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Tea Party

Prompt: May I then request an imagine for a really young batsis (5-6 years old) that is obsessed with Disney, more specifically Disney princess, and she gets any one of the batboys to play the prince to her princess. Or you can do something similarly fluffy, I don’t really care as long as it makes my cold, dead heart happy!       

Requested by: cutepanda123417

    There were certain things that Damian Wayne was willing to do for you, that he wasn’t willing to do for anyone else. At the top of that list was tea parties. At six years old, you were like a twister, wrapping everyone and everything around your little finger and bending them to your will until you were satisfied. You would have made the perfect recruit for his grandfather.

    Instead, here he was, sitting around a small table dressed in a floppy hat, clip on earrings, and fake pearls sipping imaginary tea. His only consolation was that the rest of his brothers were dressed exactly like him.

    He watched as you poured some more fake tea into Grayson’s cup. And then his brother, his grown ass brother, batted his eyelashes, and said in a rather high voice, “Why thank you princess Y/N.” Your smile was almost worth this torment. Almost.

    The tea party lasted another thirty minutes before you pulled the entire group into the entertainment room to watch The Little Mermaid for the hundredth time. As Damian found himself mouthing the words along with the characters, he decided that some time away with the Titans might be best.

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What are some of your favorite spots for vegan food in Chicago ?

Note: not all of these places are exclusively vegan so make sure to specify you’re vegan prior to ordering/while ordering: