Apparently, you’re too small, too clumsy, not fancy enough. Me, I’ve been wasting time, money, and dreams on a horse who will never get me anywhere. I’ve trained, cried, smiled, lived, loved, and laughed from your back, and you have pushed yourself to satisfy me. You take my mistakes, my misjudgments, my fear, my anger, my frustration, without asking anything of me. Yeah, we have our rough days, but that’s just your way of teaching me things. Throughout the years you and I have been together, I have learned more from you then I could ever learn from any one trainer, teacher, or friend. When you came to me, you were so far lost in yourself that nobody saw past your attitude, when in all honesty you just needed the time and love to grow and shine. You didn’t do that for yourself, you did that to make me happy. So for all of you who doubted us, more importantly her; thank you. You’ve only made us work harder, fight stronger and prove all of you wrong.

Twist, thank you for everything. You mean the world to me. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better horse, a better bestfriend, ever.