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Guy just jumps out the fukin window.

Happy ‘If-Then-Else’ Anniversary

On January 6, 2015 the iconic POI episode ‘If-Then-Else’ aired on CBS, elevating this show to a whole new level. It was the episode that got me to go back and watch the show in its entirety, and is the one I anxiously wait for all of my friends to reach. It was so brilliantly written and executed that it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most talked about episodes of this show. I just want to pay a little tribute to it, so all day I’ll be posting stills from what I consider one of my favorite episodes of television ever. 

What if the name Jacquelyn is just an alias? And she really is Kit Snicket? All this time I haven’t really considered the popular fan theories, because I thought she was simply just a new character, but the more I think about it… why would her role be so secretive if she was just a new addition? And the name Jacquelyn is so similar to Jacques… what if that’s how Kit came up with the alias? And plus it’s another J.S. name (see: Zombies in the Snow poster), which only adds more to its meaning. And it seems like Jacquelyn’s role is very similar to Kit’s - follow the Baudelaire’s, guide them, send them on missions. I don’t know - I really want her to be Kit now.


Abandoned Bowling Alley Turns Into An Immersive Public Art Experience 

What a time to be alive. The former Silva Lanes Bowling Alley in Santa Fe is now the “House of Eternal Return” - a trippy Victorian house built to scale inside the bowling alley by pioneering art collective, Meow Wolf.

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How to Have a Strong 2nd Semester~

1. Set an alarm 10-20 minutes before you actually have to get up. Do some twists and light stretches on your back while you’re waking up– it actually makes you feel a lot better when you have to leave the comfort of your bed!

2. Plan the day before. I’ve started using this online planner called and I really like it– you can put in tasks and meetings, and organize them however you please. And the software automatically recognizes things like “dinner” and “drive”, so it will group those into categories for you. And most school subjects get a little graduation hat icon next to it, so it’s really cute! Anyways, plan out your day the night before so you don’t have to put in a lot of time in the morning to get yourself situated.

3. Keep on top of your schoolwork and don’t get behind! Reviewing and catching up is insanely difficult after stumbling through the first few modules or units, so save yourself the trouble and put in work every single day.

4. Go for a ten-minute walk a day! If it’s too cold outside, put on a Youtube video and run in place. Since I dance, I stretch for 30-minutes a day. Do something active that helps take your mind off of schoolwork and rejuvenates you.

5. Reach out for support! I know that I’m definitely already freaking out over AP exams, and we still have (only) 100 days left! Talk to your family or friends to help you keep a stable mindset.

6. Be healthy about your grades. Some classes are really easy, some teachers don’t give out any extra credit, and some professors weigh tests 60% of your entire grade. Classes aren’t uniform (especially not in the US), and comparing yourself to another or trying to get an A every single time sometimes isn’t possible. Put in the work, know that you did your best, and be happy in that. We can’t control everything all the time, and one or two B’s isn’t going to ruin your chances of anything.

7. Remember that academia is a phenomenon made up by humans. It isn’t a real indicator of your character or how well you do in life. This is something that I still struggle with a lot. For me, it has a lot to do with ego, pride, status, etc. But it’s important to let all that go and remember that grades do not mean anything outside of school. No one’s going to ask you if you ever got a B in high school when you’re 30. My aunt works in the stock market, makes a ton of money, and still wasn’t that great in school. My uncle does really well with his job selling life insurance, but he was horrible at math. Academia is not a reflection of what your life will be like, nor does it actually have any weight on you unless you let it. We all graduate at some point, whether we go to Harvard or the public state school. And we all end up working at the same places, doing the same jobs. Most of the stress with academics comes with pride and fear of failure, and that’s not even healthy in the first place. Let it go!

Fading Light -Part 3- 1/6

PART ONE  -  Chapters 1-6

PART TWO  -  Chapters 1-6

PART THREE  - Prologue



It’s been an exhausting day for us both I think and as I surreptitiously glance across the small room to where Scully is sat atop the bed, my emotions threaten once again to almost overwhelm me. Because she’s alive. She is well. And she is here.

But the costs it seems have been enormous for her; for us.

Because she cannot remember; she cannot remember any of it.

The call from Skinner had dragged me from a fitful sleep and the sound of the phone trilling in my ear from where I had left it, not six inches away from me lest news of her should come, had caused me to bolt awake with the same feeling of hope and dread that had become all too familiar since she had gone missing five days before.

Five short days.

Five days that had seemed to me like a lifetime.

Five days were I couldn’t eat without throwing up, couldn’t sleep without nightmares of her laying somewhere cold and dark, the back of her head missing and the gun clutched in her hand coming to plague me. Five days where I thought I had lost her and, not surprisingly, had lost myself right along with her.

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THE 100


Lost (??)

teen spirit never smelled like satisfaction but it never smelled like rotting flesh either

crawling, creeping, stalking down the cracked sidewalk

the 7/11 down the street glows sickly, neon lights cast twisted shadows and you try not to look

don’t look
don’t look

you’re one of them now, don’t be afraid
children of the night don’t feel a goddamn thing

except for spite

your sneakers are untied and you left your jacket hanging in the hall, but it’s not home anymore, if it ever was, you can’t go back, you don’t belong there anymore, you are out HERE, in the night, in the corner-store light and the fog around your knees

you don’t smoke but you smell like cigs anyway. maybe you should take it up.

are your eyes glowing yet? you hope so.

you’re one of them now.
you’re one of them now.
you’re one of them now.

No matter who you are or what your beliefs, we can all agree that it’s been a long, stressful week. That’s why the Cracked Shop and the Cracked Dispensary are teaming up today for one simple mission: to help you take a load off and relax.

Lets try a quick breathing exercise to start. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Are you feeling any better? No? OK, lets try it again once more, but this time, maybe we use something from the list below.

Not a vaper? Maybe you’re a blunter. The biggest bummer about blunts, though, is that rolling papers suck. They’re wasteful, they’re annoying to keep buying, and if you have the dexterity of the typical Cracked writer, using them usually results in paper macheing your fingers to your face. The Twisty Glass Blunt completely eliminates the need for rolling papers. Just pack the tube, twist the screw, light the end, and you’re good to go. Once you’re done kicking back, twist the screw out and the ash leaves cleanly. The only way we could make this more low-maintenance is if the blunt gained sentience and packed itself. Sadly, the science just isn’t there yet.

Kick Back And Relax, The Cracked Store Has What You Need