes of last year, especially from FitzSimmons. They got a lot of blowback from the proposal they promised and didn’t deliver. 

Something I don’t really get, though, is that they have to understand how tired we are of FitzSimmons not really being FitzSimmons, right? While I like how the characters have developed, I think they’re continuing to make a mistake by separating them over and over and over again. It’s exhausting. At last year’s SDCC, we were promised we would see the “FitzSimmons of old” and they were barely in the same room. I am just dying for FitzSimmons to be together, work together to solve problems, and help each other to get through things. That’s the couple we fell in love with. I think one of the biggest draws to FitzSimmons is that they make a great team! They are complementary equals! They are putting in all these twists and turns, but instead of being entralled by them. we are forging on despite them. That’s not a good place to be in.

My very big wish for season 5 is FitzSimmons vs. the world, trying to heal from the past while they save the future. I think that would not only make a great story, but it would be a great way to wrap up the story they’ve had over four seasons. I mean, they started out as co-dependent and inseparable, then gained independence as they were separated, and what was really cool about season 4 was they were coming back together in a way where they still had their independence. Jemma was doing her thing, Fitz was doing his, and neither of them would have been capable of doing any of that in season 1. 

But, we’re still missing the final step: interdependence. We know they are better together. We know that they were naive and had to learn a lot of things on their own in order to grow into the people they needed to be. What would be really satisfying is if they return to being just as in sync and unified as they used to be, but much more capable of handling things on their own when necessary. We saw this a little in season 4, but that was just the beginnings of it. Before when they were separated, there was this underlying anxiety of them not knowing who they were without the other person. Now that they know who they are, it’s much more about choosing to be together even though they know it’s going to hurt sometimes. 

See, in season 1, their friendship was easy. They kind of fell together because they fit together. But, when Fitz got hurt and lost himself, Jemma did not understand what he needed or how to help him. And that wasn’t her fault! How are you supposed to know how to help your best friend regain his intellectual capacity when the foundation of your relationship was your intellectual equality? When it was your equality in general? They didn’t know how to relate to each other when they weren’t the same, but, they eventually learned how. 

I think the really cool thing about season 2 was that they discovered they had more in common than just being smart. They also had a shared worldview and shared values, and they both discovered just how much they were willing to sacrifice for the greater good. I also think that when the easy part of their friendship was stripped away, they realized that they had a deep affection for each other that went beyond the superficial. Jemma wanted her best friend back, then learned the hard way that the Fitz she lost would never come back again. Then she learned that the new Fitz, while different on the surface, still had everything she really loved about him. In a way, she was able to compare the old Fitz with the new Fitz and discover who Fitz really was beneath all that. Fitz, on the other hand, loved his best friend, felt unworthy of and rejected by his best friend, and got to the point where he had to decide if he was willing to sacrifice any chance of a romantic relationship to keep her in his life. And I mean, I don’t think that he ever thought he had any chance of having his feelings returned, but he had to choose to allow her back into his life even though he would have to give up his dream of what they could be and accept what Jemma needed them to be. That’s what I loved about season 2. They went back to square one, but they rebuilt their relationship along the way so it was stronger and based on things that wouldn’t change with circumstance.

So, after season 2 was about them learning to choose each other, season 3 was figuring out of they would still choose each other when it hurt. They really messed this up by creating a love triangle (TWIST!!), making it so Jemma couldn’t choose, then killing off the other contender so she never had to make a choice. The whole time, Fitz was choosing her above all else! Where was their equality then? So, let’s just skip that part. Let’s go on despite the twists.

What we had over the course of season 3 was obstacles and Fitz and Jemma individually deciding to overcome those obstacles to grow closer. This might sound a lot like season 2, because really, it was not done as well as it could have been. But there is a distinction: in season 2, they were figuring out if they really wanted to be together; in season 3, they knew they wanted to be together, but they were figuring out if they were willing to pay the cost of being together. What I really loved about the singularity scene was that they actually came out and said, we know it was easy before, and we know that if we keep our boundaries, it will continue to be easy. We know that breaking barriers will come with a cost, and we are willing to pay that cost for the potential of what we can be together. That’s pretty amazing.

You could say that season 4 was season 2 in reverse. In season 2 they were fractured, were brought together by the job, and decided to stay together romantically. In season 4, they were together romantically, got separated by the job, and ended up fractured. In both seasons, they’re trying to figure out what their relationship is like after everything changes; it’s just that the changes in season 2 are VERY different than the changes in season 4. And, in season 4, we have characters who have grown and developed as a result of things in season 2. BUT, the end of season 4 is a lot like the beginning of season 2: a villain took Fitz away from Jemma in a way that makes Fitz feel broken and unworthy of Jemma, while Jemma struggles to reach him.

Cool, huh? We have some chiasmus going on here, a 1 2 3 2 1 structure. 

SO, in order to complete that structure, season 5 will have to mirror season 1 in the way season 4 mirrored season 2. We will have to end up with FitzSimmons being this inseparable, psychically linked duo in order that reminds us of the people we met in the beginning in order to reach a really satisfying conclusion. But, they will have to be better. They will have to have learned from all the things they went through to get this far.

See, BECAUSE of the pain of season 2, Jemma knows that the best way to help Fitz is to stick with him. She also knows him on a much deeper level and has learned how to talk to him and fight for him when she has to. So, she is in basically the same place, but she will not have the same outcome because she is not the same person. 

And, because of the pain of season 2, Fitz knows just how to push Jemma away and how it makes everything worse. He understands that Jemma loves him, even if he doesn’t always understand why. And, in the end, I think he was right when he said they had crossed the point of no return. I think he won’t be able to sacrifice the hope of their romantic relationship, (Notice that it was healthy for him to give up that hope before and healthy for him to refuse to give it up now.) 

And, again, they both know that there is a cost and that they are willing to pay that cost.

Anyway, that was a huge rant that only slightly related to what you were talking about, but that’s basically what I’m hoping for in season 5. I want another pod dropped in the ocean that actually brings FitzSimmons closer together. It would be so great. It would be fantastic storytelling. But the thing about this show is that I always see the potential of where they could go with things, and then they do the twists and turns thing that cheapens the story and deprives us of the payoff we’ve been waiting for.

BUT, they said from the beginning that they have a 5-season plan for this show, and with their move to Fridays, it looks like this is all we’re going to get. The pressure will be on for them to wrap everything up in a satisfying way, and they know that and can plan for that. And, they know that we are really, really invested in a FitzSimmons wedding, which helps.

So, honestly, I think we’re in a situation where we can hope for the best, but we should definitely plan for the worst. Keeping your expectations low is really important as we head into this upcoming season. Take everything the creators say with a mountain of salt and prepare for gaps that fan fiction will need to fill.

I don’t like being the person who has to say those kinds of things, but here we are.

Anyway, Laurent, I hope all my incoherent rambling was helpful. There is hope! There is also risk. Tread carefully. We are getting some morsels of things here and there, but it will probably be a while until we get anything substantial, so we should just enjoy this ignorant bliss while we can!