twisting the wind

The Book of Truth

The scene is covered in snow-like grain; a layer of dust on top of our vision. Here we see a reel of film on a dusty table. There is some light from above, otherwise darkness.

Two hands reach for the film. Young hands, they take the ends of the tape and put them together.

The screen goes white. Here we see an unblinking eye in the same darkness. Snow is falling around the iris, some hangs on the lashes. You might think the eye is crying. But the water is a layer of snow on top of the image of the eye.

Blink. Everything turns to white for a micro-second.

Here we see a bus, going down a road. The snow is the same, it is falling down, twisting in the wind. A wintry road, twisting and snaking it’s way through a frozen land and on the road the bus, with dark windows and one passenger. He is a man. Come closer and see, here he sits. He is tired, his eyes sag, his face is gray. You wish him the best, and that’s when he notices you behind the glass.
He says: ‘So you’ve come at last. Let me tell you the truth.’

A pair of hands wipes away the snow from the window.

- We must rewind this scene.

And so the scene is rewound. A buzz of light and color and noise.

Here we can see it again from another view. A young boy floats in the air, almost a reflection in the wintry sky. He glides down, down quietly and softly. Ghost-like. His tender motions make you feel yourself sad. You look at him through the window with tired eyes. The boy presses his face and hands against the glass of the car. You see him speak, but you cannot hear him.

- This is the truth.

The Raven Boys is wonder- old woods and changing and magic. It’s desperate, the world pulling you outwards when you want to be in. It’s waiting for the weekend, waiting for signals, for signs, for something different. It’s a beat that catches, that swirls in the air, that twists and turns and winds it’s way into spaces you never realised were empty. It’s wide eyes searching skyward, mouths ajar, feeling new. It’s the promise of something bigger, dust in your lungs, breathless, gasping, help me’s into silence. It’s being saved without wanting to be, reproachful, I don’t know what to do, abandoning somewhere you thought was home. It’s reaching out and finding nothing to touch, things you can’t explain, I’ve been dead for six years, that’s all there is. It’s whispering questions into freezing air and finding the world tumbling in your breath.

The Dream Thieves is smashed glass, blood splattered floors, dialling a number that won’t pick up. It’s sunlight falling through air, hiding hurt behind shaking hands and averted eyes, broken, shattered, fix me. It’s dark water, dark laughter, dark eyes, dark hearts- children dragged into existence, into life, into more. It’s smashed fists and dirt-caked finer nails, secrets kept and moments analysed. It’s creation, madness, impossible, longing, enchanted, I don’t want your pity. It’s brothers, the ones you choose, chaos and shielding arms, what would they do to me? It’s clenched jaws, blood stained smiles, hooded eyes, the world as a nightmare. It’s falling through broken air, claws at your throat, fire at your feet, engulfing, scorched rooftops, rain falling from the earth and up and back down again. It’s releasing the controls, open eyes, empty lungs, restless hearts. It’s darkness, I’m always brave- braver than that.

Blue Lily Lily Blue is a light kicking in after a blackout, flickering shadows, dancing your hand out the window. It’s circles under your eyes, aching, something over your shoulder, I will be your hands, I will be your eyes. It’s caught breath, suffocating, thoughts becoming things becoming fears. It’s light, the absence of dark, how could you ever be lonely again, wonderful, dreamful days. It’s talking in circles, dreaming in riddles, walking down tunnels that lead to nowhere. It’s hands on a steering wheel, fingertips on fingertips, this was not allowed. It’s flowers and rosebuds and ripped skin and you let me believe, tuning everything on it’s head. It’s eyes closing into exhausted knuckles, sitting alone in the dark, finding, changing, wondering, for your hands. It’s your heart stopping or beating too fast or not at all. It’s intention, wanting, desperate, untameable longing. It’s your voice cracking in the dark and knowing someone’s beside you, ready to heal.

The Raven King is maps spread out across the floor, pin points and coordinates that don’t exist. It’s decaying, losing your grip, your own breath in your ears, rushing, drowning, running, whimpers and putting your faith into the unknown. It’s secrets kept and facts pulled out of thin air, something’s wrong, something new, something different. It’s overflowing, raging, crashing into each other, the ocean would catch fire, magic. It’s a storm made of anything but rain, alcohol soaked laughter, futures beginning, reaching for something, fining something new. It’s trembling tears, grief choked sobs, dreaming cures for tragedies that haven’t happened yet. It’s dissonance, cracked sunlight caught on sharp bones, heaving, dreadful, wonderful, panting, make it save, make it safe, make it safe. It’s endings and beginnings and fearful happiness. It’s being sick of a world without them in it, thumbs pressed into soft skin, stop me, stop me, stop me- stopped. It’s saving yourself, bending truth, unmaking, undoing, unhinging. It’s holding your hand up to the sky, longing, do you dream of the stars, slipping quietly from existence, wake up. It’s hopeful, it’s forgiveness, an endless, unwilling war. It’s impossible light, beginning and ending, beginning and ending - make way for the Raven King.  

Spell Challenge Day 9: Orion Snow Storm Spell

(word inspired by: Snow)

This is a spell to bring a snow storm to your area and help make sure you have a little bit of a white winter.

You Will Need:

  • White Glitter
  • Ice
  • Image or Representation of the Constellation Orion
  • Freezer
  • Container of any kind with a lid


  1. In the container add a layer of ice cubes enough to cover the bottom.
  2. Take the image of the constellation Orion and place it inside the container on top of the ice.
  3. Take a handful of glitter and pour it on top of the picture and ice
    “Swirling twisting winter winds, with the power of Orion’s light, May whistling snowy winds be coming one of these nights.” (incantation may be changed if desired)
  4. Seal container and shake it up, imagine icy winds full of snow blowing inside, powered by the glowing stars of Orion.
  5. Place in freezer, leave there until you get the storm you desire.
  6. Once no longer desiring snow or having received it, take container out and let the ice inside melt. Remove lid and pour water down sick.
Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol x Reader AU - Prologue

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst

Warnings: Violence, blood, language

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

The thunder and pelting rain drowned out every other noise, and emphasized the menacing black storm clouds that engulfed you as you continued to plummet to your untimely demise below. The empty pit in your stomach grew larger and larger with every second that you continued to free fall down to the foreign entity below you. Your arms grasped uselessly at the open sky surrounding you in a futile attempt to gain balance. The harsh strike of lightning was accompanied by the contorted flapping of your dead, birdlike wings, feathers being twisted by the wind. At most you had thirty seconds before you would be reduced to an undignified pile of blood and feathers on the earthen floor below you.

I’m going to die like this.

Tears combined with the relentless onslaught of rain to blind your vision. Your lungs began to fight for air as the chemicals in your brain were released to instill a fight for survival. The suffocation of panic quickly overcame your consciousness, and a shroud of darkness enveloped your mind as the world below you began to close the distance.

“I told you I don’t play games”

The grip around the man’s throat tightened as his attacker threatened him, baring his thin, sharp canines that identified him as a latent monster.

“I- I said I wasn’t lying. I- I swear,” the hostage choked out, clawing at his assaulter’s wrists in a feeble attempt to relieve the pressure against his throat.

“You willingly came here, among the den of vampires, risking your life to tell me a shitty, useless piece of information like that and expect me to believe it?” The inhuman eyes narrowed as the attacker raised the man against the wall, his shorter legs kicking in desperation.

“I- s-saw her with my own eyes” the man strained his voice as he wheezed for air.

“Too bad for you I don’t believe something until I see it for myself.” His grip tightened in an attempt to fatally suffocate his victim, but seconds before the oxygen was cut off entirely, a panicked knock came at the metal door sealing off the abandoned, empty room.

The grip around the victim’s neck released as the taller man sighed disappointedly and ruffled his neon crimson hair.

“What in God’s name is it now?” The man turned away from the gasping heap on the ground as he walked to the door, “I thought I told you I didn’t want to be disturbed unless the place is on fire or money is falling from the sky.”

“About that sir,” the recipient on the other side of the door croaked nervously. The red-haired man swung the iron door open as the henchman continued.

“we’ve found her.”

The vampire’s face morphed from one of mischievous anger to one of seriousness in an instant.

“We located the fallen angel.”

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A/N: So this is my first series! I’ve written a few drabbles here and there that I’ve posted to my old blog but I’ve decided to begin anew! (rip me) Things are somewhat complicated/confusing in the beginning but I promise everything will be explained in due time. (Thought the world could be made better with s’more vampire!Chanyeol, and my brain decided to say “Why stop there?” and made reader an angelic being so ENJOY) <3

UPDATE: If anyone has any questions concerning the setting, I got the inspiration from the Monster and Lotto MV’s so feel free to watch those if you’re confused~


Who would pay me for the last flicker of youth
Relentlessly wasted in the library
As if in a prison, between bookshelves?
Sometimes I find that
I act under an impression
That I am deathless
That’s what justifies anyway
A meticulous savouring of dust,
A goalless crawling
In an invisible glass jar
While in the sky a nonexisting shepherd
Or better yet a cowboy
Lashes clouds sheepishly drifting from the West to the East
With a twisted whip of the wind.

Who would pay me for all the time wasted,
And in what currency?
If only with glass beads,
If only with empty shells and rotten apples,
If only with stubs of pencils
Chewed while reading.
If only with all the precious stones in the universe–
And I will think
If I can accept it.

A parallelogram of the table
Covered with a white fabric;
A branch of pale purple lilac
Sits in a vase,
The glass is magnifying bubbles on the stems;
In the crystal-clear water, a beam is playing as a gold fish
And projects a dispersed rainbow spectrum onto the gray wall.

On the table there is a thin porcelain cup
With a tea trembling catching a reverberation of steps
Of a poet, a balding dandy;

A woman in a white dress, with a high hairdo,
Hugs her knees sitting on a low sofa,
And smokes a long-gone long cigarette,
Turning it slowly into ash;

The picture darkens on the edges and starts burning;
The movie ends; the tape abruptly tears;
The nineteenth century reaches its destination;
Trains are in the tracks; the rail road
Smells like iron, blood, and saliva,
And, as I leave the library,
The clouds are different.



Basically, time is a big circle, a loop. Everything is predetermined, and the three-eyed raven knows all the events in this big loop and how they are connected.

So the three eyed raven knew Bran would make the mistake of touching the wrong tree root and will end up in front of the white walkers. He also knew that once that happens, his time will be up and Bran will have to “become” him. He knew then, that the white walkers will come for Bran, he’ll be killed by the wight king and Hodor will ultimately help Bran and Meera escape by holding the door.

So the three-eyed Raven takes Bran to Winterfell in the past, where Bran can come face to face with Hodor of the past. Time is a big loop, and by taking Bran in the past, the raven connects the present and past to each other. 

Bran is somehow, in the middle of the past and present. When the appropriate time comes, the three eyed raven encourages Bran to “listen” to Meera. So Bran does. He understands he has to warg into Hodor so that Hodor can help them. Bran’s act of warging into Hodor, connects Hodor’s past and present selves. Making the loop something like this:

So when the present time Hodor, hears Meera say “hold the door”, and starts to stop the door from opening, the past time Hodor can hear her too. And not just hear, but sort of experience it. Warging definitely has a toll on the person, but this warging is extreme, as it is across two different times. The extremity of it, screws up with Hodor’s brain in the past, who is somehow experiencing his last few moments without really realizing what is happening. He keeps hearing ‘Hold the door’ and the extreme experience of holding the door against the white walkers as they hurt him, has such a psychologically damaging effect on Wylis, that he ends up saying ‘Hodor’ for the rest of his life, and the growth of his brain stops, and he basically goes kinda insane.

Shining Diamond

[BTS] Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: It happens to be that on a dark stormy evening, a young man crosses paths with a desirable woman. It was much to his shame that the woman he grew attached to could never be his.

Rain drops fell from the dark sky, drowning the earth’s surface with its tears. Commuters rushed to get inside as children eagerly played in the stormy weather before their mothers had a chance to scold them. The wind began to tumble the evergreen trees and tear petals from the gorgeous spring flowers as it howled into the evening. The streets stood empty, sprinkled with harsh drops of rain. However, if you managed to look closer, there stood a young man completely dressed in melancholy black clothing.

The storm had began to take a much darker turn as the wind twisted and howled and raindrops were now like sharp cold daggers scratching your skin. He made no attempt to shield himself from the harmful weather, his hand wasn’t tempted to open the umbrella in his possession. His clothes were now soaked through and his silky blonde locks of hair were now dripping strands. The drops on his face ran down his cheeks, almost looking to tears.

The man lifted his head to gaze at the early night sky, but the dim stars were concealed by the dark rain clouds above his head. Jimin took another step forward, stuffing his hands into his pockets and keeping his head facing the ground. His eyes only stared at the black concrete of the street and he could only hear the sound of a thunderstorm. He did not manage to hear the quiet voice of a young woman speaking to him.

The severe weather halts, as Jimin does not feel the damp sensation of his hair. The rain still continued, just not above his head. An umbrella is lifted above his body, held by an arms, who was seemingly connected to a beautiful creature with innocent bright eyes. He gazes at her with widened dark orbs. “Why are you out in this weather? You’re going to get ill, sunbae.” Her voice is similar to velvet; smooth and steady. The woman smiles sweetly at him. Jimin is brought back to reality when the mysterious stranger’s hair began to take on a darker shade of (hair color) and stick to her face.

“Don’t be foolish, why do you care about some man when you should worry about yourself?” He retorts back, opening his umbrella and pushing her umbrella back towards her. Their hands touch for only a moment, but her warm digits leave a tingling sensation in his nearly numb ones.

The woman doesn’t respond to his statement, choosing to only clutch the handle of her shelter closer to her form to protect her from the weather. “Your health is just as important as mine is.” She answers, hesitantly looking up into his dark eyes. Jimin keeps his mouth shut as he could only see the innocent gaze of a young woman.

He runs his fingers through his hair and releases an airy scoff that followed a chuckle of disbelief. “It’s going to be late soon and it can be dangerous for a woman to be alone. I’ll walk you alone.” The woman is surprised by Jimin’s sudden behavior. He walks forward again and she quickly trails after him, strolling in step with him.

“If were going to be spending the next few minutes together, I need to know your name.”

“(Full Name). I told you my name, what’s your’s?”

“Park Jimin.”

The walk is wrapped around an awkward tense silence that tempted (Name) to try to speak to him more, but she wouldn’t dare based from his blunt and uninterested answers. She softly tapped her fingers against the cold metal of the umbrella. “Why are you out in the cold like this? Don’t you have somewhere to be, someone to be with?” (Name) hesitantly spoke up, waiting for his answer.

“Let’s just say that the concept of romance is the least on my mind right now, okay?” Jimin answers truthfully, sighing softly as he created a puff of visible heat in front of him. (Name) pursed her lips to side sadly, setting her hand onto his shoulder out of nature. He obviously tense at the touch, feeling strange until he relax his shoulders.

“Maybe she just wasn’t the right one. Everyone had that special someone in their life. I’m sure that you just haven’t found her yet.” Her voice had sounded so fond when she spoke about love that he couldn’t bear to tell (Name) the true horrors and experiences outside the cliche scenes in chick flicks and chapters in fairy tales. Jimin bit the inside of his cheek to refrain from warning and saving her from the heartache and suffering.

The smile on her face was too heartwarming for him to break her out of her fantasy, so he turned his face away to try to conceal the fond smile he wore and his rosy cheeks. “You’re really something, you know that?” (Name) released a small chuckle, shyly tucking a stray strand of her hair behind her ear. Jimin glanced at her during that moment and his eyes caught sight of a sudden shine from a noticeable silver band on her third finger and the even more noticeable diamond set on top of it. He felt his heart drop for the slightest moment before he let out a small gasp. His head spun at the realization before he noticed how close he stood beside her. Jimin took a few steps away from (Name) to be a reasonable distance away from her.

Of course there would be a ring on her finger. He couldn’t blame the man who had manage to win her heart. She had won his in a matter of a few minutes without her even batting an eyelash. (Name) was perfect and she was taken. Jimin had absolutely no chance with this woman. Maybe he could’ve if there wasn’t a rock on the ring, but someone loved her, and she loved them.

“My fiancé must be waiting for me inside. Thank you so much, Jimin. I hope I can see you again, maybe you can go to my wedding soon.” Jimin forces a smile as he vaguely nods his head to your one-sided conversation.

Why did I have to meet you tonight? Am I not heartbroken enough? I don’t know much besides your own name, but you’ve got me under your spell. Don’t force me to see you be named man and wife to someone I don’t know. It would be better if I pushed you away when I had the chance and not have go through this love thing all over again. Why did you have to do this to me?

My Sammy Valentine [Quick Valentine’s Day Fic]

Characters: Sam, Dean and more

Genre: Gen

Author’s Note:  I had this idea floating in my head for years, and it all fell perfectly into place today.  I’m not the best at writing humor or lighthearted things, but I had fun writing this.  It’s still Valentine’s Day somewhere, so it totally counts!  Let me know what you think!

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Sam Winchester never would’ve imagined that flowers could be weaponized but here he was, eyes streaming from peony pollen, neck bleeding from thorned roses.

“Any friggin’ minute, Dean!”  He yelled over the twisting paranormal winds filled with paper hearts, swirls of pink and purple tinsel and enough flowers to make a Dutch tulip farmer jealous.  

There was a flare of purified flame and the ghost of the inventor of the coveted Valentine’s Day Rose died in a cosmic pop of pink glitter, flower petals and rib-bending force.  

Sam sank to his knees, sneezing in wet, rapid succession as Dean cut himself free of the orchid roots that had woven themselves into a organic garrote.  

He grimaced at the glitter shellacking his coat and the blossoms covering them both.  "There’s no way we’re douching up my baby with this crap!“  He gruffed. 

Sam merely snapped a few pictures, zooming in to capture the gerbera that had wedged itself behind Dean’s ear and the glitter sparkling in his hair, salivating over the infinite opportunities for teasing and blackmail.  

They got tot their feet with a grown, surveying the damage.  The vengeful spirit, who’d spent the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day murdering everyone involved in stealing his patent, was immensely powerful, managing to manifest flowers and decorations from supernatural rage alone.  The now abandoned greenhouse where he’d killed himself a week after losing his life’s work now looked like Aphrodite’s birthday party, the dark concrete was littered with dozens of roses and exotic flowers, heart confetti and glitter.  Sam saw the seductive petals of a rare black orchid peeking out from behind a blindly white peony.  

Sam picked up a pristinely pink rose, admiring its size and distinctive heart shaped bloom.  Augustus Brown’s magnum opus was definitely a feat to be admired and shared.  Fragrant, hearty, lovely.  "It’s a shame to let these go to waste,” Sam admitted.  

Glancing up from the glitter-coated flower to his brother now stripped down to his boxers, socks, and boots digging glitter in out of his ear was more horrifying than being beaten with paranormally powered plants.  

“What are you babblin’ about?”

“The flowers.  We can’t just leave them here.”  

“Dude, one of those things just tried to kill me.  They can rot for all I care.”  

“So did the Impala, but I don’t see you putting her up for sale,” Sam griped.

Dean’s entire body flinched, and his sparkly face cartoonishly soured.  "How dare you!“  

"Oh, shut up.  Look, Augustus dedicated his life to creating beautiful, sustainably farmed flowers.  To bring people joy.  It’s Valentine’s Day, man.  We-we could give them away.”

Dean was still incredulous and a little horrified.  "So let me get this straight.  You want me, a virile hunter, a freakin’ warrior to give away heart-shaped roses to women…on Valentin…“ Sam saw the moment it clicked.  His entire face brightened with lust and Dean punched the air so violently, a trail of glitter sparkled behind him.  "Sammy, you are a genius…a genius that will get me laid better and harder than I ever have before.  And that’s sayin’ something.”

Clothes abandoned, Dean began scooping up the flowers, heedless of the thorns.  Sam did the same, very carefully thinking around that mental image Dean had so vividly painted.  

“Score, I found some of those mini water vials too, so they won’t wilt!  Happy Valentine’s Day, Big Dean..”  

Instead of packing rock salt shotgun rounds, Sam and Dean gently de-thorned and arranged roses into mini vases, showered, changed and headed to the center of town that was littered with shops, cafes, a movie theatre and a bar running Single Lady Specials.  It was awkward at first, walking through the town square with an armful of specially engineered flowers.  Sam wasn’t sure how to start until he spotted an older woman, flecks of gray in her hair, her head down as she powered through the town square that was festooned in Valentine’s Day hearts.  Her comely was arranged in a pattern Sam had seen a million times in the mirror, haunted glittering eyes, lips pressed tightly to smother the scream.  It was grief or heartbreak or a despairing combination of the two.  Sam gathered his nerve and stopped her with a soft hand on her elbow.  He picked out a fluffy red rose and extended it towards her.  "Happy Valentine’s Day, ma'am.  I hope you have a lovely day.“  

The tears were instant.  The hug followed a beat later. And that smile, a beaming one that was all teeth and elation, Sam would remember for weeks.  It was easier after that and a great deal of fun. Hunting may have saved lives, but this was instant gratification, spreading happiness instead of stopping tragedy.

Sam had never managed to assemble an untainted image of himself, not with demon blood and remnants of Lucifer, Gadreel, Meg and Crowley swimming in his bloodstream, so he was stunned when women wanted to take pictures with him, and he felt a phone numbers being slipped into his pockets.  It wasn’t the reaction he’d anticipated.

Judging by Dean’s lengthy absences, his brother was far more comfortable with the attention.  

About an hour later, Sam was down to his last rose.  He strolled the town square, searching for anyone he may have left out.  In his periphery, he saw a young man, probably college-aged.  He’d seen the kid a few times, hovering on the outskirts of the Valentine mayhem, taking photos.  Who could forget the shock of purple hair or the eyeliner in a town that was more flannel and denim than Bobby Singer’s closet?  

The kid bit his lip anxiously and avoided his gaze.  Sam kept walking, but when he turned back, the man was eyeing him again, sheepish and unsure.  Sam backtracked towards him, and took a chance.  "Happy Valentine’s Day, man.”  

And there was another dazzling grin and thousand-watt gratitude, except the hug he got from this nameless kid fifteen years and a few lifetimes younger than him, was far different than the overexcited squeeze, it was giving and warm.  He pulled back and regarded Sam with such reverence and wisdom Sam was tempted to splash him with holy oil.  "To do something like this…for strangers.  You are a…beautiful person.  Inside and out.”  He pressed a hand over his heart.  “Thank you, Valentine.“  The kid darted off, clutching his rose like a priceless bauble, and leaving Sam blushing in the street  

Having his humanity reaffirmed may have been the best Valentine’s Day present they’d ever gotten.  

It was late by the time he reunited with Dean, whose clothes were rumpled and he smelled vaguely like a perfume counter.  Dean’s eyes were glazed over and he was grinning.  

Sam gagged. "Don’t speak and don’t touch me."  

“I’m sore in places I’d forgotten about.”  Dean tossed him the keys and slid in the backseat.  "I need to replenish my strength.  Hey, there’s still flowers back here.  Are you saving them for someone special?”

Sam nodded and gunned the Impala’s engine.  "We’re making a stop.“  


Jody Mills, law enforcement and mother to two hunters-in-training, locked up her gun.  Between the seven floral deliveries at work and the proposal in the restaurant when she was picking up carry-out for her and the girls, she just didn’t trust herself not to shoot things.  

As much as she wanted a partner, she had given up on that dream somewhere between Bobby’s death and going on a Tinder date with the King of Hell, but sometimes, she just wanted to be seen.  As a woman, as a thing to be cherished, as a person who offered her own unique energy to the world.  

Today, she just wanted a fucking box of candy hearts on Valentine’s Day.

But Jody wasn’t a love-starved teenager.  She fought monsters for God’s sake, and thus she buried her petulant wants beneath a layer of German Chocolate Cake ice cream, a river of vodka, and Idris Elba’s abs. 

The doorbell rang, and Jody very gracelessly wobbled to the door.  With her luck, it was probably Alex’s boyfriend, who was hot teenage boys in her day never were.

Except was no one there.  Hackles raised, Jody inspected the street like a cop and a hunter, not the bitter drunken spinster she was becoming.  There were no threats.  As she moved to return to the house and her vodka, she was halted by a swath of powder pink. There on her porch was an exquisite clutch of…heart-shaped roses, white peonies and a vine of stunning black orchids spilling out from the center, their petals sparkling in the porchlight.  She carefully stooped to pick them up, shoulders shaking with befuddled laughter.

There was no card, but but the beer can vase was the sweetest and sloppiest lead she’d ever seen.  "Those boys,” she whispered into the blossoms, inhaling their luscious aroma.  

She set them on her coffee table, beer can vase and all and fell asleep, feeling stupidly loved.

Late Night Cuddling (Fred Weasley Requested)

Request: Can I just have a really fluffy imagine with Fred? Where we’re just kinda cuddling and it’s winter. It’s snowing/raining (take your pick heh).

Snow piled up; stacks upon stacks, growing to be mountain high in the London sky. The light snow flakes soared freely in the wind, twisting and twirling about with not a single care but that was until they lost all their energy and sunk mercifully to the damp ground.
The Burrow remained silent as a mouse except in one room. Lying lazily in the twin sized bed were two giggling fools. Fred chuckled, digging his head further into the crook of his girlfriend, (y/n)’s neck, placing a trail of delicate kisses downwards with a few small lovebites thrown in here and there. (y/n) squirmed restlessly, shoving the ginger to the far side of the bed but failing and giving up by leaving only an inch or two between them. Diverting her focus back to the longing thought of getting some sleep. An arm snaking around her waist caused (y/n) to groan and shove him away once more.
“Freddie I’m trying to get a bit of shut eye! Now quit it!” Laughter erupted through her words making them seem anything but convincing.
“Nope… you’re too much fun to mess with. I guess I’ll just have to keep you up all night.” The rift rat sewn curtains in the twins room had been drawn shut roughly an hour before the couple retreated upstairs. (y/n) had wanted to watch the blizzard as it morphed into one of the worst recorded storms in history. No one was allowed to go outside due to the below 30 weather and the roughly measured 5 feet of snow that had fallen over the last 8 hours. Molly had brewed tea, blistering coffee and hot coca earlier that evening. While most of the kids decided to leave for their room, the twins and (y/n) stayed down in the living room chatting away. George desperate for sleep, passed out on the comfy sofa in the family room so the two lovebirds took their opportunity and most likely only chance they’d have all break to spend some alone time with one another, and sprinted up the staircases soundlessly for a long awaited cuddle session.
“No! I’m really tired Fred and besides George will probably wake up soon.” The bed squeaked as Fred shifted so his body was snug against (y/n)’s.
“Ah who cares about old Georgie! We aren’t doing him any harm so why would he care?” Fred was right and she knew that. The wind howled on outside the windows letting out an ear screeching ripple as it passed by. All they had to be sure of was that (y/n) was back in Ginny’s room before morning. Not that it mattered much anyways. Ginny wouldn’t say anything to Molly if (y/n) wasn’t there. Ginny liked (y/n) and would risk almost anything to protect her, just as (y/n) would for her.
“I suppose you’re right but keep it down or else we’ll have to talk to a not very pleasant Molly.” Fred lost himself in a fit of laughter at her words. Molly adored them as a couple but wouldn’t take too kindly to the exact situation they were in without her knowing. (y/n) clasped her hand over his mouth trying to fight her own giggles from escaping. Fred hushed down and kept his arms locked around (y/n)’s body finally starting to drift asleep. (y/n) could feel her mind squeezing in and out of reality but a faint voice woke her up in a good way.
“Your beautiful… y’know that? (y/n) I can truthfully say you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I love you.” It was times like these, (y/n) was glad for darkness or else Fred would go into another topic of the tomato like color covering her cheeks. Fred told her everyday how he felt for her and everyday it make her glow and her insides become fuzzy. Lacing her fingers together with Fred’s she gently kissed his cheek,
“Thank you Freddie. I love you too.” He smirked lightly pulling her down and giving himself access to her bare lips. Pressing his lips onto her soft plump ones, Fred smiled. Pulling away his head fell back to the plush pillow but his grip remained on (y/n) as her hands found their way to his side. “Damn, how did I get so lucky?” His voice was absent like a man talking gibberish alone. Though (y/n) heard him and punched his ribs jokingly.
“I think it’s the other way around, darling.” She spoke closing her eyes for the last time determined to sleep. Just as her brain shut down a voice stopped her,
“Think whatever you want, love. But just know that I’m the one who got lucky, you’ve always had my heart.”

- Daizy 💗

He Still Hasn't Opened His Eyes

And inside look on Natsu’s part about what’s going through his sleepy head as he recovers 

 Fluffly lil drabble


 "Natsu? Are you sure alright? You’re starting to wobble a bit.“ Happy’s tiny voice spoke through the thick mugginess of the forest. 

 "Yeah buddy…just a little…tired..” Natsu slurred as he trudged on. 

 His head lolled down to see a twisted tree root wind in front of his path, and paying no mind to it, slowly lifted his leg to step over the obstacle. 

 Then gracefully face planted into the hard dirt as his legs buckled underneath him. 

 "Natsu!“ Happy shrieked as he ran toward his side, feeling the small patter of his paws on his shoulder.

 "So…tired..” Natsu mumbled, feeling his heavy eyelids slowly droop as the world became much darker.


I’m your brother…. 

 Our mother and father died from a dragon’s flame… 

 You are 


 "NO!“ Natsu jerked awake in a cold sweat. His heart pounded inside his chest, and Natsu placed his hand over it to make sure it hadn’t popped out. 

 He gulped and clenched the fabric in between his fingers to bring him back to reality.

 After catching a breath, he scanned his surroundings.

 "I’m in…my house?” He gapped, looking at the ceiling to see the familiar oak panels and small carvings he had put in himself

The only thing wrong with his house was the unnatural cleanliness, minus a few little pieces of clothing scattered across the ground.

So that’s what his floor looked like.

Another thing he had noticed was the lack of his thin and cozy hammock, now replaced by the plushy mattress he had been laying on. It smelled rather…nice.

He shuffled around a bit until he slammed his face into the pillow beside his, realizing this was Lucy’s mattress. In his house?

After taking another big whiff of her comforting scent, he removed the comforters off his body and placed his feet onto the ground.

“NAATSSSU!” The familiar shriek entered his ear from outside his room.

“Lucy?” Natsu didn’t hesitate before racing out of his bedroom to Lucy’s aid.

“What is it?” he asked, darting his head back and forth to try and find the blonde.

His darting eyes stopped as they were greeted with the sight of his living room.

Toys were scattered across the ground. Dolls. Stuffed animals. 

When did he get all this stuff?

“Secret attack!” A shrill voice called.

Natsu instinctively darted the side to avoid a tiny stream of fire that headed toward his direction.

The tiny attacker was moving and jumping quickly over the furniture as Natsu began shooting back.

Then, they were gone.

“What? Where did that midget go?” He said, turning in various directions to find his target.

He heard a small giggle and felt a faint tug on his pants.

Looking down, he was greeted with the face of a tiny little girl.

“Did I do good Papa? Did I surprise you?” She said eagerly.

Natsu bent down and swept the girl off the floor.

Her hair was the same color as his, along with his trademark grin plastered on her pudgy face. She was a cutie of course, especially with that button nose and her big brown eyes that kind of reminded him of Luc-

“How many times have I told you not to play with her like that!” Lucy’s voice rung out again. 

Natsu looked down to see that he was holding the small infant by her feet, earning a bunch of shrill giggles as she swayed back and forth.

“Oops..” He muttered, placing her down on the ground.

“Mama! I finally surprised him!” She giggled, running to Lucy’s legs.

“That’s great baby! Maybe next time you can actually hit him.” The woman giggled as she nudged the girl into the kitchen before turning to him.

Natsu couldn’t take his eyes off her as she walked towards him.

Her golden hair now swooped down at her shapely calves, gently flowing with every step she took. Baggy, yet deliciously tiny shorts covered her bottom as one of his favorite shirts covered her curvaceous top. Did her chest get a little bigger? Did her hips get wider? When did that happen? Oh no he had to calm down.

“Are you okay?….Did you have another nightmare?” She said softly, leaning in very closely as her hand brushed his cheek.

He was sure that that cut was still fresh, yet her fingers grazed healed skin. 

“Lucy…what…” He began, yet couldn’t come up with any words.

“Shhh..i’m here.” She said, leaning in closer till her soft lips me his. 

If he wasn’t already dead, he was sure he would die now.

The most amazing woman in his life, his best friend, the woman he’s in love with was currently giving him the sweetest, and most tender kiss possible.

His eyes lidded as his hands wound around her waist as he pulled her closer, reveling in the comfortable feeling of her body against his.

She pulled away slowly, looking at him through her thick lashes.

Her skin was glowing with the small morning rays peeking through the window, illuminating the small details of her face, along with the tiny curve of her lips.

“You’re so beautiful.” Natsu said in awe, taking in every detail of her face.

Her face flushed as her hand began caressing his face. “You’re not so bad yourself. Especially with this stubble. Makes you look dangerous~” She cooed,

Natsu felt his cheeks heat up, and small squeak of joy left his throat.

“EWWWW!” Three tiny voices called from his kitchen.

He turned his head to see the small little girl standing in the hallway, along with a taller blonde haired boy and Happy hovering above them both.

“Mommy and Daddy are just talking! Calm down.” Lucy said, unwrapping her arms from his neck as she headed  in their direction.

“Wait? Mommy and Daddy?” Natsu spluttered.

“Huh?” Lucy questioned, looking over her shoulder to meet his gaze.

“I’m…I’m Daddy?” He asked, gesturing toward himself. 

“Yes. You’re Daddy.” Lucy giggled, bending down to pick up the small boy that had Lucy’s hair color.

“We…you and I…m-made babies?” He gaped. 

“You can make babies? I thought we were given to you from dragons Mama.” The boy said, looking at Lucy with innocent emerald eyes.

“You were baby!” Lucy laughed nervously before glaring at Natsu.

“Yes we made them Natsu that’s how babies work.” She scowled before heading into the Kitchen. 

As he watched her carry his son into the other room, with the tiny girl following behind, he couldn’t hold back his smile.

“Natsu?’” Lucy called from the kitchen, making him spring to his feet as he followed her.

He bent down to plant a big kiss on his daughter’s head, his son’s head, Happy’s head, and a deep kiss on Lucy’s lips.

“Woah there. What was that?” She giggled, looking over her shoulder as Natsu wrapped her arms around her waist as he snuggled into her shoulder.

“Nothing. Just happy.” He said simply, grabbing her right hand to kiss her pink guild mark.

“Mrs. Dragneel.” He said softly, placing another kiss on her ring.

“Natsu?” She called again.

“Yesss my sweet wife?”  He hummed happily.

“Wake up.Please.”

hilltop swords

waves made sense
like the rise and fall
of gulls
you learn to read it all
singularity in the universe
one with moon and tide

the world was nearly never so neat
life came and went and came again
whisked you from pasadena’s solid oak
from a studio near south gate to a solid
three-bedroom in the center of los angeles.

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First Meetings

Trees rustled as a disguised Marella trudged past towering pines, wind twisting heavy strands of hair and snow crunching underfoot. With sure steps, she tromped towards the middle of a small clearing, pausing to stop and check around for anyone nearby hiding in the darkness. Seeing no one, she digs a small glowing crystal out from the front of her oddly light coat and whispers a few words to it, then blowing on it as if putting out a candle. Quickly, the human facade is dropped, and Marella breathes a sigh of relief, stretching long dark blue limbs.

“So cramped like that…” She rolls her shoulders, and then flops over into the snow onto her back, mimicking the children she observed in town earlier. Giggling softly to herself, she grabs a clump of snow off the ground next to her, holding it up to the moonlight. The lumpy snowball glows a serene white, beautiful and pure. Sitting up, Marella removes a glove, flexing her fingers before placing snow onto her bare palm. A look of utmost concentration settles on her features as she attempts to mold the frozen water to her liking.

Short (Derek Imagine)

THIS WAS REQUESTED my masterlist is ready to go here. If you want something written you can request it right here!

Reader Gender: Female, Short!Reader


Request: Could you write a Derek x Werewolf!Reader where the reader is in a bookstore and she’s short (I’m 5'6,so it’s hard to reach things sometimes 😂) and Derek sees her struggling and goes over there to help her and that’s how they first meet?” - @native-snowflake

The heavy leather bound book was just out of your reach, and even on tippy topes your fingers were just short of brushing your desired reading material. Being short had never been a massive problem for you, but small things (Like grocery of book shopping) could become really difficult. It was hard enough to track down a bookshop that stocked reliable books about the supernatural, and you silently cursed yourself as soon as you stepped into the shadowed store, seeing massive piles of books twisting and winding around the store. You were able to locate your book, using your werewolf senses to locate it. You had recently moved to Beacon Hills, wanting a change of scenery, and hoping to find a new pack. You huffed at your fingers barely brushed the spine before you lost your balance, stumbling backwards. You scowled at the book, your eyes flashing for a split second before you relaxed. Even though this was a supernatural book store you didn’t want to accidentally reveal yourself to any unfriendly creatures or hunters.

“Need a little help?” A voice says from behind you. You turn, having to look up to see the man’s face. He had dark hair and a short beard, barely longer than stubble. He had a small smile on his face, but he looked tough, a leather jacket adoring his large arms. “That would be great.” You say as the man moves next to you, reaching up easily and gently pulling the book from the tall shelf. He looks at it, reading the latin title aloud, stumbling slightly over the Latin. “In bestias mundi. The beasts of the world.” He translates, looking at the thick imprint of a running wolf on the cover. “Thanks. You say, taking the book form the man’s large hands, tucking it under your arm. “I’m Derek.” He said, extending a hand which you shake, being careful not to use any werewolf strength. “I’m Y/N.” you say as you remove your hand from his. “I just moved to Beacon Hills.” You say. “I haven’t made any tall friends yet, so thank you for your help.” You say, giving him a smile before you begin to move away, going to buy the book. “Y/N!” Derek calls at you, and you turn back around, a questioning look on your face.

Derek takes a few steps towards you, leaving a small space between the two of you. “Why are you reading a latin book about supernatural creatures?” He asks, looking down at you with his brows furrowed slightly. Your mind goes blank, trying to come up with a reason for you to be buying such an absurd book. “ummm, I need it for school?” You say, but it comes out as a question more then a statement. Derek steps closer to you, having to look down slightly to meet your eyes. “Y/N, don’t lie to me.” He said, his expression his hard but his eyes are hiding some soft emotion. You sigh, knowing the gig was up. “I’m going to sound completely crazy but I’ma werewolf. Okay great chat nice meeting you I gotta go.” You blurt, quickly turning and trying to walk away, but Derek grasps your elbow, spinning you back around to face him. You look at him with wide eyes, afraid he was going to throw you into a mental asylum. But he only smiled. “And here I was thinking I was losing my touch.” As he said this his eyes flashed alpha red and you smiled. “You’re a werewolf.” you breath, not quite believing you had been in town for all of 2 days and had already met an alpha. Derek nods. “And now I know you’re one to.” Derek takes the heavy book from your hands. “Let’s check this out and get a coffee, I can give you the down low about this town.” Derek said, moving towards the register, with you following behind. You smile, looking at Derek’s strong back. “Sounds good.” You follow him, having to walk fast to keep up with his long strides, your tiny form dwarfed beside his tall one.

A/N: I’m just under 5′5 so I know the struggle of not being able to reach this, luckily I’m friends with tall people who help me reach stuff. I’m sorry it took me so long to write this! I hope you enjoy it xx