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okay so ever since yesterday's live happened i've been in need for someone to write something about (drunk maybe?) jikook playing twister and them falling over each other or being in really awkward positions and things heating up somehow pls make my dreams come true

in hindsight, jungkook shouldn’t have said yes. but he’s never been one to back down from a challenge, and with park jimin smirking at him, betting that with his flexibility, he could’ve been both seokjin and jungkook at twister, jungkook couldn’t help but raise his hackles - puff up his chest and all that - and accept.

he really, really should not have agreed to this.

seokjin had agreed to be the judge, but is currently staring at them with vapid, blinking eyes, hand poised to spin the dial, very evidently regretting having decided to be dragged into this. jungkook shares his sentiment.

“left hand red,” seokjin says. it sounds more like a whimper than anything.

jimin places his hand down. 

jungkook swallows. because right now, in front of his face, park jimin has both palms to the ground, ass in the air.

right up in jungkook’s face.

and jungkook still hasn’t put his hand down.

“give up, kookie?” jimin teases, sounding a little breathless from the blood rushing to his head. jungkook scowls, taking the bait immediately.

“you wish.” he masks the choked quality of his voice with a scoff. very gingerly, he leans down, bringing his left hand to the circle next to jimin’s hand. this puts him in a terrible predicament, forcing him to bend over jimin’s back to reach.

seokjin makes a strangled sound at the back of his throat. “can we just end this with rock-paper-scissors?”

“no way,” jungkook says. jimin’s arms are shaking a little, and jungkook knows he won’t be able to last much longer. it’s only a matter of time. jimin challenging him had only been perfunctory anyway. unlike jungkook, the game isn’t ever what jimin intends to win. “not until jimin falls.”

“who says i’m gonna fall,” jimin wheezes. then he shifts, and his ass pressing back against jungkook’s crotch. “oops.”

jungkook uses his free arm to grab his waist. “stop moving around.”

“that’s not in the rules,” jimin says petulantly. “hyung, can you just spin?”

seokjin obliges, still looking pained. “right hand green. god, i can’t watch this anymore. i’m sorry jiminnie, but i really hope you fall down.”

“why me?” jungkook doesn’t have to see his face to know he’s pouting. but jimin’s reaching under himself, seeking the green circle. jungkook follows suit with his free hand, face burning. god, they’re so close right now. every little movement jimin makes underneath him sends a jolt up his spine. and it always gets his blood rushing south, whenever he sees jimin display his incredible flexibility - a fact that jimin never fails to exploit.

“lift your right foot,” seokjin says. “also, just as a warning, if you don’t fall now, i’m going to push you.”

“hyuuung, shouldn’t you be on my side?” jimin whines. whines. the edge to his voice makes jungkook get the strangest urge to grab him and throw him down somewhere - wreck him - “jungkookie’s the one who beat you the other day.”

shit. where the hell did that come from? 

“my hair would turn white before i lived to see you beat jungkook,” jin replies. “right foot, both of you.”

jungkook does, with relative ease. jimin huffs a little, lifts his leg a little, and the moment he loses his balance, jungkook feels it before he sees it. he squeaks, a sound that jungkook files away for later perusal and teasing, and topples over, his flailing catching jungkook in the leg and jungkook lets himself fall.

crushed under his weight, jimin wriggles and laughs. “oh my god - oh my god, jungkookie, i can’t breathe - ”

jungkook eases off a bit so jimin can turn over, but keeps him caged in with his arms. “i win,” he says, smugly.

“only because you cheated,” jimin argues. “you didn’t have to choose the circle behind me.”

he’s right - jungkook just wanted that excuse to lean over him; to pin jimin down to the ground. not that he really needs one. it’s just for appearance’s sake. “you didn’t have to choose the circle in front of me, hyung.”

“you - you - ” jimin sputters. he finally settles on shoving at jungkook’s chest rather pitifully. “brat. don’t forget who’s older here.”

“anyway,” jungkook says before jimin can get into it. “what was that punishment you made earlier? a kiss on the cheek?” jungkook pauses before tacking on, “hyung.”

jimin rolls his eyes, but his cheeks bloom pink, betraying him as usual. “if you wanted one so badly, jungkookie, you only had to ask.”

“i don’t want one - ”

jimin leans up, pecking him so quickly on the lips that jungkook barely feels it. it feels like he’d dipped his face in flames, with how quickly the temperature rises.

“um… that… that was - ”

“again,” jungkook demands.


“i didn’t feel it, so you have to do it again.” 

as jimin babbles incredulously, jungkook takes the opportunity to grab him by the face, leaning down close until their breaths mingle. he belatedly realises that seokjin had made his escape somewhere in the midst of their collapse. jungkook knows they’ll suffer his complaints and poorly-timed jokes later, so they might as well make the best of this now. jimin’s pupils are blown wide, flushed and pretty, but it’s his little whispered jungkookie that makes jungkook feel like his heart is lodged in his throat.

“i won, so you have to do the punishment properly.”

then he leans down, presses their lips together right. 

jimin clutches the red circle with his right hand, his other going to jungkook’s hair. “actually, i think i won,” he murmurs, grinning against jungkook’s lips. then he goes in for his prize.

Don’t fall in love with me unless you know how to love a storm. And I don’t mean the kind where you say “I love to dance in the rain” or the “lets go walk through the snow”. I am a storm of which, I destroy and corrupt anything in my path. I am a tornado, a hurricane, a blizzard, and a tidal wave all combined into one. I have never known how to be gentle. I don’t love softly, I love hard. I don’t hate lightly, I hate strongly. So please, when you tell me you love storms more than sunshine. Tell me you love the idea of a twister swallowing you whole.
—  Would you give up sunshine and blue skies for me? // 9:47 am
EXO react to playing twister with their crush

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Xiumin: He’ll be rather composed in this situation, albeit the intimacy between him and his crush. “Twister? Are you sure? I’m really not that flexible…” Minseok would casually try to dissuade her, however, inwardly, he is hoping to get closer to her through this. While actually playing twister, he wouldn’t show much of a reaction with the way her body threatens to press against his. 

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Luhan: At first, Luhan would agree readily, without even thinking of how close he would get to his crush through this. Luhan comes across to me as someone whose especially competitive, so anytime someone doles out a challenge to him, he’ll take it without hesitation, seeking out a triumphant win. However, mid-way into the game, Luhan would start to falter in concentration, noticing how closely his crush is pressing to him. Eventually loosing balance, he would fiercely attempt to conceal his evident flush, demanding a rematch. “T-that was just me going easy! Next time, I will win.” 

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Kris: Oh gosh, how could Kris carry a game of twister without falling in the first few minutes? As we know, Kris isn’t exactly the most dexterous of the members. Like Luhan, he’s pretty competitive and confidant, so without realization, he’ll accept this challenge brazenly. And within minutes, he’ll lie flat on the mat, seemingly in defeat. “Twister–not my style,” he’ll mutter surly, before lowering his voice to a more flirtatious tone. “But, with you, I can make an exception.” 

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Suho: “Twister? That sounds like a lot of…work. Are you sure you don’t want to cook or go out shopping?” Suho knows how this is going to play out, and is doing his best to not elicit anything embarrassing out of it. When his crush starts questioning why, he’ll become slightly frantic in trying to find a sufficient answer. “Ah! Well, it’s just that…mm…maybe it’s not a bad idea…” He’ll agree reluctantly, but it would be all convivial once the game commences. He’d be a blushing mess afterwards, no doubt. 

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Lay: It wouldn’t be until the actual game starts that it would dawn upon Yixing what is going on exactly. He would agree to playing twister without any qualms or second thoughts. Since Yixing is quiet and a lot more modest than some of the other members, he wouldn’t say much to his crush when things starts getting ‘close.’ He would just merely shy away, blushing profusely trying to avert his gaze. However, Yixing would probably be one of the best at twister. 

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Baekhyun: First, he’d guffaw loudly at her request, than proceed to suggestively raise a brow. “Interesting how you choose me and only me to play~” Baek likes the sound of the idea initially, but when the game actually starts to transpire, he’ll take his words back instantly. Though it would be fun and relatively loud, he’d get flustered pretty easily, being this close to his crush’s body. But, Baekhyun would be supreme at obscuring his modesty by loudly exclaiming how he’s in pain and needs to start over, solely to get in a new position. “It’s not fair! When did you get so flexible?” 

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Chen: He’d give his crush that ‘amused yet befuddled’ look; raising a brow while smirking slyly. And in true Jongdae fashion, he would express his feelings as frankly as possible. “So…basically you want us to be alone, together, in all sorts of weird positions,” his smirk would broaden suggestively with the abrupt fits of laughter he’s elicited from his crush. Jongdae will agree to it, most likely he’ll end up regretting this decision, but that wouldn’t stop him from bragging on how good of a twister player he is. 

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Chanyeol: “What? You know I can barely touch the floor!” he’d pout aloud, genuinely unsure of partaking in twister–he just doesn’t want to embarrass himself in front of his crush, knowing flexibility isn’t his strongest suit. But seeing her pleading look, Chanyeol would eventually give in. He’d be the most awkward of all the members when playing twister with his crush. He would try his best to not let his gaze wander to far with how close her body is to him. “It’s not…what it looks…like! I promise! I can’t see a thing!” he would blurt aloud without warrant as he’s about to crash to the ground. 

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D.O: Kyungsoo would be the most reluctant of all the members to partake in twister, let alone with his crush. “That’s…an interesting way to pass of the time…” he’d murmur with evident hesitation. He knows fully well how awkward things might get through playing twister, but, knowing this would be a convenient way to getting closer to his crush, Kyungsoo would agree, but with skepticism. Analogous to Kris, he would struggle immensely with the game itself. 

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Tao: Without realizing the implication playing twister with his crush has, Tao would readily agree to her request, as he wants to seize the opportunity to make a lasting impression on her, with his strong penchant for exuding a cool and aloof disposition. “Twister? Too easy! You’re on.” Something tells me Tao may regret his decision, with how hard he wants to seem unfazed during the game. “What? Why are you laughing?! I’m not struggling, I’m calculating!” 

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Kai: Poor baby, he’s going to be especially flustered, albeit being adroit and adept at the actual game. “Are you sure…? Won’t that be…kind of uncomfortable? Y’know with all the stretching I mean,” Jongin would be quick to come up with an explanation without fully revealing his feelings, only to give in modestly. Like I said, Jongin would be exceptional at playing twister, but he would be so distracted with observing his crush, with how close she would be to him during the game. “Yeah…you’re doing really….good!” 

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Sehun: Like Chen, Sehun would be blunt in pointing out the obvious. “I’m not gonna lie, it’s going to be hard for me to concentrate properly.” Though Sehun is timid inwardly, he’d be proficient at masking his inner abashment. “Is that all? I hardly feel anything,” and of course he’d be as boastful as ever mid-game, eliciting chuckles from his crush. If he lost balance, he would be quick to concoct a witty explanation, unable to make full eye contact with her. “You’re distracting me, that’s why I lost. Why? Mm…no reason. I just know.”  

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Twister with Fall Out Boy, You'll Sure Remember This For Centuries.

You dropped your bag in the hallway and practically groaned, you couldn’t believe you’d allowed yourself to be bullied into this. You could hear raised voices in the living room that consisted of Andy and Patrick arguing about how you set up a Twister mat and the dial. Clanging in the kitchen made you guess Joe was cooking, the only person missing now was Pete and that’s when tattooed arms appeared around your waist and swung you around before aiding in pushing you towards the living room. “Pete…” You whined as you leaned into his arms and pushed your feet into the floor, making things so much more difficult. He grinned from behind you before his hands disappeared from your shoulder blades and you just about managed to grab the door frame before you ended up in a heap on the floor. “Pete!” You screeched searching for anything to throw at him but he’d disappeared into the kitchen in a fit of giggles that lit up his face. Patrick and Andy glanced up with raised eyebrows, Andy’s gaze lingered for that bit longer before he got to his feet and excused himself to grab his phone that was making a racket upstairs.

“How you doing Pat?” You asked with a smile as you looked at the little blonde man who was sat cross legged on the floor. So far from emo his face screamed faerie. He grinned as he spun the dial. 

“Depends, how ready are you to play the game of kings?” He teased as Pete and Joe walked into the room, Joe offering a smile your way as a way of saying hello, you raised an eyebrow but before you could dispute the stupidity of Twister Andy walked back in. 

“Appears we’re all here, time to start.” Andy chuckled grabbing the dial. “I’ll spin the dial first!” He announced before dropping into an arm chair, preparing to laugh his ass off.

You pouted and stamped your feet slightly before sighing and taking a place at one corner, Pete stood next to you, Patrick opposite and Joe on your right side, blocking your view of Andy. “Oi Andy, don’t you even consider cheating…” You warned before you waited your turn.

~~~ 20 minutes later ~~~

Nobody had wobbled, Patrick was surprisingly agile on his feet and his shirt had ridden up to show bare skin which wavered millimeters from your face just waiting for you to tiggle them but the prospect of having having to down a forfeit drink, explanation of all the noise Joe was making, convinced you to keep your hands to yourself, wondering if biting his skin counted as hand to hand contact. Imagine him trying to explain hickeys to his manager at the next photo shoot. 

Joe was rather lucky and was kneeling on the corner of the mat, watching as you, Patrick and Pete were contorted rather uncomfortably and awkwardly in the middle. That made you wonder that maybe Joe and Andy were setting you up.

Jostling behind you then a sudden warmth across your back convinced you it was a set up. Pete had moved so his feet were on the blue circles either side of yours and his hands rested on the green squares either side of your hands as well, boxing you in. You glanced back and saw his smug little face resting on your shoulder and instantly blushed, cherry red splotching your skin. The feeling of his belt buckle catching the crotch of your jeans as he balanced himself caused you to yelp and drop on the ground, knocking Patrick over so he trapped your arms. Pete gave a surprised whelp and fell on top of you, knees digging into the tops of your calves. “Y/N!” He chuckled before he sighed and stretched out, completely covering you, ignoring every protest that you sent his way. Patrick grinned and dog piled you both before you were joined by Joe and Andy. You were burning bright red but from the bottom of a Fall Out Boy dog pile, who was to know? Apart from Pete who was nuzzling the crook of your neck.

(I don’t know how twister mats work so please don’t hurt me! I am back and am back for good! ~ BuddyBaby)

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OMG DEMIGOD TWISTER Frank falls and everyone else starts laughing and inevitably fall, except for jason and annabeth. No one can beat them. Its scary how still they are

Annabeth and her abs can’t be beat for sure

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Korrasami: Asami upgrades Korra's glider and adds a cute little message behind. (Based on that one comic)


The Avatar turned with a start, leaving five-year-old Rohan, who she had been giving a twister ride to, fall with a yelp to the ground.

Korra winced. “Uh, sorry Rohan!” she grimaced.

Rohan gave Korra a sour look, but when he spotted the owner of the voice, he grinned and scampered over to where his siblings, Jinora, Ikki, and Milo, were playing.

“Toughening him up for his nomad existence already?” Asami noted with humor, striding over to Korra and planting a kiss on her cheek.

Korra rubbed the back of her neck self-consciously, well aware of the four young Airbenders’ eyes on her. She and Asami had been going steady for several years now, but she still found herself shy of admitting it.

Asami smiled softly at her girlfriend. “Hey,” she said, grasping Korra’s chin and bringing her gaze up to her. “I brought you something.”

Asami pulled the reason for her coming out of a small bag she had slung over her back. A single push of a button, and it sprang into a gleaming metal gliding-staff.

“Oh wow,” Korra breathed, running her hand along its length. “But…if it’s metal won’t it be too heavy to glide?”

“No, I talked with Suyin, and she showed me a special metal that is very light, but strong enough to carry a good deal of weight.” Asami smiled, throwing a surreptitious wink in the direction of the Airbender children. “Do you think you could test it real quick, Korra? Tenzin will likely want some more produced for the rest of the Airbenders.

Korra grinned at her and sprung into the air, extending the glider’s wings and using a burst of airbending to fly a lap around the courtyard, amongst suspiciously enthusiastic squeals of delight from the kids.

Korra landed, feeling vaguely confused at the kids’ reaction. All she’d done was fly a lap, they could all do that perfectly well themselves, except for perhaps Rohan -

“KORRA!” Jinora shouted, doubled over at the Avatar’s bemused expression. “YOUR GLIDER!”

Korra looked at it. Across the glider’s stretched leather wings was emblazoned:


Asami burst into laughter as Korra’s sapphire blue eyes stretched to their widest extent, shooting back and forth from the glider to her.

Korra cast the glider aside and flung herself at Asami, practically smashing their lips together.

“You dork,” Korra murmured. “Of course I will!”

Asami smiled at her. “I love you.”

Korra buried her head in Asami’s bomber jacket. “I love you too.”

because rings are just too mainstream.